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Thread: 9/29 Show Discussion **SPOILERS**

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    What's up with Steph editing herself in the confessional, saying it was a "cluster...thing" (or something like that) instead of the more common phrase. I guess since she's already seen herself in them she knows what CBS wants.

    I like how the tribes say they need "strength" and perhaps finally understand that it's better to put together a tribe to win the ICs than to have to decide who to vote out each time at the TC. I agree that there will be some mental challenges coming up and it will be interesting to see how the tribes will fare without the players they have booted so far. If last nights challenges showed us anything, it was the continuing theme of "teamwork". As Nakum showed when trying to build a new shelter, they are lacking a bit in that department and have been a bit lucky in squeaking out close wins so far.

    A few players seem to have heads a bit too big for the game right now (Brian, etc.). It will be interesting to see who is really in control.
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    Since Yakha has been losing IC's, my theory that Steph is a team jinx is being realized! I think that Yakha is going to get Ulonged!
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    I don't know what a pick is but I thought I heard Steph trying to explain to the girls what it was. I'm pretty sure she did, but Jeff told them they didn't get rest time or something like that. My question is, if she wanted to do somethink like that then when they were waiting for their turns they should've been talking strategy there.

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    Does anyone on this forum know what a pick is? If so please explain it to me. I am not a sports person. Thank you
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    A pick is when ....
    one teammate A, who is being blocked or guarded by an opponent B, has another teammate A crowd the blocker...hence, it is like 2 against 1. By doing this, the original teammate A can get away from the guard and get to the open. Hope that makes sense.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Meg1
    Heck..there were two things wrong with her strategy. #1. Don't use jargon...like Stargazer said. Just define the move you want them to do. #2. IMO a pick was a bad call in a full contact sport anway. She should have been urging them make cuts to try to lose their defender, as that's the primary strategy in a game like ultimate frisbee, which this game highly resembled.
    Except I've never watched ultimate frisbee, so I'll take your word for it.
    I was never that crazy about Stephenie and now I just plain don't like her. Who gives a crap what a pick is? (I'm a basketball fan and it wouldn't occur to me to use that term in that situation.) Plus, who designated her as The Girl Who Can Play Sports? From what I could see, she had no game play last night. Her only redeeming quality was a willingness to get scrappy when wrestling for the ball. The scrawny chick from the other team (was it Danni???) and Blake were the only ones who looked like they'd ever played basketball before. Actually, Danni was great.

    Most of the past challenges have absolutely nothing to do with sports - they're purely physical, involving brute strength and and swimming ability. So who gives a crap if a couple of girls didn't play high-school basketball? If I was deciding which girl to keep, I'd keep Amy over Stephenie any day.

    Oh, yeah...and if I was on a losing team AGAIN, I might consider the problem could be with me and not everyone else. Just saying.
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    Quote Originally Posted by captain
    Does anyone on this forum know what a pick is? If so please explain it to me. I am not a sports person. Thank you
    After many years of coaching basketball to girls anywhere from 8 to 18, all I can tell you is you're not alone - and at least you have the excuse of not being a sports person...

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    Quote Originally Posted by mountaingirl70
    A pick is when ....
    one teammate A, who is being blocked or guarded by an opponent B, has another teammate A crowd the blocker...hence, it is like 2 against 1. By doing this, the original teammate A can get away from the guard and get to the open. Hope that makes sense.
    That does sound like what Steph was trying to explain last night. Whether you like her or not, Stephanie is definitely a force to be reckoned with - she's strong and fiercely competitive. The only reason Danni got that goal in was because she had the advantage of being so much taller than Steph.
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    Stephanie has been borderline ulikeable so far. After awhile when the teams you are on continue to lose you have to take some responsibilty for it. She is getting way too much air time.

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    The whole "pick" thing was just an excuse. As though if the others knew what a pick was, they magically would have won the challenge. It's pretty obvious by now that this is Steph's M.O. Find an excuse and blame anyone and anything under the sun for the loss. "It's not me, I tried, it's everyone else". It's funny that she was on a physically dominant team on Palau and couldn't win. Now she is on a mentally dominant team and still can't win. How many different ways do they have to bend over backwards being on different tribes to let her win? I see a tribal shuffle coming up and the only way Steph will be on the winning side is if one tribe is a "dream team" that will win whether Steph is a part of it or not.

    I laugh at people throwing around the term "determination" when describing Steph. Determination is the guy with one leg (Chad), the deaf girl (Christy) or the really old guy (Rudy) that have a glaring disadvantage coming into the game, turn it around and make themselves an asset to their tribe worth keeping. The had a strike against them coming in and did what it takes to overcome any liability the others have percieved. Then there's the survivors that are not as physically fit as Steph and still get far in the game, giving it their all despite their lack of abilities. Steph's liability is she's a sore loser and a choke artist. Though it's been some time since I've seen some of the other seasons, i don't recall any survivor that lost as much and blamed it on everyone else but themselves and didn't do a damn thing to change it. Steph gets an A for effort for trying in the challenges, but then so do all the other 170+ survivors that have played the game before her. Just like her, they want to win to. Instead of nonstop complaining, finger pointing and self pity, she should get off her ass and do something...the way other survivors have done in the past. She's one of the worst survivors ever. What's next week? the dog at my homework, I got a flat tire and there was an earthquake?

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