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Thread: Cirie: Exile Island

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    TV Fanatic leogirl_21's Avatar
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    I can honestly say that I may be the only person but she just freaking gets on my nerves. Something about her just rubs me the wrong way. She's annoying. There's only so much of her I can tolerate.
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    FORT Fanatic Kay118's Avatar
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    Her voice used to grate on my nerves. But since last episode (ep 4), I'm starting to like her.

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    Signed, Sealed, Delivered prhoshay's Avatar
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    I still think we need to wait and watch.
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    I rather like her.
    I liked that she managed to swing the boot spotlight off herself in the first episode and I really like that she has the sense to sit back and watch while the alliance of four within her tribe looks likely to break apart.
    There is no reason to boot Cirie at this point imo.
    She's hard working, doesn't appear to have annoyed anyone and hasn't been a liability in the challenges.
    Although she doesn't appear to officially have an alliance right now, I think she's manufactured a decent position for herself mainly by keeping out of the fighting going on at her camp.

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    Go Cirie!!!

    Sorry I wasn't here earlier, but I had Dancing with the Stars to watch and I was in no mood to be here or to even watch Survivor. But I am proud of Cirie. She is the true underdog of this seaon. She has drive now and could go all the way now! And she pulls her weight in the challenges! Even Misty (in her Early Show interview) fears her!!! If she continues to stay out of the drama, she's in good shape for the merge.
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    LOL! Rab, by any chance can I use one of those on my LJ? I am new here so I am not positive on the rules of using pics done by others..Those are awesome!
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    No one beats Cirie as my favorite this season.

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    A pirate's life for me suncat7's Avatar
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    I didn't like Cirie on the first episode, but I have really come to like her. I hope that she makes the merge, or even goes further. She's doing great!
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    I didn't like her after the Tina boot either, but I've changed my mind in the past two episodes. She's actually pretty funny, and makes herself useful around camp (unlike half of her tribe). I see her going pretty far.
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    I see what you did there Mah Jongg Solitaire Champion Maveno's Avatar
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    I agree. She's not working my nerves like I thought she was going to do.
    She does work a lot and she DID save herself from being eliminated. So far, not so bad.
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    The first episode Cirie was kind of grating on my nerves, but now I love her. I want her to at least make the Jury. Although she is physically not as strong as some others (unless it consists of tossing young women over), her strategy is really good. She is letting the "alliance" dissolve without instigating arguments too much.

    If she was completely obvious about turning them on each other the "alliance" would figure it our pretty quickly and vote her off.

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