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Thread: On the Next Survivor: 10/13

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    Maybe Gary's been holding back on the athletic ability side so no one would suspect he is, in fact, that former NFL star (okay, I couldn't even type it with a straight face!) quarterback, but with the reward being so wonderful, he loses focus for a minute and blazes through the challenge with the skill and agility he displayed for Dallas, no wait, Indianapolis, no, no, he displayed it for... well, okay - with the skill and agility he's never displayed before!

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    Melsevene, that's too funny.

    I think it's Lydia who will lose it, between the rain and her numerous and consistent TC votes, she just loses it. The preview we saw of her dancing might have been shot just after she ripped everyone to shreds, like an empowered victory dance or something.

    Kacee made a very good point! It could be a man.

    I think it will be Bobby Jon blazing, especially when he learns the prize is a pool. Guatemala has brought the little boy out in Bobby Jon (turns out he was even more adorable), and he's going to want that pool! I wouldn't be a bit surprised if he whittles a ducky out of tree bark.

    The bragger? Steph or Danni...? Haven't a clue.
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