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Thread: 2/2 recap: I'm a Lumberjill and I'm Ok

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    Wonderful Recap

    But I also wonder about those egged cars... or maybe not...

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    Looking for a place to happen
    They’ve constructed some sort of large skull on it, presumably to either scare the survivors or so it can be found by Jeff Probst’s helicopter.

    Misty: a 24-year-old engineer from Dallas. Very busty in the opening shots.

    Austin says he’d rather be on a tribe with women. “I can’t help but flirt with any woman I come in contact with,” he says. Wow, because we women just LOVE indiscriminate flirting. It makes us feel so special. Yeah, he’ll probably last longer with the guys.

    A Shoutout To Our Turtle Mothers

    I’m thinking if it’s an omen, she should pay more attention to the fact that it’s dead.

    I Caught You a Delicious Bass
    I could have quoted the entire thing. Great job.
    If you go through a lot of hammers each month, I don't think it necessarily means you're a hard worker.
    It may just mean that you have a lot to learn about proper hammer maintenance.

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    I missed the first episode, thank you for this excellent recap!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Lucy View Post
    This suggests to me that they’ve continued last season’s twist of hiding an immunity idol somewhere in the vicinity, which would actually make this neither a mystery nor a “twist like never before.” Never before except last season, right Jeffy?

    Austin: a 24-year-old author from High Point, N.C. Apparently he really wrote a book and got it published and everything.

    Who Needs a Roof When You’ve Got Balls?

    Terry and Dan have a private chat, which Dan begins by promising Terry he’ll never lie to him. Hm, most of my relationships begin that way, too. Is Terry going to wind up crying and egging someone’s car? Or am I just projecting?
    Great job as always , Lucy

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