It has been a tradition of mine (since the beginning of Survivor 12. So, five days ago.) to either make up or find nicknames for all the competitors. There are already a few floating around, and I was wondering if anybody had anymore they could add to the list?

The list, both invented and found, is as follows:

Terry - Papa (Because he is the all encompassing father figure) Some say 'Tom' is a good nickname, too.
Melinda - Orange (Because her face is so dang round!)
Dan - Powder (For obvious reasons)
Shane - Lungs or Cancer (Three packs a day?)
Courtney - Durdle (Figure it out.)

And.. that's all that I've seen floating around the boards so far. Does anybody have any other nicknames that they want to share? Or does anybody have nicknames for the give mentioned above that are better? I'd personally love to see a nickname given to Cirie.