Well, we can be assured that tomorrow will bring an interesting episode, as the CBS site and other promos have confirmed that there will be a tribal shuffle of sorts. Who will end up on what tribe? How will they get there? What will be the result of it all? All we've been promised is something that "has never happened before." As to what it is, I can only speculate. Which, coincedentally, is exactly what this thread is for.

Pre-Reward Challenge
Yaxha heads back to camp in low spirits. They are on a losing streak, and Stephenie takes the oppurtunity to again point out how depressed she is to be on another tribe that can't seem to win. Her tribemates just don't have the determination she has; they don't understand how badly she needs to win ( ). Gary comments thay Yaxha doesn't have the strength Nakum has when it comes to challenges, and that may not ever change.
The next morning, we see Yaxha hanging out on the shore, discussing their losses. As Stephenie reiterates yet again how much she wants to win a challenge soon, one of the crocs pay a visit to Jamie and do a little toe-nibling. Nothing big, but it reminds everybody that going in the water is not a good idea.
Over at Nakum, people are getting fed up with each other. The howler monkey continues to howl (imagine that), and that doesn't put the tribe in good spirits by any means. Some people are getting too bosy, and some people are getting plain annoying. Judd's had enough of it all, and goes out with a few others to take a swim in water, despite the crocodiles (so we have some contrasting tribal decisions that the editing loves so much).

Reward Challenge?
The tribes head into their next challenge, cautious due to an ambiguous tree mail. They are told to take a seat. The "challenge" involves answering questions about your fellow tribemates, as well as those on the other team. By the end of it, we have people upset over being voted "most overbaring" and people happy over being voted "best work ethic." But then comes the twist. The tribes are shuffled, based on the answers that everyone gave. We get 4 Nakums heading over to Yaxha, and 3 Yaxhans heading over to Nakum. I have no idea what the tribal breakdown will be, but I'm guessing something like this (switches are in italics):
Yaxha - Gary, Amy, Lydia, Brian, Danni, Margaret, Judd, Blake
Nakum - Brandon, Bobby Jon, Brooke, Cindy, Stephenie, Jamie, Rafe

Pre-Immunity Challenge
The newly-formed tribes head back to their new camps, while getting to know each other. At Nakum, Stephenie is excited at her chance to turn things around, and loves her new tribe. She thinks she finally has a chance to win some challenges. Jamie doesn't like being thrust into a new situation like this, but he'll do what he has to do, no matter the cirumstances. Brandon was just sick of some of the old Nakum members, so he's enjoying this oppurtunity to have some new faces around camp. Rafe is happy because he has a new, happy family, and happiness makes Rafe happy.
Yaxha isn't quite as excited. Judd points out that the old Nakum members are now tied with the old Yaxhans. He's at a disadvantage, and he doesn't like it. Blake loved his old tribe, and she's not too sure that he wanted everything to change like this. Gary knows he has a new tribe to lead, and hopefully that will equate to some challenge wins for him, but he's worried that he has another losing tribe on his hands. Physically, he thinks Nakum has the upper hand (still), and he hopes the next challenge will be more than brute strength.

Immunity Challenge
The tribes arrive for the immunity challenge, which, based on the promos, involves rowing and some form of stick-throwing (an ancient Mayan game, no doubt). I'm going to cut to the chase: Yaxha actually ends up taking an early lead in the rowing portion, but they lose their lead to Nakum when it comes to the second part of the challenge, and Nakum wins immunity, sending Yaxha back to tribal council.

Pre-Tribal Council
Yaxha walks back to camp, clearly depressed. Amy is sick of losing; she did everything she could, but they just couldn't overpower the physically capable Nakum. Blake doesn't like losing, and he wishes he could be back on Nakum. Danni brings up the fact that Gary is a quarterback, but Gary continues to deny it. Lydia can't believe that Gary is lying to them. As far as she's concerned, Danni's trying to break down the old Yaxha. Amy doesn't know who to believe. If Gary's lying, she'll be pissed. But if Danni's lying, she's going down. Meanwhile, Judd continues to be annoyed with Blake, who is continuing to be nurtured by Margaret. Judd thinks that Blake isn't really helping them in challenges as much as some people realize, and his poor work ethic and complaining makes Judd want to boot him out of there. Gary ensures that Lydia and Amy are on his side, and they continue to believe his story over Danni's. Brian, however, isn't sure who to trust. Danni and Margaret do everything they can to convince him that Gary really did use to be a NFL quarterback, and Brian admits that he's starting to believe her. He has a decision to make, and he doesn't know if the possibility of Gary lying is enough to turn on his old tribe. If he sticks with the old members of Yaxha, there will be a tie. If Gary has been lying this entire time, then he deserves to go; Brian would just feel too betrayed. Blake points out that Brian is in the driver's seat. His decision could decide the fate of the tribe.

Tribal Council
Yaxha heads into TC, and Probst asks them about the challenge. Gary says their tribe simply doesn't have the physical strength in Blake, Judd, and himself to overpower Nakum. Probst, however, points out that Yaxha really lost that immunity challenge when it came to the second portion, which wasn't based on physical strength. Danni and Brian were the stars of that, not the other men. Probst asks Margaret if old tribal loyalties are coming into play in this vote, and she says that this new tribe needs to do whatever they can to trust and depend on each other as a tribe; this means that cancer needs to be cut out, and liars can't remain a part of things (Gary). Brian isn't sure how he's going to vote tonight; he has to do what is best for the tribe, and what will move him ahead in the game.
As everyone heads to vote, we see Amy voting for Blake and Danni voting for Gary. Probst reads the votes, and it is a tie (4 for Blake, and 4 for Gary). The revote also ends in a tie, and so it is time for a tiebreaker. I'm not going to speculate on what the tiebreaker is, because I really want it to be something cool and new. By the end of it, Blake loses, and is sent packing. Old Yaxha has gained control of new Yaxha, and Brian kept to his word.

Now let's see what really happens, shall we?