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Thread: 2/9 Survivor Recap: Cig Withdrawal Gives You The Snakes

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    Quote Originally Posted by suncat7 View Post
    The next morning, the older women (what's left of them) are having trouble lighting a fire. Well, you all got rid of the most useful person in your tribe, you are getting what you deserve.

    I'm not sure what it says about this season if I'm already wishing death (or at least a decent maiming) upon some of the castaways only two shows in. I mean, It's got to be the show and not my own demented mind, right? right?

    Next time on Survivor...Misty massages Nick, Shane body slams Dan, there's some girl wrestling, and Shane acts like a raving lunatic again. I can hardly wait.
    I wish the tribes hadn't merged until those stupid "older" women had to suffer more for voting off Tina.

    I think you are spot on in wishing death for quite a few of the Survivors, I think that the producers would be thrilled to know that they managed to pick such annoying candidates.

    I don't know if Misty clears up by next week's ep, but if I were Nick, I wouldn't want her touching any part of my body!

    Great Recap!
    Thanks for making the show better than it is!

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    Awesome recap!
    Depression is merely anger without enthusiasm.

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    Thanks, Suncat

    Didn't catch this episode so your recap was more than enough to satisfy my survivor craving!

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