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    Survivor Live

    I just realized there was no thread for Survivor Live, so I thought I should create one. For those of you who can't view the archive of last week's show with Jim Lynch, here is the transcript:

    Quote Originally Posted by Survivor Live
    Introduction Stuff
    Dalton: We've got Jim Lynch here; he's going to be taking your calls. Jim, you go into this thing and think you have a 1 in 16 chance of winning the million bucks. You walk out to this temple. You see Bobby Jon and Stephenie. Did you know who they were?
    Jim: I didn't. I couldn't even see up to the top of that pyramid.
    Jenna: My thought is, "Why in the heck is everyone so excited to see a really strong player?" I would be pissed.
    Jim: I thought, "Why are you screaming about this deal?" There are 18 of us now going for that million bucks. Come on. I was born at night, but not last night.
    Dalton: So you get these guys, one on each tribe, and you set out on this 11-mile jungle hike. You're a former marine, former fire captain. You've been through serious training. How did this stack up to that?
    Jim: It's probably one of the toughest things I've ever been through. I've been in house fires and grueling house fires. But in those house fires you get to take a little bit of a break and at least pull back. It was 95% humidity, 120 degrees and you're gonna go for 24 hours. And it was like up and down, and you could only move, like, 50 feet. We were moving Bobby Jon up and taking bearings on him. That's how thick it was.
    Jenna: He was like a human compass.
    Dalton: And it's not like you're walking on a flat road for 11 miles.
    Jim: Not only that but it's a race. You don't know what the other guys are doing, if they're on your butt. And fire is a big deal. You gotta boil the water or you can't drink it. You saw the puking.
    Jenna: A lot of puking.
    Dalton: You always hear from all the survivors that it's so much harder than it looks. You get put in what is definitely the most grueling opening.
    Jim: It's not a joke. Go to the sauna and shut the door and do jumping jacks for 24 hours. Then you can get an idea.
    Jenna: When they put survivors in a jungle situation, like mine and this one, it's so hot even when you're not in the sun. Taking 4 steps is like you walked 4 miles.
    Jim: It's not a breath of air.
    Caller: Jim, you look like Jimmy Carter. What was your strategy for winning on Survivor?
    Jim: Watch it with that Jimmy Carter stuff. When I made it through that trek, I thought I had aligned myself with my strategies because I'm a leader and I kind of fulfilled that leadership role that those kids wanted to see. It was too early to form any alliances. It wasn't happening at that point. We were trying to just survive.
    Jenna: Weren't you a little bit afraid of being a leader? Rafe said, "No one wants to be the leader because the leader always gets voted out."
    Jim: Not at all. I didn't really go into it looking for that million bucks. I went into it looking for the adventure. That's cake - gravy if I got the million bucks.
    Dalton: To win the game there's got to be deception involved. Were you prepared to do that?
    Jim: Yeah I was, if it had gotten down to that point. You know, I'm still in the tribal mode and not the individual mode.
    Jenna: Was it like that with all the tribe members? Where was the strategizing? Was there any of that going on once you got back from the hike?
    Jim: I'm sure there was.
    Jenna: Did you notice any?
    Jim: Oh, not really. We were kind of involved in getting our shelter. And Bobby Jon was a big element in helping us get the shelter and fire and that whole deal. But as far as strategizing, I don't think anybody was really into that mode. I noticed that some people would sneak around to the end of the pyramid to do their -
    Jenna: Did you know that you were going to get voted off?
    Dalton: Did you ask them to vote you off?
    Jim: No - negative. But I knew I was toast when Margaret looked at my arm, and she's a nurse practitioner, and in that respect, getting that gossip thing around, she's telling everyone, "This guy is toast. How are we going to use him in any other challenge when he's cost us this challenge?"
    Jenna: She's interesting and I feel like she's trouble because of that. You saw her with Blake, the guy who got the thorns, "He's not doing well." It's not your decision. How about you just step back and let Blake tell me if he's okay. But that may be her strategy. Tell everyone else that others are real sick and injured and then she's safe.
    Dalton: You obviously thought she was, you put her name down.
