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Thread: Survivor: Mayan Meanderings (9/29) - Brianna's secret plan backfires

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    I don't know where to put this, but this thread seems somewhat appropriate. It occurred to me while watching last week's episode that the teams were not split up well. If they had a team captain choosing his/her team as in previous episodes, this unequal type of groupings would be explainable. But . . as the producers chose the teams, it seems that they made some glaring errors.

    The Nakum tribe has four big strong, strapping young men while Yaxha has two strong men - Gary and Jamie and two rather weak ones. Nakum has four fairly athletic women in good shape. Yaxha has Stephanie period. The cop is big and strong, but not very athletic and the other three girls are two weak little girly girls & a tiny little workhorse with zero athletic ability. It seems pretty unequal to me and because it was chosen by the producers - pretty unfair.

    To make it a little more equal, they should have put Bobby Jo on Yaxha and Steph on Nakum, but even then it would have been unequal. The only real weak link on Nakum was the old guy and he's gone.

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    What I hope he realizes is that in Survivor, sometimes the bench warmers get together behind the scenes and fire the coach.
    Oh so true. I would imagine it'll only take a few more days before the rumblings begin.

    Another fantastic analysis of the show, Bill!

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    Quote Originally Posted by aname
    I don't know where to put this
    Perhaps the episode discussion thread?

    Anyway, it has occured to me that the tribes were a bit uneven as well. Before the show even started, it seemed obvious that Nakum would dominate in challenges. I don't know what the producers were thinking. Maybe they were under the impression that Cindy, Brooke, Danni, Morgan, and Brianna were all on the same athletic level, and that Amy's pure physical strength was an extra asset for Yaxha. Maybe they thought Gary would shape up to be like Tom Westman, and that Jamie, Rafe, and Brian could hold their own against Blake, Bobby Jon, and Brandon. Maybe they just wanted to see a winner come from Nakum. I think they really set things up this season so that a strong, young woman can win the whole thing. By making Nakum a stronger team as far as challenges are concerned, they could be sure that Cindy, Brooke, or Danni would be there at the end.

    Sometimes producers make mistakes. They sure did in Marquesas (they even thought Rotu would be the weaker tribe). They made a mistake in ASS, though Lex's booting the strong men contributed to Mogo Mogo's challenge failures. They're not perfect, as they have other interests in what they want to see happen. This season, they made another mistake. But that's what tribal shuffles are for.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Bill
    Brianna’s secret strategy backfires, boring film at 11

    She thinks they aren’t as determined as she is. I honestly hope she finds a way to market that “determination”™ after the show.

    Not since the legendary Big Tom bash fest have we been treated to such a pounding. After all that, she may not even remember there is a guy named Gary in the game, let alone that he is an ex-QB.

    Pretty much agree with everything you said. Great analysis, as usual, Bill.

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    Another great job Bill.

    Here are my thoughts...

    In theory, it would appear the women of Yaxha could use a shuffle. They are down 3 to 4 in numbers. With Lydia a physically 'weak' player, and perhaps the next to go, that can't be a good thing for Steph. In fact, I believe it's likely that Brian would be more inclined to vote with the women. Especially considering his bond with Lydia.

    If there is a shuffle I'd love to see Gary and Judd on the same team. You think that howler monkey is loud? Wait till you hear the sound of these two butting heads.

    Stephanie is getting way too much camera time. Based on past Survivor editing, this bodes either very badly or very well for Steph.

    Amy's a stud. We haven't had enough camera time with her to know if her personality or ability to strategize will keep her in the game after strength becomes a liability, but I'd be surprised if she doesn't make the merge. (Numbers allowing)

    I think Brandon is just smarmy enough to either win it all or at least get to the final four.

    I'm for anything that gives Amy more camera time.

    Although Margaret was spot on with her observation/suggestion regarding the 'tent', she made a strategic error in the delivery of said message. I think Margaret's smart enough to see the folly there and not repeat the mistake again. I still see her going far.
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    Location location location....This is the 19th player in the game and I wonder if MB hasn't let it be too dominate. However, Amazon eventually became Survivor's best season, so I'm not giving up hope yet.

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    True the teams are a bit uneven. But on the other hand, the first two eps and 4 challenges Nakum had sick guys. And I mean SICK. Blake was definately a liability it seemed, but their sheer determination is what won those challenges, but had they been any less determined this game could and would have gone a very different path I think. And it does appear the challenges have been pretty close so who knows.

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    Good job, Bill. You nailed it.

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