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Thread: Most hated survivor.

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    what are you watching? iguanachocolate's Avatar
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    yeah, i have to agree, the Casaya group is not a favorite of mine. but for me, the most hated needs to be the jenna/heidi - mostly heidi - the whole 'cute girl' thing was over the top.
    A good book should leave you... slightly exhausted at the end. You live several lives while reading it. ~William Styron, interview, Writers at Work, 1958

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    FORT Fan Fossil's Avatar
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    Most of the ones you folks hate had entertainment value for me. Fairplay, Jenna, Heidi, Shane, Judd all fall in this category. Judd's exit speech had me laughing for two days.

    People who won the game, by definition, played well. They get an automatic pass. No matter what I thought of them, I can't criticize them. Whatever works. Think the old Oakland Raiders, "Just win, Baby."

    People who self-destruct gets a thumbs up. I'll gape at the crashed car on the shoulder of the road any time. Blake's little discussion about his girlfriend's best attributes and subsequent well-deserved boot fit right in this theme.

    And there's something amusing about girls who get nekkid for chocolate (hide your eyes, Butch, LOL).

    But a few made me want to throw things at the TV: Amazon's Matt and Deanna, and Panama's Lil.

    Lil for the same reasons as everyone else.

    Matt's F2 performance was fingernails on the chalkboard all the way. It started with his "I played with integrity" opening speech and ended with, "I'm sorry. I was wrong. I didn't play with integrity." Ugh. The whole game he was completely out of the loop. Somehow, he thought he had a strategy. He was the perfect F2 partner. You remember who beat him, hands down, don't you? Case closed.

    And Deanna. Her F2 question to Matt played the feminist card. Deanna turned Matt's comment at an earlier TC, "May the best man win," into a diatribe. It exposed someone with merely a failed "girl power" game strategy as a bitter, man-hating lawyer.

    My view remains that Matt's comment was as innocent as Jiff's call to arms, "Come on in, guys." Crucifixion for violation of political correctness is not entertaining.

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    FORT Fogey redsox girl's Avatar
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    Johnny Fairplay-he took a dump in someones bed on another reality show. How pathetic and repulsive. Myabe I lack a sense of humor, but pretending a family member died is, again, pathetic and absolutley inexusable, to me, at least. He's a sickening, repulsive little runt.

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    Survivor&TAR NUT! Jelani's Avatar
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    Honestly...as smug as Fairplay was during Survivor...he had the best lie ever told. You can't help but admit that...My despise for him came AFTERWARDS..when he just became an idiot..x_x

    The only people I come off hating/"strongly disliking" are the people who dont seperate the "game" from "real life" ie. Lex in Allstars...Ok, so Rob backstabbed him...It's part of the game!! You(Lex) did the SAME to Ethan! AND Jerri!!

    If you hold a grudge after this game for a backstabbing in the game...you need to grow up..
    Never underestimate the power of a Ticked off Female...~~Jelani

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    AKA Mr. Tricia Helfer bluesboi's Avatar
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    This season - so far its Terry - I just find him to be so pompous. Dan as well (bye-bye) The last episode just sealed the deal. they made La Mina to be such a frat-boy tribe, it was just unbearable.

    All-Time - Romber just bored me, JFP was a great villain, but the player that I just could not stant was Colby S2. Worst decision ever made by a player in the history of this show. If you came to play, play to win!!!

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    Anemic Dog
    Helen from Thailand. Simply the dimmest bulb ever to play the game.

    On the men's side, Holier than Lex. He's the greatest person ever. Just ask him.

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    Robb and Judd, right down to the spelling of their names.

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    This season, I would definitely have to say Shane. I cannot stand him. He's so obnoxious. First, wanting to quit, then jumping all over Courtney and Danielle to release him from their alliance. I can't stand him! And his bumming of cigarettes off the locals at their reward was obnoxious too.

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    I'm hating Shane more and more. Unfortunately I don't think he will be going anytime soon.

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    FORT Fan becca's Avatar
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    Hello Everyone!

    I am just so happy, I've read through this thread and Rupert was not the main name on everyone's list. I was very scared to read this thread...LOL...But I don't think he was even mentioned. Yay!

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