    Jim: I did put her name down but that's a whole other deal. We did the corn thing. There was seven kernels of corn - seven kernels of yellow corn, one kernel of black. That was the person that I was going to vote for. I can't vote for myself; I can't abstain. I have to vote for somebody. So we drew the corn and she lost. It used to be that the person who had the most votes - it counted against you. It doesn't anymore but you never know how they're going to change the game.
    Jenna: Dalton, what is your opinion about bringing players back into the game?
    Dalton: In theory I don't like the move because the purist in me says that if you compete once you may have an advantage because they've been through it or at a disadvantage because they stick out. But I'm sitting watching and I find myself rooting for them, for Bobby Jon and Stephenie. Don't know why.
    Jenna: I was a little confused because when they showed at the top and were like, "Here's your guardian angels," everyone was like, "Ooh". I was like, "Why are you happy to get a strong player? That gives you one less chance to get the money." I would be ticked. I feel like on Survivor, unless it's All-Stars, once you lose, you lose. Same with Rupert when he won.
    Jim: I agree.
    Jenna: Jamie was like, "I'm not happy."
    Jim: We questioned Bobby Jon when we were on the trek. We said, "You're just here to help us; you're not in the running for the million?" He said, "I'm in it for the million."
    Jenna: We'll see what happens with this group, but I just feel like you had your chance and you lost.
    Caller: Going into the game were you worried about being the oldest competitor and did your injury take you back? Were you surprised that you got injured so early in the game?
    Jim: Going into the game with my age, I thought I might have an advantage. It can work both ways. It depends on the makeup of the tribe. It can work for you or against you. The youngest person on the tribe was 21 years old. I'm used to working with young people in the fire service and I work well with them. As far as getting injured that early, it's like any sports injury. It can happen at any time. I think the dehydration played a big part. In a trek like that we should be getting 5, 6, maybe 7 liters of water a day. We're getting one if we're lucky. Our bodies are 65% water. These tendons and muscles, they'll snap for a young guy or an old guy.
    Dalton: We're been talking about this brutal trek and the after effects and the hacking of the male members of Nakum, let's go to a clip.
    (clip shows of the Nakum males being sick and Bobby Jon’s dehydration madness)
    Dalton: Bobby Jon appears - a strong guy - he's gonna lead you through this, then collapses, eyes rolling. It was creepy stuff.
    Jim: They had, like, an anointing. Water poured over the forehead. I thought, "That should do it."
    Dalton: How much is that playing in your mind as you're sitting there sick and it could be a sign of weakness? So you're trying your best to either not show it or get past it?
    Jim: In all honesty, I puked once; that was it. I think it was dehydration.
    Jenna: Why do you think it happened to the men?
    Jim: You tell me. And why did it happen to the Nakum men and not the Yaxha men? Were we working harder?
    Jenna: I thought maybe it was because the men were carrying more but the other men were carrying a lot. I'm thinking that maybe something bit you all.
    Jim: I thought maybe it was something in the fruit. We had a lot of bananas which was a mistake. Don't ever take bananas on a deal like that because they all get smooshed, but take oranges, things that have a lot of liquid in them. There was some pineapple.
    Caller: I was going to ask you if you thought that Nakum team carried more weight. You were given the option of what to take. Do you think you guys were harder hit than the other team?
    Jim: I don't know if we bit off more than we could chew. And I don't know what they took. I know we took five 25-pound bags of corn, which to me is pig food. We never got it softened up enough to satisfaction.
    Dalton: What did you leave behind?
    Jim: We left some corn and a lot of fruit. That was one of our mistakes, taking all that corn. It was a burden. Some of the tough guys like Brandon, he was taking two of them. He's the farm guy from Kansas. Quiet, the salt of the earth.
    Jenna: I don't feel like he's quiet. I feel like he's got something up his sleeve.
    Jim: That's very possible. But, we were going to ditch one of the bags halfway through and he's going "No way."
    Dalton: And he's the one person who wasn't down on his knees.
    Jim: Figure it out; go figure it out.
    Jenna: But I did feel sorry for Bobby Jon because he kept apologizing and he is so sweet. Such a gentleman.
    Jim: It was always, "Sir," and this and that. Nice kid.
