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Thread: Who is your winner right now?

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    As long as it's not Bobby Jon or Judd, it really doesn't matter. If either of them win, I will throw my tv out the window.
    Though Danni is growing on me and still a big Step fan.

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    My number one pick to win is still the man-kissing Mormon, Rafe (Yay!)

    And then in order from "most" to "least" hoping that they'll win:

    2) Amy (yeah, like that's gonna happen)
    3) Lydia
    4) Cindy
    5) Danni
    6) Stephenie
    7) Brandon
    8) Jamie
    9) Bobby Jon
    10) Gary
    11) Judd

    And yes I'm fully aware that it's one guy followed by ALL the women and then ALL the other guys...but that's how I see things right now.

    Rafe + Stephen = True Love

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    Lydia, Danni, or Stephanie.

    I don't know if I want a guy to win this time, maybe Jamie?! I do know that i DON'T want Judd or Bobby Jon to win. I was just thinking, what if Bobby Jon left last week. He would've done worse than he did in Pulau haha - I wonder if him or Steph will do better or worse than last time?

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    Danni or Rafe must win. They are my favourites. Which all but dooms them to failure.

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    In my opinion, the ones who are winners to me are:

    1. Danni

    2. Cindy

    3. Rafe

    4. Steph

    5. BobbyJon.

    Jamie & Judd are not in my list because I feel that they do not deserve to win at all.

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    Still rooting for Rafe.

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    I am like many others in here, I have a favorite or two but more than anything it is people I don't want to won. Unfortunate for survivor this year, not really a season of people to cheer for, just against.
    Don't want to see again, ever, or to get kicked off in an apprentice style mass booting:
    Jamie, Judd, and Stephanie.

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    My favorites were Brandon and Amy. I admired Amy for sticking it out while injured, without complaint. Brandon was a strong competitor and deserved to go much further in the game than he did.

    This is my first year to watch Survivor, and I'm just picking up on the nuances as I go. I don't really understand all the strategy but it seems unfair that some of the weaker players hang on and have a better chance of winning than the gutsy, strong ones.

    Having not seen the earlier shows, I like Bobby Jon. I understand that he and Stephenie already had a chance, though, so it doesn't seem fair that they should get to compete again.

    I really don't have a favorite at this point, but Gary and Lydia are probably my least favorite, along with Stephenie. I'm tired of hearing her complain. Judd is good for comic value, and I can see him being a loyal husband and father, but maybe not everyone else's cup of tea. Jamie is just a horse's ass. He's not a southern gentleman in my opinion, because a southern gentleman would never heckle or try to intimidate others.

    So, by default I guess my new favorites are Danni because she doesn't like Jamie, and she treated Brandon well, and Rafe because he has a conscience. I don't think those are strong endorsements, but it's the best I can come up with.

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    I think Gary wins.

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    Since Brandon's gone , I still like Lydia the best, followed closely by Cindy--I think Cindy has the better chance to win, but I doubt either of them actually will. I can't even figure out who I think has the best chance at this point. I definately do NOT want Jamie, Bobby Jon, Stephanie, or Gary to win. I'm not real crazy about Judd either, but I could see him winning.
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