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Thread: Survivor 11: Who will win?

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    If I was on the jury and had to vote RIGHT NOW ... it would be Brandon.

    I think it definitely will NOT be Gary.

    Since last week I would have voted for Amy ... I reserve the right to change my mind again next week.
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    With the merge, any healthy male will be the next few boots. They'd probably get rid of the likeable ones first, Brandon, BJ. Then get rid of the unlikeable ones, leaving the women and weaker ones for F6. It just makes sense to get rid of the biggest threats first. An obnoxious Judd is not as big a threat as a very likeable Brandon. There's always that worry about an immunity run, so they will get rid of them while they can rather than risk facing them in F2 if that happens.

    I liked Lydia's postive attitude, but not so much how she is playing. She was on the chopping block the first 3 TC so she had to scramble a bit, which I was glad to see. She's a little stronger than I first thought, though she is not any kind of force at all. She's been almost invisible ever since TC3. I'd love to see her do something and take control of her destiny soon, shake things up

    I'm very "meh" about Rafe. The guy is so far under the radar he could phone in his game play. The only scary moment he has had so far was being stuck between Margaret and Judd at TC. Wish he would start doing something, anything at all to let us know he is in Guatemala and on Survivor.

    I still want Danni for a winner but it's not gonna happen.

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    At this point, it's still pretty hard to tell, but if I had to choose a couple I think:

    Rafe, Cindy, Brandon, or Danni.

    Steph and BobbyJon won't win. They just won't, they'll vote them out because they had a chance before.
    Judd has a huge target on him.
    Lydia will be the sad one out. We'll be sad that she left, but I don't see a winner in her.
    Gary and Jamie both are physically strong and will be voted out soon, if not next.

    Rafe - I can see him getting to the end, he's not too strong or weak, just average. Likeable guy too.
    Cindy - Same as Rafe, pretty much.
    Brandon/Danni - Both aren't exceptionally great, I'd say that Brandon has a better chance than Danni, just a hunch.

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    steph or gary.

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    Final three = Cyndi, Danni & Rafe

    I can't guess who of these 3 would win, though; I think we are too far out from having any reasonable inkling...so much depends on how crummy the final players behave. So far, we haven't seen anything bad from Danni & Rafe and only a smidgen of grumpiness from Cyndi when she didn't want to visit the other team last week.

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    With the merge, any healthy male will be the next few boots.
    Logically, yes, but we've seen time and time again where they keep the physical threats around, sometimes for the numbers, sometimes for no reason at all (Palau). One strong male almost always reaches the final three, with the exception of Marquesas (where everyone toward the end was weak) and Vanuatu (where they threw the whole concept of team strength out the window and the strong didn't even make the merge). Typically, though, they do end up booting at least one of the physical threats shortly after merge. If I have to pick, I'm thinking Brandon. The one long-term ally he had can't trust him any more after the last tribal council.

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    I think Brandon and Bobby Jon might be the new Brian and Clay. It would be a tight vote between the two, I don't know which one would win. I'd say Brandon, but the jury could see Bobby Jon as having more than paid his dues. I think Danni and Gary are spots three and four in that order.
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    I am wishing in would be Danni and Brandon. I do agree that it is a good stratagy to go after the stronger ones after a merge....but I am really praying that they get sick of Jedd quickly and oust him.
    Do all the survivors left after the merge get on the jury. I thought I remembered that the first one voted off after the merge is not on the jury. Correct me if I am wrong. Just wondering.

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    I hope my fave Brandon wins, but that usually means the person I least want to see win, will (Steph).

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    For me, I 'd be happy with anyone winning as long as it's not Stephenie, Judd or Jamie. But I'm really hoping for a Brandon or Danni win, with Lydia and Rafe being in that second tier.

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