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Thread: 11/10 Recap: The Misadventures of Sir Pukes-A-Lot and His Big Lying Mouth

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    11/10 Recap: The Misadventures of Sir Pukes-A-Lot and His Big Lying Mouth

    Last week on Survivor, America sat on the edge of its seat, crossing its fingers and hoping Jamie would be sent home. Or was that just me? Alas, it was not to be. For although he had managed to annoy everyone, including the members of his alliance, the old members of Nakum stuck with their plan and sent Brandon back to the farm.

    With the last non-jury member voted out, the Survivors return to their camp. Jamie, obviously shocked to see so many votes against him, whines that Bobby Jon hurt his feelings by referring to him as “having no class”. Yep - the truth hurts, don’t it, bud? Rafe encourages Jamie to put it behind him – they are all one tribe now and tomorrow is a new day. Bobby Jon semi-apologizes to Jamie but maintains that he felt that way at the time. Everyone encourages Jamie to just get over it, and Bobby Jon offers him his hand as a gesture of a truce. They shake and it seems that they are willing to put it behind them.

    The tribemates awake to the sound of Lydia preparing breakfast. Jamie looks severely irritated and covers his face. The majority alliance, particularly Judd, Jamie, and Stephenie, sit around gloating over their secure place in the game, while Gary, Danni, and Bobby Jon look uneasy as they ponder their fate. The know that they are in trouble, as Jamie has made the pecking order very clear, and they each go off to wander in the woods to look for the immunity idol – their only good chance at saving their own butts.

    The tribe heads off to the reward challenge, where they find Jeff Probst waiting for them beside an enormous target laid out on the ground. The news that they will be playing for a food reward is greeted with glee. Everyone will eat, but their meals will depend on their placement in the challenge. Jeff explains that each person in turn will be given one arrow that they will throw towards the center of the target. The person whose arrow hits closest to the bull’s-eye will receive the best meal, steak and lobster (gasps and drooling mouths abound), and the others will receive meals of lesser degrees in accordance with the proximity of their arrow to the target. In addition to winning the coveted luxury meal, the winner of the challenge will also receive a clue to the whereabouts of the immunity idol. Worth playing for? Heck yeah, Jeff. Duh.

    Judd is first in line and makes a good throw, landing his arrow in a pretty good position. Bobby Jon is next and doesn’t do so well, but for the time being, stands in second place next to Judd. Rafe takes his turn and bumps Bobby Jon out of second place. Cindy takes second place and bumps Rafe to third place. Lydia’s shot is a bust and lands her clearly in last place. Danni makes a good throw and gets ahead of Rafe, moving into third place behind Cindy. Gary’s shot takes him to fourth place, but he is bumped down to fifth after Stephenie’s shot earns her the fourth place position. Jamie is last to take his turn and fails to knock Judd out of the winner’s position. They all congratulate Judd begrudgingly and Jeff tells Jamie that his shot earned him the fourth place meal. Instead of moving into position and knocking everyone after him down one notch, Jamie says that to show his remorse for his bad behavior the previous day, he’d like to take the last position meal, and allow the others to have the better meals. This is a gracious move on his part, and earns him applause and the favor of those who had to suffer the previous day watching him stuff his face and gloat while they starved, balancing pots on their heads for immunity. One can see the gratitude in their faces and it seems that this was a good move for Jamie to get in better with his tribe.

    The Survivors arrive at a hut where a long table has been set up for them. One small table sits by itself, facing the long table. Judd is seated at the individual table. As the winner of the challenge, he will sit apart from the others and they will have to watch him eat his steak and lobster dinner. Winning a challenge like this is a double-edged sword; while the reward is magnificent, the winner also earns the resentment of those who receive smaller, less luxurious meals and have to watch the winner enjoy his feast.

