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Thread: 12/1 Show Discussion Thread *Spoilers*

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    i love the cheesy transitions too. i read somewhere probst said they couldn't figure out a way to out do vanautu, so they decided not to do it for palau.(sorry if i spelled those wrong) i wonder if they will for guatemala? i hope so. bring back the cheese!!

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    They could outdo Vanuatu by doing a tie-in promo with the release of "King Kong" and have the giant ape grab Jeff from the jungle and take him to the studio.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Sancerre2001 View Post
    I agree with Shady. It's not an honest comment to call people scumbags, and it's very unsportsmanlike. But he was angry, and that's understandable, I'm sure he was embarassed tonight watching himself act like a jackass.

    What I mean is this: Survivor is a game which rewards reprehensible behaviour- lying, cheating, backstabbing , bending one's moral code is essential to winning the game. We are entertained by all of it. The contestants make a decison to engage in deplorable behaviour in order to win and that's why we watch, not because we are hoping they all break out into a chorus of `Koom-by-ya'(sp) at least Judd didn't pretty up his ugly behaviour by pretending to be a good sport- being a good sport and having manners will get you tossed out quick in the game of Survivor. Sportsmanship is not required in this game , the exact opposite is what's required. That's just how I feel about it although I underrstand why everyone thinks Judd is a jackass.

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