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Thread: 11/17 recap: Paranoia May Destroy Ya

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    11/17 recap: Paranoia May Destroy Ya

    Survivor 11/17 recap: Paranoia May Destroy Ya
    Last time on Survivor, Judd won the reward challenge and ate expensive food and drank expensive liquor, then puked it all up in the shelter to share with his friends. He won a clue to the immunity idol’s whereabouts and rushed straight to Stephenie to share the clue with her, then leaked a bogus clue to the other tribal members. Gary caught him in the lie and found the idol, thus saving himself and shifting the vote to Bobby Jon.

    It’s All About Jamie
    It’s night 24 and Jamie’s spoiling for a fight. He listens as Gary explains he found the immunity idol in the Mayan worship tree. After Gary walks away Jamie tells the group that Gary voted for Cindy to confuse everyone. He tries to whip up some righteous indignation but Stephenie just grimaces and Cindy replies “whooptie doodle.” In confessional, Cindy says Jamie always comes back from tribal council trying to stir things up.

    In the darkness, Gary lies down on some fronds to sleep. As the other tribal members gather around, Jamie stands over Gary, arms crossed. He tries to trick Gary into admitting he lied about voting for Brandon at an earlier tribal council. When Gary says he didn’t lie, Jamie offers to fight, saying Gary is calling him a liar. Judd tries to defuse the situation and Jamie walks away muttering. Judd privately says he thinks Jamie is psychologically losing it.

    Day 25 Reward Challenge And Lydia’s Name Is Mud
    The next morning, Jeff explains the reward challenge. The tribe will be separated into two teams of four members; each team consists of two women and two men. Women will be paired with women and men with men. The pairs will be tied together and one pair at a time from each team must traverse over and under obstacles while passing through a mud pit. They will pick up a pot of corn from the other side of the course and return. The first team to fill their large urn with the corn will win. The winning team will travel by helicopter to a private home where they’ll be able to take a shower, wash their clothes, spend the night and drink coffee in the morning before returning to camp.

    They draw names for teams: Jamie, Rafe, Cindy and Lydia will compete against Gary, Judd, Stephenie and Danni. Interesting the way that turned out; Danni and Stephenie against Cindy and Lydia?

    First to go are Rafe and Jamie against Judd and Gary. Jamie and Rafe are much quicker and make it back to tag their team members Cindy and Lydia. The girls make good time going toward the corn, but Lydia founders on the way back. It’s like the mud is quicksand and she’s trying to swim through it. Swim, Lydia, swim! Stephenie and Danni stomp right through the mud with their long stork legs and pass Cindy and Lydia, tagging Judd and Gary. Lydia finally makes it through the mud, and Rafe and Jamie fly through the course, overtaking Judd and Gary on the way back. Lydia and Cindy have the lead over Danni and Stephenie, but they soon lag behind as Lydia once more has difficulty. Stephenie and Danni bring the last batch of corn back, and their team wins. Lydia, meanwhile, can’t manage to climb up onto the obstacle, even with Cindy urging her on. Jamie exhorts the girls to continue: “We’re going to finish! Let’s GO!” he yells. Rafe tries to calm him down. Cindy refuses to continue, telling him the other team has already won. Jamie looks disgusted. They’re not being good southern gentlemen, who never quit even when it’s hopeless.

    Wheeling And Dealing
    Danni, Stephenie, Judd and Gary, still dripping with mud, are immediately whisked away by helicopter to a nearby home in the jungle. They meet the owner, Louie, and Stephenie shouts when she sees the plate of lobster and snacks waiting for them. Everyone goes wild for the outdoor shower, and the girls jump right in. In confessional Stephenie says Danni is just like her – a cool chick, Gary is an awesome guy, and she and Judd have been buds since the first day they met. The girls leave their bikinis on to shower, but bud Judd removes his clothes and showers au naturel, then skinny dips in the pool as the girls giggle.

