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Thread: What should Gary and Danni do?

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    I think we will have to agree to disagree. You could tell Steph didn't want to go along with them....but I think she was worried about what they would do if she said "nope not going to happen".

    And Judd is the LAST person on that island who I would listen to as far as how the game should be played or having any smarts as to strategy.

    But I could be wrong with my assessments on these two....have been wrong before.

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    Judd has never been a target. It used to be because he was strong. Now his strength is potentially threatening, but that threat is outweighed by the usefulness of his dumbness. Because of his lack of his intelligence, everyone knows he's the EASIEST to manipulate.

    However, the danger to the remainers is that he stays one week too long, and ends up winning the immunity challenges near the end (due to his strength) and automatically gets into the final 2. That's what happened a couple seasons ago with Colby and that middle-aged lady. Colby was allowed to stay one week too long, and from then-on-out he won every immunity challenge and thus couldn't be booted.

    The trick for this season's contestants is to maximize Judd's usefulness as a sheep, but kick him out at exactly the right time before he dominates the last few challenges.

    Judd is going to win any challenge that has to do with strength and any challenge that has to do with mind-power. The challenges he can't win are those that deal with balance or flexibility.

    How late is too late to boot Judd? It all depends on what the last 4 immunity challenges are.

    The producers can control the outcome.

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    Quote Originally Posted by fireflyer
    Colby was allowed to stay one week too long, and from then-on-out he won every immunity challenge and thus couldn't be booted.
    No. Yes, Colby won enough immunity challenges to go to the very end, but he was never a target anyway. In pre-merge Australia, Ogakor split into two alliances; Colby was on the one that prevailed. In post-merge Australia, Barramundia was split into two opposing alliances; Colby was on the one that prevailed. Nobody really thought, "We should boot the strong guys before they begin to dominate challenges." Strategic thinking amounted to alliance hierarchy, and Colby was in the best position in his alliance. He could have thrown those challenges and still made it as far as he did. The fact that he dominated every single one of them simply made his ride that much easier (and gave him that much more freedom to attempt to win jury votes from people like Amber).

    Quote Originally Posted by fireflyer
    Judd is going to win any challenge that has to do with mind-power.
    Again, no. I can understand how you came about this assessment; the first individual immunity challenge (Ep. 6) showed Judd help Rafe by telling him the solution to the word scramble. What you can't see unless you're paying really close attention is that Rafe was already almost finished. IIRC, Rafe had "ANNTIEC RUIN" spelled out when Judd whispered, "Ancient Ruin." Rafe would have only needed a couple more seconds to figure it out. Word scrambles like that simply need the right initial glance to be finished quickly, and Judd had that. It doesn't mean he excels at brain-power challenges. If I had to guess, Judd would be one of the worst at those. I'll give him brute strength, but I'm not that quick to crown him the king of puzzle-solving.

    Quote Originally Posted by vanillalatte
    But this would all hinge on Gary convincing Judd to join him and them getting rid of Stephanie NOW.
    And the problem with this plan is that Gary would only come off as desperate, especially with Judd. Judd's just not the kind of guy you could approach like that; he would go running off to tell Stephenie the first chance he got. If Gary was really smooth, maybe he could plant some seeds of distrust so that Judd could believe he came up with his own "boot Stephenie" plan. Otherwise, Gary will simply end up playing too hard (something Jamie had already caught on to before his boot), and that would result in a quicker vote.
    Of course, I have a feeling Gary's really gonna play hard next episode, so I'm sure we'll be seeing him make this kind of move anyway. I, honestly, can't see it working correctly.

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    Well, now it's just "What should Danni do?" and the answer is "desperately throw sh@t at Lydia to make sure the others ditch her next week, followed by winning immunity over and over and over again after that. That little is about all she can do.

    She could try and point out to the others what a threat Rafe is, but I don't think they are listening. She could also work on dividing Judd a bit from the others (either turning them against him because he's a liar, or MAKING him feel alienated enough to argue with them and thus paint a target on his own back), but again that's not likely to work enough to save her--at best it will probably only put him on the outs with the others once she's gone.

    To change things up, since Lydia is now the other "outcast" perhaps we could talk about what she can do. The way I see it... not much. She's useless in any challenge and isn't likely to go the immunity route. She might try to play for second place by aligning with someone she convinces that no jury would vote for her, since although she is somewhat "liked", she's definitely NOT respected. Someone like Steph might fall for that logic, except well... I think Steph is somewhat disgusted by Lydia.

    Certainly I don't see any kind of Danni/Lydia alliance, because it would be useless without a third person--which they will never get. The only "winning" game for an outcast now is the decoy game.
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