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Thread: Is the Editing going too far this time?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Shady64
    I don't deny Scout road coatails at some point in the season. But she didn't get to F3 just by ridinmg coatails.
    You also have to factor in the other contestants keeping her around because they don't think she can win an IC. They know that she's no threat if it's anything physical, so they target others.

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    Nice work on the stats Cable! There's a lot to digest there...
    Quote Originally Posted by user name

    Lex was seriously sick (to the point where they were monitoring him to eliminate him) and in no shape to compete, while Ethan fell when a cameraman vomited in front of him. Tom summed it up best: "You rode me and Ethan and Lex’s coattails to get where you are."
    Argh! Its not like I'm Kim's biggest fan or anything...And I haven't done the research into the background that you and others have, but it bothers me that Tom would say that, because her vote counted just as much his did. She was just as important in their alliance for that reason. When she decided to take Ethan with her to the final TC with her, it was because she was completely aware that she didn't have the votes to win over either Lex or Ethan, so she chose who she thought should get the money. Early on when they did the first ever tribal shuffle Kim used hand signals during challenges to communicate information to her former tribemates. She was also very involved in the plan to throw a challenge to eliminate Silas. I think she did a lot to further her alliance's chances, even if Tom wouldn't acknowledge it. As much as I liked Tom, he was an awful sexist and had little respect for Kim for that reason alone. As to Kim making it to the final three on luck because of a screw up, it seems to me that Tom was eliminated due to bad luck by that screw up. Which doesn't take anything away from the amount of questions Kim got right. But I could be wrong on that. Anyway, I apologize for dwelling on ancient history here...

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    Just a thank you to the statisticians here. Lots of work !

    I still say that Jeff's comment about Stephanie beeing "arguably" the stongest woman etc., just meant that she's considered by most people to be athletic ( I'm starting to hate that word ) and comparitively strong ... period. For example, of all the women in Guatemala ... the two all-around "strongest" female competitors appear to be Stephanie and Danni.

    Maybe we need to bring back all the women and have them wrestle.

    Again, thanks for all the serious work in putting those numbers together.
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    I just listened to Survivor Live with Blake and he said that Stephanie took something like over 30 tries to hit the target and Judd took like 60 tries to hit the target...Seems that the editing was really biased huh...
    Well, I was thinking when he said, "king of the jungle," I was, like, "Well, during the first challenge you would still be lost in the jungle if Jim and I hadn't, like, led you out. - Brooke Struck on Judd

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    Quote Originally Posted by Nikki_Brandon
    and Judd took like 60 tries to hit the target...Seems that the editing was really biased huh...
    60 tries?! He should have stepped down and gave someone else a shot. Stop trying to play the hero before it backfires....and yes, that was some seriously biased editing.
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    Were there that many sticks in the basket to throw?!? Damn.

    I'm not enjoying the Stephenie show. It's always hard at the beginning of a season to get to know the new players but at least in the past we've been given the chance to try to. Blake's the first one voted off that had any sort of a storyline before his boot episode. I don't think the new players are so boring that the editors have nothing to work with so they have to show all Stephenie all time. If they were good at their job they could edit a great storyline out of even the most boring of contestants.
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    Back to the topic. The editors are all gathered and pouring over almost 100,000 hours of footage to be condensed into twelve, 40 minute episodes with breaking points so it makes sense to cut away to commercials. They know who wins, they have their ending. Now the job is to make a story with some continuity leading up to the finale. How could they portray every detail of the challenges? The point of editing the challenges is to make it look interesting and a nail biter whenever possible. They are selling drama and excitement. When this show ends we will barely remember anyone other than the final 3, especially pre jury.

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    I agree with you Dogbat, I sit back, enjoy the show, happily leaving it in the hands of the professionals. I trust they know what they're doing...and they do. The IC in question was most definately a nail-biter! It sucks to learn we were manipulated, so I hope to remain blissfully ignorant for the duration!
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