    Meanwhile, back at camp, Lydia is feeling bad about losing the reward challenge for her team. Talking to Rafe and Jamie, she offers sincere apologies. Rafe gracefully says he didn’t need the reward. Lydia continues to moan about the luxuries they lost out on as Jamie chews corn and broods in silence like Jack Nicholson in The Shining. Now there’s a scary thought – trapped in the Guatemalan jungle with Jack Torrance.

    Later, Jamie corners Rafe. He tries to strike a deal with Rafe for the final three – Jamie, Rafe and Judd. Rafe says he needs to think about it. Jamie at least wants Rafe to promise he’ll take him to the top six. Rafe says he’s already promised to do that. Privately he calls Jamie paranoid and says he’s really letting the game get to him.

    New Friends, New Alliances?
    Gary sees the night away as an opportunity to make ties with Stephenie and Judd. Nothing ventured, nothing gained. He tells the other three that he would like to see them in the final four because they’re the strongest players. Gary and Danni say Jamie needs to be the next one to go. Judd and Stephenie listen, but Judd later says their conversation won’t affect his game plan, and Steph says that while she agrees with Gary she has a good thing going on with her own alliance. They all pile into bed in their new pajamas for a sleepover.

    The next morning, Juan Valdez Louie gifts them with flavored coffee and videotapes from home. Stephenie and Danni grow tearful before the tapes are ever played. Gary, watching his family, tries to hold it together and passes his hand over his eyes several times to brush away tears as Stephenie rubs his arm affectionately. Judd watches fondly while his daughter attempts to grill a hotdog, Danni is reassured that her dogs are doing fine without her and Stephenie laughs as her family waves to her from the screen.

    Back at Camp, Stephenie brings back a dozen or so coffee singles and Cindy is over the moon at the thought of coffee. Maybe the caffeine will numb her slow progression to starvation. Judd strides to Jamie and shakes his hand. When Jamie asks him if he had a nice bed to sleep in, Judd says he didn’t sleep in the bed - he slept on the floor. He doesn’t want Jamie to think he made an alliance with Gary and Danni.

    Day 26 Immunity Challenge – Life Is Full Of Obstacles and Jamie Obsesses
    It’s time for the immunity challenge and Jeff explains that once again the survivors will have to navigate an obstacle course. This time they’re on their own and they must weave through the obstacles while attached to them by rope. The first four to finish go on to a second course with three levels. Gary takes a quick lead as Danni falls behind. Judd struggles but never makes it out of starting position, giving up without much struggle. He’s not worried about going home tonight. Gary gets caught up, and Rafe, Cindy, Jamie and Stephenie become the top four to compete in the second round.

    Cindy surges ahead on the three level course with Rafe in second. It looks as if Cindy will win but she gets stuck and Rafe comes from behind to win. Lydia and Gary congratulate him. Alone, Rafe confides that he’s won two immunities and came in second on the third, which makes him a huge threat. He’s going to have to rethink his strategy.

    Jamie continues to worry over tonight’s tribal council vote. Judd assures him that Gary is the one that will be heading out. The way Judd sees it, Jamie may get one vote. Jamie obsesses; he sees Gary as a huge threat. He confronts Cindy about sticking to the plan and Cindy says that, as far as she knows it’s still on. Jamie’s paranoia is driving her crazy.

    Jamie is worried about being able to trust Stephenie and her lapdog Rafe. Feeling the need to cement his relationship with Rafe, he calls him over to play mancala. Rafe tells Jamie he needs to be calm; he freaks everyone out with his nervousness. In confessional he calls Jamie a control freak. His constant litany of : Are you going to stick with the six? You should stick with the six, is irritating.

    Rafe goes to Lydia and confides that Jamie is driving him insane. Jamie has asked him if he’s sticking with the six seven times today. Lydia looks troubled. She replies that she’s sticking with the plan, then asks if he’s spoken with Stephenie. Rafe hasn’t. Lydia won’t commit to a course of action without the Steph seal of approval.

    Stephenie joins Lydia and Rafe in the ubiquitous game of mancala and Rafe confides that he and Lydia are considering voting Jamie out. Steph is willing to vote for Jamie but reminds them that Gary is a big threat. They stare at one another like actors in a soap: Will they vote for Jamie? Will Gary be out? Tune in to the next episode of All My Survivors. Oddly enough, it’s Rafe that makes the call to vote for Jamie, and Stephenie backs his play. Who’s really in charge here?