    Dinner is served…

    Judd receives steak and lobster.
    Cindy receives a generous serving of roasted chicken and vegetables.
    Danni gets a heaping plate of spaghetti with meat sauce and looks like she will die from excitement over the prospect of eating meat.
    Stephenie’s dinner is a burger. Jeff reminds Jamie that this would have been his meal, and Jamie replies, “Nothing tastes better than my self-respect”.
    Gary receives a slice of pizza.
    Rafe is pleased to see a ham and cheese sandwich on his plate.
    Bobby Jon gets a baked potato.
    Lydia says she feels she doesn’t deserve a meal, even if it is a cracker. Her meal is served – a fish. The tribe chuckles over the irony that the fishmonger received a fish. Lydia reiterates that she doesn’t deserve it (having gotten last place) and looks at Jamie thankfully with tears in her eyes.
    Jamie is last to receive his meal, a small bowl of nuts and a glass of water from their lake. He tries to make the best of it.

    Before they begin to eat, Jeff tells Judd that as the winner, he may invite one or two people to dine with him, and if he wishes, share his food. All three will be entitled to open bar and dessert as well. The tribemates at the big table are not permitted to share with each other. Judd says it is a tough choice and invites Bobby Jon and Stephenie. Jeff presents Judd with his reward clue and everyone eats. Judd makes the most of his open bar, ordering numerous drinks for himself and Stephenie. Bobby Jon is very aware of the eyes of the others on them as they eat and tries to conduct himself with decorum. Gary in particular seems disgusted by Judd’s increasing intoxication and gluttonous behavior.

    On the way back to camp, Judd, Bobby Jon, and Stephenie are feeling the effects of the liquor as they stumble around smoking cigars and carrying on. Bobby Jon decides to drag a large stump back to camp and the others try to keep him and Judd from hurting themselves as they try to carry the huge log. They give up the effort and go back to camp.

    Morning greets the Survivors with the stench of vomit. King Judd, in his drunkenness, has puked in the shelter during the night. Brilliant. As if their conditions weren’t harsh enough. Judd maintains that it is all news to him as he can’t remember doing it. Ya gotta love this guy. Not.

    With the new clue in his possession, Judd struggles with keeping the secret and reads it to Stephenie. The clue basically states that the idol is neither buried nor concealed, and is not directly on the ground. Stephenie is thrilled that Judd is spilling the beans to her, but doesn’t want the others to see him reading it to her. In another act of brilliance, Judd goes to the rest of the group and tells them that while he doesn’t want to give away the whole clue, he will share the information that the idol is definitely on the ground. I find it hard to believe that anyone would think he was being truthful – the lie seems so obvious, but maybe I’m wrong. They all thank him for the info, but surely they must be wondering why he would give up his advantage by sharing the clue.

    Gary is worried about his position in the game and pulls Jamie aside. He wants Jamie to know that he is on his side and tells him, “I am definitely voting with you tonight.” In confessional, Gary says he talked to Jamie because he didn’t want to give him any other reasons to be angry with him. Well, Gary’s plan backfires in a huge way, because Jamie hears Gary as saying, “I am definitely voting for you tonight.” Aaagh! Not good for Gary. Rather than question him, Jamie says nothing and goes to the others to tell them what Gary said. Stephenie is perplexed that Gary would say such a thing, and asks Jamie if he is sure, which he maintains he is. Before long, Jamie has convinced that Gary should be next in line to be voted off. The others seem to accept the idea, and Stephenie says she will definitely go along with it.

    Tree mail arrives, indicating that the immunity challenge will be one involving balance. Gary immediately begins practicing, walking back and forth on the edge of one of the ruins. Jamie is paranoid that his tribe is after him and continues to press them to be honest with him, as he has been with them.

    Arriving at the immunity challenge, Gary reluctantly removes the immunity necklace and returns it to Jeff. The challenge consists of three round of various balancing challenges. In the first round, the Surviors must cross a beam and untie two wooden planks that they carry with them to the other side. As usual, if they fall, they must return to the beginning and start over. Steph, Gary, Jamie, and Rafe are the first four to finish and advance to round two. Using the planks from round one, they must balance the boards across two ropes and use them as steps to cross the next section. Rafe and Jamie arrive first and second and move to the final round. In this last portion of the challenge, they must cross a double rope that is suspended over water. Jamie hardly falters, while Rafe has some close calls and eventually flips over into the water, unable to regain his balance. Jamie arrives at the platform and wins immunity.

