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I don't know how Dan feels. I do know that 'on camera' the only deal that Dan and Terry made to one another is to never lie to each other. Terry kept that promise.
From most of his interviews, he puts on a nice face but he still makes cracks about Terry getting rid of him. Things like "I gave him more credit for being strategically smarter than he really is". There are many ways to get far in the game. For some strange reason, Dan thinks keeping him around was the only way for that to happen. Think again Dan, you were had by the better player.

He can say it as nice as he wants, it still sounds like sour grapes and sore loser. Terry is still there (and still has a 2nd chance with the idol) and Dan is not, that says it all. We'll find out in the coming weeks if Terry can keep himself there, and I expect that he will, being so strong in challenges