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Thread: Survivors, TAR and an Apprentice

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    Survivors, TAR and an Apprentice

    I had a really pleasant surprise today. My husband and I took our children to Chocolate World in Hershey, PA . As I am walking through an area of Chocolate World carrying a tray of pizza's and searching for my family who do I see but Richard Hatch from Survivor. I look at him and say his name. He smiles. I stop and start to talk with him shaking his hand. I have yet to notice the group of people he is with. As I do I see Tina Wesson from Survivor. She is beautiful in person and there with her son. Next was Lex who is so personable and genuine followed by Big Tom who was exhausted from the days events but wearing his bib overalls. In the middle of the group was Christy from the Apprentice who was just eliminated two weeks ago. Her team mates said she was bossy and we talked about that. Finally I met a black couple from TAR but I don't remember their names and I am probably the only one who has never seen an episode of TAR. It was so exciting. I gave them all hugs and kisses and we shared about 10 minutes of laughs. Richard Hatch told me they where all there to help out Ethan Zohn with his soccer program. Ethan was around but I never did see or meet him nor do I know if anyone else from these shows were there because I didn't think to ask. These folks were so friendly I could have talked with them all day if they would let me. We parted ways with me smiling and still holding a tray of pizzas - now cold.

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    That's cool. I wonder if the black couple was the black's from TAR's family edition.

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    I think it might've been Chip and Kim or Uchenna and Joyce

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