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Thread: 12/8 Show Discussion **SPOILERS**

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    Did Cindy not learn a thing when she went with Judd and Steph on the last reward challenge? Never leave them behind to plot! She deserves whatever happens to her

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    Quote Originally Posted by captain View Post
    Now Rafe/Danni/Lydia need to strategize and vote off Steph. Lydia will, but it will be hard to convice Rafe.
    I think Rafe is too the point where he realizes alliances need to change. Steph and Cindy beat him out for this one. Everyone might be looking at Lydia now as the one they want to take to Final 2.

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    I thought the car winner usually got to take two people to their reward.

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    Great...yet more footage coming of Steph stuffing her face.

    Cindy can't really believe Steph is happy for her! Come on...
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    Are they all so afraid of Steph that they feel they HAVE to take her on all rewards?
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    Turning on Cindy now would be stupid. But it wouldn't surprise me.

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    Quote Originally Posted by karalott View Post
    I wouldn't want to be Cindy right now. Come on, no one would have given that up.

    Now curiousity has the best of me as to whether or not the other four would have lost if Cindy gave up her car for them. I guess that would really prove if there was a curse
    There's no "curse" per se--merely human nature. People are jealous and/or use the car as a strategic justification to ditch people. It has nothing to do with anything magical or superstitous.

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    Zookeepers don't drive cars? They sure as hell don't ride an elephant everywhere they go.

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    How did this poor guy get stuck with this job? These two idiots are not interested in anything historical.
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    Quote Originally Posted by fluff View Post
    I wonder whether they were pulling a fast one like they did during season 6.
    Matthew gave up the chance to spend time with his mother when he won reward so everyone else could spend time with their family members and they ended up giving him a night away from the camp with him mum anyway.
    I wondered that too, fluff. Although a pretty big difference between a family visit and a car, but it would have been funny if Jiffy told Cindy that she still would have gotten her car regardless of what she did. At least they'd all be on equal footing concering the curse

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