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Thread: Terry: Exile Island

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    After re-watching the footage. Terry and Dan had an alliance to never lie to each other. Terry kept that promise. He told Dan to his face that he was going. Dan might not have liked hearing it; but it was up front, it was honest, and it was within the bounds of the agreement htose two adults made with each other.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Melsevene View Post
    Terry had an alliance early on with Dan. Yet, when it came down to voting Ruth Marie or Sally off, Terry had no problem disregarding anything Dan said or thought on the matter, because Terry just knew he was smarter about it than Dan. Then, the first time he had a decision, he cut his alliance with Dan and knifed him in the back in order to form an new alliance with what he perceived were stronger players who could help him get farther in the game. Please, people, let's not slam Aras and make Terry out to be a saint. Terry didn't knife anyone in the back after the merge because he didn't have the numbers and didn't have the social skills to get any Casaya members to turn. And we've seen in the past (such as with Danni), that if you're smart and you use your people skills, sometimes you can turn people and make them your allies. Terry relied too much on the physical part of the game and sucked at the social part. He lied, he backstabbed, he was stupid, and he lacked social skills. Great role model, if you ask me. 'Nuff said.
    Someone was getting cut one way or another. Dan wanted to knife Austin or Nick in the back to get himself farther in the game. Dan took it upon himself to make an alliance with RM becasue it was in his best interest, not Nick, not Austin, not Terry-DAN. I'm not making Terry out to be a saint at all but let's not slam Terry for having "disregard" or "he just knew he was smarter" when Aras did the exact same thing-but somehow it's less offensive when Aras does it. They either both had disregard for people and thought they were smarter or they both don't. Just substitute Terry's name for Aras and its the exact same situation, same behavior and same excuses for it. Dislike for Terry doesn't change a thing, Aras gets painted with the same brush as Terry. The people that dislike Terry are doing exacty the same thing as the Terry rooters-overlooking/excusing behavior for one of the men while putting down the other for doing the same thing
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    Terry made this season worth watching. I'm repulsed that immature brat Aras is now a millionaire, and equally repulsed at Danielle for basically everything she did in the entire season.

    What a disgusting finale. How sad I feel. I just have to keep remembering that none of Casaya will EVER accomplish the things Terry has accomplished in life. He is head and shoulders and tall poofy chef's hat above the rest. Thank goodness he at least got a car.

    And don't worry, Aras haters. Punks always get what's coming to them. He'll have more trials than most, and he doesn't seem to have the character that it will take to get through them unscathed. He is doomed.

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    Quote Originally Posted by fireflyer View Post
    And don't worry, Aras haters. Punks always get what's coming to them. He'll have more trials than most, and he doesn't seem to have the character that it will take to get through them unscathed. He is doomed.

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    Kool-Aid, anyone?
    "...each affects the other, and the other affects the next, and the world is full of stories, but the stories are all one." - Mitch Albom, one helluva writer.

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    Yikes...while I don't like Terry, I certainly don't wish him destitution and misery!

    I hope all of these people have good lives, just like I'd wish for almost everyone, only far away from my tv. Bring on the next batch!

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    Does anyone know....

    Does anyone know how to get in touch w/ Terry?

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