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Thread: Is the Editing going too far this time?

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    Didn't Jeff say that after they either hit a target or step out, they cannot throw again. Maybe that's kept them there longer. It's not cool for the show to edit it in a way that only made Judd look stubborn. You pick a player you like based on what you see, and if we're shown a skewed view, then that is just not cool. This is disappointing.
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    They can't very well maintain the illusion that Steph is the strongest and most competitive woman survivor in history and then show Danni totally smoking her. It really diminishes Danni's efforts and accomplishments though, it also makes it look like Judd was the sole reason for his tribes losing the competiton. Another illusion would go out the window if it showed Steph was a major part of her tribe losing instead of her being given another chance because she "couldn't get a break" the first time around.

    I think she will go far this time becasue of the really favorable editing she is getting. Let's face it, it would be a boon to have the fan favorite actually win it. They tried with Rupert but Romber put the kibosh on that. Looks like they are grooming her for it. It really would be a feather in their cap to make her look as good as they possibly can to "persevere and overcome" so much if she won, when she really didn't.

    As far as it being sour grapes for Brook, i don't think it is. Its not a he said/she said thing. All her tribemates saw the same thing. The only way is if the next tribemate of hers is asked that question point blank. Hopefully there will be an interviewer that will do that. Jeff won't do it in the finale and CBS sure won't, they don't want to draw any attention that someone is getting favorable treatment, it would really hurt the shows credibility.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Dogbat
    We already know Steph is a fierce competitor, hard headed and major strategist. We didnt need to see her throw 30 times to get the picture.
    I wouldn't say major strategist, I can't remember her doing much before this last episode.
    And, why did they choose to show Judd throwing a bunch of times? It seems like MB is trying to get us to view them in a certain way, maybe to justify his bringing her back. If she doesn't win, maybe they'll even have another million dollar charity show so they can give her a check.

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    I understand that the editing is shady at times and always has been. I guess what bothers me the most about this time is that we had two competitors that performed the same way in the same circumstance and one was painted one way while the other was painted another way. That's what bugs me about it.
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    I gotta go with sour grapes as well. Also, if they're trying to edit Steph favorably, they're doing a bad job of it. They certainly would not have shown Jeff's TC question to her. We're all thinking it already, but why bring it to the table like that and let us know just how bad she's done? Even if they want to paint her as the underdog again.

    It seemed to me Steph was the reason they had such a big lead to begin with.

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    While I do believe Brooke, I also think she may be laying it on a little thick. Seeing as how tough Jeff has been at TC's over the past few seasons, it wouldn't surprise me at all for him to come right out and accuse Judd or Steph of losing the challenge and asking them if they considered themselves weak or deserved to go. I'd also have to agree with those who are saying if they want Steph to be the strong female athlete why show Danni kicking her butt? I thought last season Steph was one of the strongest people this show has ever seen, male or female, but not after seeing her this season. And if the producers are trying to keep her a fan fave, they need to hire new editors, seeing as how most people who had a favorable view of her last time seem to have a negative take on her this time.

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    I think that Jeff's (very appropriate) calling out of Steph at TC shows that she isn't getting the "good" edit, just a lot of camera time, as is Judd, the other thrower who took a while, according to Brooke. I am not on the Steph bandwagon, as some know, but I suspect Brooke is adding a little to the story.
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    I got to go with Brooke with this...Its pretty obvious CBS is trying to keep Steph as the fan favorite this time around, since she was so popular the first time around and chose to make Judd the scapegoat out of all these since he aint really liked by many after getting rid of Brooke.
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    Brooke said that Steph took 30 attempts, but I'm guessing by the nice round number that she's exagerating. Steph must have taken a fair few shots to allow Yaxha to close, but I find it extremely hard to believe that she managed 30 attempts before Brian started. I'm thinking 8... 10... maximum.

    Brooke I'm sure is more than a little bitter about the obnoxious amount of screen time Miss Steph recieved during her own short stay.

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    Quote Originally Posted by realityfan101
    I resent it, it's a misrepresentation of what happened. Is MB using it to keep Steph as a fan fave? Looks that way.
    I agree. That's the same thing producers did with Rob and Amber. It turned into the Rob and Amber show just like it's turning into the Stephenie show. I'm totally disgusted when any former contestant is brought back on any reality show. Editing to turn the show into making a star out of any former contestant is boring. It's going to bring the show down and off the air eventually.

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