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Thread: Dan: Exile Island

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    Dan: Exile Island

    From the official site:
    Dan Barry was born in Norwalk, Connecticut, but considers South Hadley, Massachusetts his hometown. He is a former astronaut who currently spends his time building robots for his own company, Denbar Robotics. Barry's work and research has been supported by the National Institute of Health, the National Science Foundation, the Grass Foundation and the American Heart Association of Michigan. He has five patents and has had over 50 articles published in scientific journals.

    For his work and accomplishments, Barry has received numerous special honors and awards over the years, including the 1971 McMullen Engineering Award, the 1984 Young Investigator Award from the American Association of Electrodiagnostic Medicine, an Honorary Doctor of Science degree from St. Louis University in 1996; the Vladimir Komarov Diploma from Federation Aeronautique Internationale in 1998; an Honorary Life Membership from the United States Tennis Association in 1999, inclusion in the list of 100 Most Notable Princeton Graduate School Alumni of the 20th Century in 2001, and both the Paul J. Corcoran Award from Harvard Medical School and an Honorary Doctor of Science degree from Beloit College in 2003.

    Barry is a member of the American Association of Electrodiagnostic Medicine, Association of Academic Physiatrists, Sigma Xi (a scientific group), Association of Space Explorers and the United States Tennis Association.

    In 1971, Barry graduated from Bolton High School in Alexandria, Louisiana. In 1975, he received a Bachelor of Science degree in electrical engineering from Cornell University. In 1997, he received a master of engineering degree and a Master of Arts degree in electrical engineering/computer science from Princeton University. In 1980, he received a doctorate in electrical engineering/computer science, also from Princeton. In 1982, he received a doctorate in medicine from the University of Miami. In 1985, Barry completed an internship and a Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation residency at the University of Michigan. He was then appointed by the University of Michigan as an assistant professor in the Department of Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation and in the Bioengineering Program. He spent the summers of 1985-1987 in Woods Hole, Massachusetts, working in skeletal muscle physiology at the Marine Biological Laboratory.

    Barry was offered tenure at the University of Michigan in 1992. At the same time, he was selected by NASA to train at the Johnson Space Center and opted to relocate to Texas. He completed one year of training and qualified for assignment as a mission specialist on Space Shuttle flight crews. A veteran of three space flights, Barry has logged over 734 hours in space, including four space walks. He retired from NASA in April, 2005.

    Barry currently lives in South Hadley, Massachusetts with his wife of 24 years, Sue. They have two children, Jenny and Andy, and one dog, Windy. He enjoys flying, tennis, sailing, ultimate Frisbee and running. His birth date is December 30, 1953.

    Colors Red, yellow
    Scents Cookies in the oven
    Flowers Stargazer lily, sunflower
    Board Games Go
    Video Games Starcraft
    Sports to Play Tennis, basketball, ultimate Frisbee
    Sports Teams Red Sox, Patriots
    Outdoor Activities Stargazing, walking at night, sailing (Hobie Getaway 16' catamaran), windsurfing, snorkeling
    TV Shows SURVIVOR, The West Wing
    Movies Apollo 13, Dirty Harry, Speed
    Actors Clint Eastwood, Tom Hanks
    Actresses Sandra Bullock
    Music Beach Boys, Beatles, Jim Croce, Bruce Springsteen, Broadway music (e.g. Wicked)
    Magazines American Scientist, Servo, Discover
    Books/Authors Ender's Game, Orson Scott Card, Portrait of the Artist as a Young Man
    Cereals Cap'n Crunch, Sugar Smacks
    Fruits Plum
    Snack Foods Ruffles
    Cookies White chocolate macadamia nut
    Candy Bars Butterfinger
    Alcoholic Drinks Frozen strawberry margarita
    Non-Alcoholic Fruit smoothie

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    Over 734 hours in space! He should be a very good problem-solver.
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    He's my favorite so far. He is definitely smart. Hopefully he won't be bossy. It amuses me that his favorite drink is a frozen strawberry margarita.

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    Patriots? :nono He's tossed in the "NOPE" pile.

    I really don't see him doing very well with the physical challenges. Also, I can see him easily becoming the overly-skinny, "looking like he's near death," hard to look at Survivor if he lasts for any amount of time.

    I can see the others using him as a pawn, to be voted off at a strategic point. Keeping him around for that purpose.
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    He's my early favorite, because of the retired astronaut part. Plus, he likes Cap'n Crunch and Butterfingers. Which means he could snack at the Suncat home anytime, as those are the faves here.
    Always looking for cat treats!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Maveno View Post
    Patriots? :nono He's tossed in the "NOPE" pile.
    Blasphemy! How can you say such things?

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    He looks like a skeletor and thats before the game even starts.

    I hope for his sake he plays down the brainiac aspect and comes down to earth in his approach to the game.

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    This guy is way too smart to be on this show.
    It was me. I let the dogs out.

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    Retired astronaut? Cool.

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    Quote Originally Posted by waywyrd View Post
    This guy is way too smart to be on this show.
    Maybe he can keep it under control and not let anyone find out how brainy he is! I figure there's a good chance he might bond closely with the ex-fighter pilot, so that might be the base of an early alliance. I'm not sure how important that will be if the teams are structured the way spoilers are predicting, though.
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