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Thread: "Survivors Strike Back"

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    "Survivors Strike Back"

    I don't know if any of you watch Big Brother, but there was something similar to this called "Revenge of the Houseguests"

    Surivors Strike Back is where former survivors post on a blog opinions and discuss the show on the site. http://www.cbs.com/primetime/survivo...strikeback.php

    The survivors posting here are

    Rob M, Kathy, Jon, Ethan, James, Coby, Jenna, Scout, Katie, Ian, and “Ralph”

    Ralph’s identity is a mystery, but the bio is that of the character Ralph from the book Lord of the Flies.

    Any thoughts?

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    I LOVE the blogs! It is great to get their perspective. Rob C. and Ethan are the funniest, I think. Kathy is the most insightful. Jenna sounds pretty much like she does on S-Live (and really, why wouldn't she ). Scout posts the longest blogs, Ian, Coby and Katie are all as sarcastic as they were in Palau, except Ian still comes off like a good guy. Katie? She sounds bitter to me...not too nice to Steph (though granted, Steph has earned most of it). The only blogger that doesn't make as many appearances as I wish he would is James (Palau). He's funny! Coby really laid into Steph this week for her comment about Bobby Jon acting "so gay".

    As for "Ralph"...I haven't the foggiest , but my guess would be Ricahrd Hatch!
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    Yeah it is great And I'm loving how most of the survivors are pounding on Stephanie...Glad that they share the same sentiments
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    Thats for the link Estquer, those blogs are hilarious!

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    Ian's personality through this blog has surprised me more than anyone else's. The bumbling, integrity-seeking, poor liar that was depicted by him during his time in Palau simply does not come across in "Survivors Strike Back." Instead, I'm seeing more dry wit and biting sarcasm than I saw from him on the island. It actually makes him much more interesting.

    Katie is not impressing me at all, and I still can't understand how she convinced the likes of Ian to develop such a close relationship with her. I've always had the feeling Tom drug her along because he had to, but there's none of that charisma that I've heard about from her fellow tribemates shining through.

    Scout displays her "motivational speaker" side, and also shows that she doesn't have the best grasp on the game. She certainly understands people under normal circumstances, but I think Survivor brought forth different kind of situations that she doesn't fully understand.

    The rest really haven't made an impact on me, though I'm curious to hear what Cesternino and Fairplay really have to say about the going-ons. Hopefully we'll see a little more blogging from them in the future.

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