    Back at camp, various small factions of people discuss the vote. Gary asks Steph if he can still trust her to tell him if he is being voted off. She says yes, that if she knows for sure, she will let him know. Basically, she lies to him, having already agreed to vote against him. Gary knows that he can’t really trust anyone who tells him he is not going home, although he hopes they are telling the truth. Meanwhile, Jamie and Judd assure Bobby Jon that he is not going home at this time. Bobby Jon has no choice really but to trust what he is being told as well. He, Danni, and Gary sit together and joke that at least one of them will be eating well that night. The three of them know that one of them is the target although they don’t know which one.

    Not ready to give up quite yet, Gary decides to go look for the immunity idol one last time. Steph and Rafe muse that it would really be amazing if Gary found it, being that his head is on the block. Hmmm, foreshadowing, anyone? Walking stealthily through the jungle, Gary spies Judd searching for the idol, staring up into the trees. Judd’s lie comes back to haunt him as I knew it would. In a confessional, Gary says that is was obvious to him that Judd was lying about the clue. If he were so certain that the idol was on the ground, why would he be looking in the trees?

    The tribe heads off to Tribal Council. Jeff questions Danni and Rafe about trust and paranoia. Both agree that they are part of the game, although it can be uncomfortable wondering if people are scheming against you. He asks Gary if it is morally acceptable to lie in this game. Gary answers that each person has to decide for him/herself how he/she wants to play, and that there is no rule that says you can’t lie. Jeff asks him directly if he has told any lies, and he says he hasn’t. *cough* yeah right, football man *cough* Jeff then asks Judd if he has told any lies. Judd eyes bug out and he says, no, not yet, anyway. Stephenie smiles knowingly. Cindy says that she trusts the others more than she imagined she would, but that she doesn’t believe it is possible to finish the game without lying to someone at some point, and she feels that they will all be liars by the time all is said and done.

    It is time to vote. Jeff reminds them that they cannot vote for Jamie, who is wearing the immunity necklace. He then states that if anyone has found the idol and wants to use it, they should step forward. A moment passes before Gary stands and whips the immunity idol out of his bag and walks over to present it to Jeff. All are surprised by this revelation, and somewhat shaken, as their plan has just changed. Jeff congratulates Gary and reminds everyone that they cannot discuss amongst themselves and must vote right away.

    We see that Jamie votes for Booby Jon, saying he is sorry. Bobby Jon votes for Steph, as does Danni. Stephenie votes for Bobby Jon.

    When all have voted, Jeff reveals the votes, as follows:

    1st vote - Steph
    2nd vote - Steph
    3rd vote - Cindy
    4th vote - Bobby Jon
    5th vote - Bobby Jon
    6th vote - Bobby Jon
    7th vote - Bobby Jon
    8th vote - Bobby Jon

    And with that, the southern boy’s second stint on Survivor comes to an end. He exits with class, thanking Jeff and wishing good luck to the others.

    Next time on Survivor: Survivors wallow in the mud and Jamie’s paranoia strikes deeper. And someone lies, I’m sure of it. You can take that to the bank.

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    Quote Originally Posted by oneTVslave
    Well, Gary’s plan backfires in a huge way, because Jamie hears Gary as saying, “I am definitely voting for you tonight.”
    Good to see that someone else took that as Jamie mishearing what Gary said, instead of thinking that Jamie lied about it to his alliance. The more times I watch that little exchange, the more sure I am that Gary's mumble was taken by Jamie to mean the opposite of what Gary meant.

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    It's kind of embarassing, but I never considered that Jamie misheard. That DOES make more sense than Jamie lying about it - because for Jamie that was a really stupid lie.
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    I also think Jamie misheard Gary. Steph herself said the boy's not all there!

    Great recap, OTS!
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    Great recap, OTiS!

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    Great Job!!!

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    Terrific recap!

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    Great job, OTiS.
    Before we begin, what are the parameters of the guessing game? How many guesses do I get? Is there a time limit?

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    Great recap!! Thanks!

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    Bravo to oneTVslave from another. Great job!
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