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Thread: Week 1 Post-Show Discussion

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    Ang Mo and Welcome!

    One of the ladies, maybe Deena, needs to step up and take the leadership role. Right now, the ladies have no focus or direction. If the women don't get their sh*t together, they are bound to lose the rest of the challenges.

    I still don't have a favorite, but I have to say that I'm surprised with Heidi. She's getting along with most of the tribe, with the exception of communicating with Christy. She's also focused in the competitions, and she's pulling her part of the work load in the camp. Well, maybe it's because, she's in an all-female team and she has to. I think Heidi will make it to the merge.

    Butch, so far, seems like a good candidate to go far.

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    Originally posted by Wolf
    If the women don't get their sh*t together, they are bound to lose the rest of the challenges.
    Never mind the challenges, Wolf. If they don't get things straightened out, they will struggle with the whole "survival" part of the show, period.

    I assume, though, that they must get things squared away because we haven't heard of anyone who actually died out there.
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    You're right, Paulie. They will have to worry about surviving the Amazon elements first. Did you see how many girls it took to kill that eight-legged critter? These women are going to go through some rough times.

    On next week's episode, it didn't look like they had made any headwaves on getting their shelter done.

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    I wish that the producers had only supplied a couple of machetes to the group so that we could watch the power struggle over it. Or, even funnier, make the machetes different sizes!

    Oh my goodness, that would have been sooooo funny! We could have seen them all fighting over who got the bigger machete! And, the visions of how they would have settled the matter

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    Ang. And about your rant about Mr. Rocket Scientist
    I think it would be a huge mistake for the women to boot Christy, especially if it's because of her handicap. People like that tend to go the extra mile in what they are doing, and I'd really prefer to have someone around that's gonna bust a gut than bust a chair sitting on it.
    Completely agree Lander
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    indulgence inc.

    Daniel's log trouble

    Hilarious! That's all I got to say about that! There is nothing more floor slapping so far on Survivor then the sticking image of poor Daniel struggling across the log in the immunity challenge. Especially after his over confident ego was broadcasted. All the men on Survivor got a real ego shatttering wake up call when the women took over the challenge and went back to camp with the idol. Balance expert Daniel must have fallen off that log over five times; not to mention the fact that his thighs were quivering as he sluggishly slitthered his whole body across the log which was only a mere foot from the earth's ground! I was almost convinced that the clip was a joke:priceless. It's suprising that he didn't get voted off just for his comical performance! At least he had the wits to admit his faults at the tribal council - or was that just a cry to get out of the Amazon before any further embarassing moments took place on his behalf?
    I hope he stays on a while purely for the laugh! Oh ya and boys, what was with the "Believe in Yourself" banner? I won't even begin on that one!

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    Why do we always assume religion bothers people? Are there really that many athiests & agnostics in the world? JoAnna seemed like a really nice girl.
    Thanks for setting us straight on 'nice girl' JoAnna, jodaar. Jenna: "Is it ok to burn witches, Joe? " Joe: "Why, certainly!"

    Speaking of redemption, I must say Jenna does redeem herself quite nicely in the bath, where for modesty's sake she cups her oh so perfectly formed breasts out of, no doubt, modesty, alone.

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