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Thread: Episode 3 Predictions

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    I sense a twist coming in this episode.

    On the other hand, I think it will be either Amy or Jamie. But then again, who knows ... I might be wrong here.

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    I'm thinking Amy if it's Yaxha or Blake if it's Nakum.

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    Quote Originally Posted by RiddleMeThis
    If it is yaxha heading to tribal i don't believe it would be lydia or brinna because i believe those two will side with gary, rafe, and steph to get rid of amy!
    The problem with that is that Amy was focused on too much in the Episode 3 promos. Her injury got attention, and just for that I don't think she'll go home. Plus, she's in the majority alliance still, so she's not a target anyway. Physically, I think she could still outlast Brianna, and I think her tribe agrees.

    Quote Originally Posted by lopevian
    Jeff did say, before the start of the IC, that the winners were guarenteed at least "one more day". He doesn't say that, if he even says anything at all, he says "three more days". I smell a double TC on the horizon.
    Actually, this makes me think this is a 1-day episode. A double-boot twist has been done in the last 2 seasons, and both times it got plenty of promo hype. It makes more sense to me that this upcoming episode spans the course of one day instead of the usual three. There's only one challenge for both reward and immunity, and tribal council occurs that night. This could also be why the promos are struggling to provide any interesting events for the next episode; only so much can happen in one day.

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    Oh that's right cable101, just because they may be headed back to TC the next day doesn't mean two will then be voted off. I guess my head went there because that's how it's been done in the past. But you're right, they did play the double TC's up in the promos the last two seasons. Thanks for pointing that out!
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