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Thread: Would you have eaten the chicken

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    Would you have eaten the chicken

    Not sure if this has been asked, but would you have eaten the chicken. I know - even though I am not a highly religious person - I would have not have.
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    i'd have eaten it if i was truely starving..

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    I missed the ceremonial sacrifice, just saw the gals chowing down part.

    They were specifically told not to eat the bird?

    I'm unsure whether I'd have ate or not, but I don't fault those who did.

    Unlike the local flavor shown in TAR, the kind they show on Survivor underwhelms me. I get a definite casting call flavor than generally viewing the locals on display as the real deal. That fishing machine dude from a couple of seasons back, teaching them to fish with basically a piece of string, he was impressively authentic.

    While Stephenie's moaning about hunger was about the cutest part of her irritant ways seeing as she always seemed to have her mouth full, she didn't seem to fit the norm. With Gary and others wasting away visually, I wouldn't expect him or another hungry person to refrain.

    Telling them they can't eat the bird and then (wink, wink) leaving it there indicates the not eating wasn't meant to be a hard fast rule. If it were, those that ate would have known there would be consequences attached to eating it.

    No earthy consequences that I saw.

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    I would not have eaten the chicken. To do so would be disrespectful of the sacrefice. Knowing that they had only a couple of days left before they could eat themselves silly, the contestants should have shown some self-control and respect.
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    I couldn't really say what I would do, not being in that position. But I do find it laughable that Stephenie's justification for eating it was that they hadn't eaten for 37 days! Come on! Lydia could use that argument, but I seem to recall Stephenie grilling up sausages two days prior. She had some better meals in 37 days than I have this past month.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Leftcoaster View Post
    They were specifically told not to eat the bird?
    Yes. The guy doing the ceremony told them they could not eat it after Stpeh made Lydia ask him if they could.

    I wouldn't have eaten it, mainly because it hadn't been gutted and cleaned, and I believe it had been sitting in the ashes for at least a few hours. Blech. Plus, as someone mentioned, they only had a couple of days before they could eat normally again.
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    One day before an endurance challenge that could potentially be worth $900k? Too easy.

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    It's hard to say. I haven't missed too many meals over my lifetime, but my experience with going on diets is that once I get past the first two or three days I'm satisfied with less. I don't think I'd be scared to eat the chicken because it might be diseased, but it might wreck my digestion right before the finale. Couple that with the chicken being a designated sacrifice, and I don't think I'd be tempted to eat it that much.

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    This one is easy. I wouldn't have eaten it. It's a ceremonial sacrifice by the local people, they specifically told the players, after the players specifically asked whether they could eat the chicken "no, you should not eat the chicken", and the players (especially Stephanie) weren't about to die from starvation.

    I considered it quite disrespectful for them to eat that chicken after being told not to. I was very disappointed in them (except for Rafe, who showed restraint).

    It's similar to someone walking into a Christian church and popping open a bottle of communion wine or breaking open a box of communion bread and digging in. It just didn't seem the right thing to do, IMO.

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