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Thread: 2/2 Show Discussion Thread *Spoilers*

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    Quote Originally Posted by Bearcata View Post
    On the Jeff Probst thread where he is on the Early Show, he thinks Cerie will be the most popular survivor yet. I hate to tell him that is highly unlikely. Maybe he is on the same delusion meds as Cerie???
    Popular with whom?

    Slavering hound dogs who never met a boob they didn't like?

    Snarkers who prefer an easy target?

    Support bra manufacturers?

    Other couch potatoes who didn't get to be on Survivor, because she took their spot?

    Why was Cerie an idiot for signing on with Survivor?
    1. 80-100lbs overweight
    2. city girl
    3. fear of creepy crawlies
    4. no endurance
    5. grossly out of shape
    6. stupidly admitted at tribal council that she would rather be home on her couch
    7. the first thing we hear her say is a complaint about being clumped together with the older women

    The only thing she IS able to do is manipulate equally worthless women into shooting themselves in the foot. I for one have no intention of easing up on her until she is off the island where she belongs.

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    Quote Originally Posted by lone1c View Post

    BTW--any thoughts on the "why fate chose you to be left behind" clue? My total guess is that it might be buried on the beach where the teams were dropped off for the first time.
    So many guesses there's a whole thread just on that!

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