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Thread: Mayan Meanderings Episode 8 (11/3) - Loose Lips May Cause Flips

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    I see Steph as the player with the most power. In two steps she can all but take control of the game. This week she must ensure that Bobby John goes, while also promising the meek revenge on the bullies. Then immediatly after TC, before anyone can beat her to it, she must lead the revolt; rallying Raffe, Lydia, and probably Gary for two TC's in a row that eliminate Jamie and Judd. She should easily be able manipulte the loyalty of those 3 to get her into the top 4. She does have an alternative, which is aiming to take one of these dirt balls into the F2, but that will be fraught with risk as she will be guilty by association.

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    Whoa billyflynn. If Steph pulls that off, she'll have my respect like never before.

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    Honestly, after last week's episode "the axis of evil" has no member worthy of respect. Rafe, Cindy, Judd and Steph lied directly to Gary, BJ and Danni. While an a--, Jamie was at least honest. It pains me to see one of those six win the million, I am hoping for Gary or Danni to pull a "Chris" and win it all!

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