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Thread: Luxury items: the contestants' picks and yours

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    Luxury items: the contestants' picks and yours

    The Luxury Items:
    • Alex -- Finisher Medal: 2001 Wildflower Triathlon
    • Butch -- School Banner
    • Christy -- Sage
    • Daniel -- Magnetic Rings
    • Dave -- Sketch Book & Pencil
    • Deena -- Water Balloons
    • Heidi -- Jumprope
    • Janet -- Daughter's Teddy Bear
    • Jeanne -- Massage Oil
    • Jenna -- Zeta Crown
    • Joanna -- Picture of Her Mom
    • Matthew -- High School Wrestling Jacket
    • Rob -- Magic 8 Ball
    • Roger -- Dog Tags
    • Ryan -- Baseball Bat & Ball
    • Shawna -- Soccer Ball
    I'm curious about the contestants' luxury items. For the Survivor-watching die-hards (and softs), what are the rules determining what contestants can bring?

    Some chose their item based on sentimental value or comfort, and perhaps some chose items to complement their image (or projected image). This list is really a departure from the question: If you were stranded on a desert island (and you knew you were about to be stranded) what one item would you bring? This question is practically on par with a zen koan. But we already know the group will have fishing poles and boats and such, so I can't imagine they would have been tempted to bring a pocket knife, pitch for boat leaks, maybe some woolite...?

    Although I can relate to the need to bring reminders of family, my favorite object is Dave's sketchbook and pencil. I can't imagine being without pen and paper! I think I would have to write my secret thoughts in code to at least ensure that Jaburu couldn't read it.

    What are your opinions of the objects? And, if you were on the show, what luxury item would you bring?

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    i thought jeanne's massage oil is a good choice.

    i'm with you on bringing a journal and a pen. recording things down when i'm confused keeps me sane.
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    I like Ryan's baseball bat & ball & Shawna's soccer ball. With so much down time, we've seen Survivors get bored out of their mind in the past. They'd just lay around & sleep all day. There's a million games you can play with any kind of ball. That should keep morale up & keep everybody up & moving. I think being able to share your luxury item with others benefits you more than a personal item (picture, diary, etc.) would.

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    the massage oil, maybe she got the idea from last time when Ted and Helen went to get massages.... that it'd be nice to have the massage oil & massage each other to relax once in awhile, not a bad idea.

    However, I'm puzzled, because I'm not sure what the rules are for items they can bring, but surely...
    My obvious choice would be my Swiss army knife.

    But....there's probably a rule that prohibits food items or tools/weapons I reckon so ... after having given it a bit of thought, I conclude that I would probably bring my Aragorn statue which would represent many things to me while I was out there struggling to survive & to win.

    First of all my husband who thoughtfully gave it to me for Christmas (he's very thoughtful & pays attention to what I like, it'd be a reminder of him), also it reminds me of Aragorn who is a strong fictional character who I identify with in many ways...
    It would remind me why I would want to win the million dollars, i.e to finance publishing my stories & have people fall in love with MY fictional characters. It would remind me of home & my family there, because Viggo Mortensen is half danish, which is neighboring to Norway and us Scandinavians always stick together (Especially Norwegians & Danes).

    Just looking at the statue it represents so many things, that it would be my obvious choice for a luxury item (that is if I couldn't bring my swiss army knife..... lol)

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    I would have to bring something to relieve the bordome like a game or something. Or else I might have to bring a luxury grooming item like a toothbrush, shampoo, soap or something like that..

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    I think that the individual survivors provide a list of luxury items and then the producers let them know which one they can bring. I seem to remember another contestant from the Thailand episode who commented about other luxury items that were on his list.

    And, I'm SURE they aren't allowed to bring things like tools, knives, etc.

    As for the massage oil - I think that's a great thing to bring. It's edible, so they can use it for cooking, plus doesn't it provide some protection against mosquito & other bug bites? With all of the creepy-crawlies in the Amazon, that's really important.

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    oh yes, toothbrush! I dont think I could live for 39 days without a toothbrush, I'm anal about brushing my teeth.... eek. Wonder if that's an item that's allowed.

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    I know it's allowed (the toothbrush) as someone brought one before.

    It is a list that the player provides to the Powers That Be, who then decide. So really people could all have really great ideas, but get their "silly" one OK'ed.

    I have no idea what I would bring... Shampoo and soap would have to be 100% environmentally safe in order to use in the river/lake/ocean.

    I agree with Jodaar, that the soccer ball, and Ryan's baseball and glove are good items to bring.
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    If I recall correctly, you have to list 10 items you would like to bring, and the producers pick one for you that they either think is useless, or will cause some good scenes.

    I'd bring a razor, if possible. This is the first season no one brought one, and Christy's already hairing up pretty good.

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    I remember last season Ted brought a shaving "kit" that included razors and shaving cream. So I wonder if they would let me bring a toothbrushing kit which includes brush, paste and floss. I would like to brush my teeth, but the floss could be used for lots of stuff. Of course, for that reason the producers might not allow it.

    Colby's giant Texas flag turned out to be really useful, but I think the producers were irritated that it turned out to be so big so they probably don't allow something of that size any more.

    Kimmi's Scrabble game would be a good choice for me, and I think they ended up using the tile holders for eating utensils.

    The thing I really can't live without though is my lip balm.

    It just seems like you could come up with ten items that each had some kind of helpful function. I just don't understand bringing "knick knacks".

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