    Tribal Council: Just Because You’re Paranoid Doesn’t Mean They’re Not Out To Get You
    As the survivors gather for tribal council, Bobby Jon strides in grinning to take his place as the first member of the jury. Jeff asks Stephenie if winning the reward challenge with Gary, Danni and Judd allowed her to bond with them. Stephenie says it was especially nice to have Gary there since he was supposed to be going home at tribal council the day before. Gary files this away and Steph never even realizes she gave away the boot plan to Gary. Danni agrees that it was nice to get to know everyone. Judd calls Gary a man’s man and says he has nothing but respect for him, but it won’t change tonight’s vote. Jamie says being in the jungle can cause someone to go insane if they don’t watch themselves (Ya think?) but everyone has a good heart. Gary thinks it’s important to maintain a positive attitude – whatever happens, happens.

    Jeff reminds everyone that Rafe has individual immunity and cannot be voted off. He asks Rafe if he would like to keep the immunity for himself or confer it upon someone else. Rafe wants to keep it.

    Jamie casts his vote for Gary, of course. “I hope we can be friends one day, but today you’re a man, not a buddy.” Gary reciprocates by voting for Jamie but says “I still think you have a big heart. I’d want you on my team any day of the year.” Judd votes for Gary: “Thanks for everything, God bless you.”

    Jeff tallies the votes. The first two are for Gary and he nods, expecting the worst. Then Jeff calls a vote for Jamie, then two and then three. Judd shakes his head, shaken. When Jeff turns over the fifth vote, Jamie is the eleventh person voted out of Guatemala Survivor. Jamie stands to go, then turns to his former tribal members. “Blindsided. Nice! Now that’s the way you vote somebody out.”

    In his farewell speech Jamie says he’s hurt most by Lydia’s vote against him. As many times as he warned her when she was in danger he expected the same from her. It’s time to say bye-bye Jamie, who’s being careflighted to the nearest psychiatric facility for intensive counseling.

    Next time on Survivor Judd freaks out about being left out of the loop and Stephenie confronts another tribal member about where their loyalty lies.

    What are you paranoid about? Email me at Dinahann@fansofrealitytv.com

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    Love the recap, Dinahann!
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    Excellent recap, Dinah, and I love your title! This was a great image:
    Quote Originally Posted by Dinahann
    ...and broods in silence like Jack Nicholson in The Shining. Now there’s a scary thought – trapped in the Guatemalan jungle with Jack Torrance.
    What are you paranoid about? Email me at Dinahann@fansofrealitytv.com
    Thanks to you, I'm now paranoid that during the next Tribal Council, instead of simply walking in with Bobby Jon, Jamie's going to stick his head from around a tree, bare his teeth, and yell, "Heeeeeeere's Jamie!"
    Love The Bachelor? Catch the recap for this season's sacrificial lamb lucky guy here in Episode 1, Episode 2, Episode 3, Episode 4, Episode 5, Episode 6 and Episode 7.

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    Great job, Dinahann!
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    Another excellent recap Dinahann, great job!!

    Quote Originally Posted by roseskid
    Thanks to you, I'm now paranoid that during the next Tribal Council, instead of simply walking in with Bobby Jon, Jamie's going to stick his head from around a tree, bare his teeth, and yell, "Heeeeeeere's Jamie!"
    That's a funny picture roseskid!
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    Nicely done, Dinahann.
    Before we begin, what are the parameters of the guessing game? How many guesses do I get? Is there a time limit?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Dinahann
    Now there’s a scary thought – trapped in the Guatemalan jungle with Jack Torrance.
    That thought could give me nightmares.

    Excellent recap.

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    Judd tries to defuse the situation and Jamie walks away muttering. Judd privately says he thinks Jamie is psychologically losing it.
    When it's Judd saying your nuts, that's not a good sign.

    Terrific recap!

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    That was great, Dinahann!
    It was me. I let the dogs out.

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