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Thread: Survivor 12/11 - Mayan Meanderings: I've Made A Huge Mistake

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    Quote Originally Posted by superfly View Post
    I think it is unfair to compare Steph to Boston Rob. By that, I mean that Rob was light years ahead of Steph in terms of strategizing. When Rob lied and backstabbed people, he KNEW why he was doing it and it was part of his strategy. When Steph lied and backstabbed, I get the feeling that she had no clue what she was doing and was just doing what Rafe told her to do. Rafe was the mastermind, Steph was just the scapegoat. In Rob's case, he was the mastermind and hoped that the jury wasn't bitter (ala Richard Hatch's win).
    Thanks for the great recap Miss Filangi
    I agree it is unfair to compare Steph to Boston Rob. Rob was the most irritating survivor ever. That includes Richard Hatch. During Rib's camera confessionals he just couldn't help bragging on himself and making fun of all the other survivors. This jerk has an ego a mile high and his ego and bragging was over the top. I had nothing against Steph (liked her) in her first survivor appearance but second time round got old. Steph is not a bragger like Rob but once around for any person is enough. They can't seem to keep the cockiness out of their play even Bobby John came across as cocky at times.

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    Thanks for the awesome recap, Miss Filangi. You nailed it.
    This was my first season of watching all the way through, I wish I would have started sooner.

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    Excellent job, Miss F!
    Getting lost will help you find yourself.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Miss Filangi View Post
    c) Thinks that Lydia's might be able to sway the jury if she was given the chance to bust out the pancake dance?
    Laughed audibly here.

    Wow. Extremely impressed with the astute observations, Miss F! I agree on many points, especially the comparison to the fatal-Ian-like decisions! I was wondering how many would conjur up this Survivor history and point it out! Fantastic!

    Anyhow, great job.
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