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Thread: Show Discussion 10/27 **SPOILERS**

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    Quote Originally Posted by Siso
    You're right, i was referring to the part in your earlier post where you say Cindy knew she was going home if Nakum lost tonight. I think Lydia would have went home had they lost. They wouldn't have known if they were merging or not.
    It might have been Lydia if Nakum had lost. What I should have said is that Cindy thought she was going home if Nakum went to TC or at least it seemed that way to me.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Mariner
    It might have been Lydia if Nakum had lost. What I should have said is that Cindy thought she was going home if Nakum went to TC or at least it seemed that way to me.
    No, i totally understand.

    Anyways Cindy's strategy is really confusing me at this point, i don't know if she's doing herself a favour by sticking with the current members of Nakum. I wonder how her relationship with Danni and Brandon were like.

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    I think Danni inviting the other tribe over was both being nice and strategy. She probably thought it was near the merger (how right she was), and even if they're not talking strategy, it was an invaluable look into the other tribe's dynamics - who seems to be in charge, who's low on the totem pole... it was pretty clever, no matter how you look at it.

    Of course, for Steph and company, it was the same deal as well. They also had a chance to look the other tribe over. Jamie has bought into the whole tribe thing a little too much in my opinion. His logic that he didn't want to socialize with the people they would have to beat (or something along those lines) was, well, rubbish. Reality check: he has to beat everyone there if he wants to win the million dollars. He's not thinking for the long term, and I'm not convinced he has a really strong alliance.

    I think this episode set up a really interesting post-merge scenario. There may well be more votes out there that aren't committed to their own alliance. Cindy - who knows who she'll vote for. Jamie may well be an open question, too. Danni is, for now, with Brandon and Bobby Jon, but may flip if someone offers her a better deal. It really will be a free-for-all come merge time.

    Terrific episode, except maybe for the unneccessary exposed flesh.

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    About the choice of thee Nakum campsite ... Jeff definitely said all of their personal belongings and their rewards had been relocated. I also remember reading in that TV guide interview that Jeff said it was the "better" camp because it has more shade, better wind block, and a sense of flat ground.

    I am really sad to see Amy go ... and at this point I think Gary is a real puke. I just don't like the guy or the way he plays the game.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Krom
    It wasn't nice. It was strategery!

    Not that I don't like her. I just want to like her more for being clever than for being a sap.

    LOL! I totally agree.

    I was sad to see they didn't vote out Bobby Jon although he is pretty entertaining with his temper. I always count on these survivors watching the previous episodes like I do and making WISE decisions for THEIR own PERSONAL game, but it never turns out that way.

    oh well.
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    I was sorry to see Amy go. She had a great spirit and she was always honest. I think Gary did what he had to do. I don't have any issues with him although it seems silly that he keeps denying he was a pro-football player. Danni is slowly growing on me each ep. My fervent hope is that Danni, Brandon, Gary, Rafe or BJ(!) win Survivor. The rest of the cast I cannot stand!!! Steph because she's too annoying (and yes I thought that last year-her "why me" attitude ) Judd and Jamie are jerks, Lydia and Cindy are just fodder to me.

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    I hate that Amy is gone! She was my second favorite Survivor player of all time (can anyone beat that hunky Ethan?)!

    And I'm still in the camp of believing that Steph and BJ have no business being back in this game and I don't understand why they haven't been voted out long before some of these other players. Do overs just shouldn't be allowed in Survivor!

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    IF, Danni/Gary made it to the F2, I could easily see Danni out him there, to show he doesn't "need" the money. She would have the details to get others to believe her.
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    I thought it was a great ep. And I Nakum just made me want to smack them upside their stupid heads when Yaxha was calling them from the dock. "Should we go?" Uh, yeah stupids. At this point they had no idea why they were being called by Yaxha (it could've been a Survivor thing). I thought it was really nice (no matter the reason) for Yaxha to invite them and as most of you noted Nakum had no problem eating the chocolate. Jamie I'm unsure about, it certainly wouldn't have hurt him to be a bit more social. I think the reason BJ wants to be on the Jury is that he knows they won't allow him to be part of the final two. If he can make it on his own, then great, but BJ also knows his strengths and weaknesses and knows it would be hard for him to pull a Tom and win the majority of immunities. I can NOT stand Judd. I hope to high heaven he doesn't win immunity next week, ticks enough people off and they vote his sorry butt out. Now is the time to start kicking out the strong, both mentally and physically. We'll see I guess.

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    I have to agree that the attitude of someone like Jamie at the party could hurt him in the long run. Coming off as cold and aloof could easily put him on the outside as alliances shift. On the other hand players like Judd and Bobby Jon have their detractors too and Jamie's attitude could be less of a liability.

    Overall I liked the party idea. Danni and the others were able to force the hand of Nakum in a way, showing who would easily assimilate and who would stay more to the outside. It gave those who were paying attention a bit of a head start with the impending merge.

    Cindy has really kicked it up a few notches in the challenges. She's likely to become a swing voter and a couple of IC wins could get her to the final 4.

    The merge should be interesting. There are enough differences of personality and opinion to supply a few arguments, and there are several players who need to do some scheming in order to improve their standing.
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