    Dalton: When we first saw him on Palau we thought he was this crazy wild man.
    Jenna: He's very serious in challenges, and he is a hard worker.
    Jim: He's a definite hard worker.
    Dalton: Talk about the trek; it's such a pivotal point in the episode. It plays into the immunity challenge because you guys are so worn out from that. Did it ever occur to you to just waltz through that and save the energy for the immunity challenge? The immunity challenges are so much more important than the rewards.
    Jim: It didn't dawn on us because we thought fire and being able to boil our water - we knew we were gonna be drinking sewer water. That was our strategy, "Let's get that fire." It means so much on Survivor to have that fire, if nothing else, psychologically. We had two fires burning all the time, boiling water. That's a whole other story. I got some of the bad water when we went to Tribal Council. Judd went to one of the vases - we always kept our purified water covered. We'd filter the water through our buffs to get the maggot worms out and then boil it for 5, 6, 7, 8 minutes. Cover it and let it cool and that was our drinking water. Judd went while I was recuperating under a tree and got a ladle of water that hadn't been purified. I drink it down and Judd goes, "Oh, you know what, that's not purified."
    Jenna: Maybe he did that on purpose.
    Jim: If I find out that he did - I will find you at the finale, my man.
    Dalton: He's right here in NYC, isn't he?
    Jim: I started to get sick at tribal council. I was the last one to vote. The pyramid is up like 80 feet. I looked down and the whole thing was spinning. I thought, "If I fall, I'm dead. I will be the first person to die at tribal council."
    Dalton: When you finally watched the episode last night, was there anything that surprised you?
    Jim: I didn't hear anybody respond about me. They changed that. There's a few things that they changed. There were no responses and I was unanimous, - Jim, Jim, Jim, Jim. Nothing like, "You're a cool guy," or, "We voted out ‘cause you're a dummy".
    Jenna: They had some nice things to say.
    Dalton: If you go to CBS.com, they are all there.
    Jim: And you can't put the entire trek on an hour program. They left out a couple of developments that I thought would have been exciting, the raft thing. Just a time element.
    Dalton: They didn't show your vote.

    Commercial Break

    Dalton: So Jim, when you went on this thing, were you like, "I don't want to be the first one out" or were you one of these people that say, "I'd rather be the first one out rather than the sixth or seventh out?"
    Jim: I didn't dwell on that. Do the best I can and when I go, I go. And if an accident happened, which it did, that's where the cards fell.
    Jenna: When you saw that happen to Blake, too. He seemed to be in a lot of trouble because of that thorn bush. We don't know what could have happened if he got injured. That injury could have taken him out of this game. Stuff like that happens all the time to good players.
    Dalton: And with a person who is healthy you really don't know what to do. Is the person going to be able to work through this or get worse and worse?
    Jenna: Or like, "I cracked my ankle on a coconut; I quit."
    Dalton: But Osten was very weak and he wanted to go home and they convinced him to stay but he was useless. Did you want to try to fight to stay or did you know?
    Jim: I didn't want to injure myself further and to be a detriment to the tribe. I'm just not the kind of guy to say, "I want this thing to go my way and the hell with the tribe." At that point I knew that I was suffering for sure and I didn't want to injure this one (pointing to other arm) or this one (pointing to injured arm) anymore. What are the challenges going to be when they start out like this; what are they going to be tomorrow? It didn't make sense. If I could have gotten an ace bandage or something I would have given it a shot. But you get nothing, they give you nothing.
    Jenna: How is your arm now?
    Jim: Aw, it's not good. You see the dent in it. See how this one is nice and connected down here? This one is all drawn up right here. It just snapped, it went, “Ping.” Just instantly.
    Caller: Jim, congrats for getting as far as you did. Your team won the first reward challenge and you got the better camp. What exactly consisted of the better camp? What things did you have that the other tribe didn't?
    Jim: The main thing that we had was the flint and we were able to make fire right away. Psychologically, that fire is just huge. We had the jugs and some lime powder which was supposed to help soften this corn up. I didn't see it happening.
    Jenna: Well, did you live in the ruins?
    Jim: In the ruins - that was a bonus. For an adventurous person to be able to live in a pyramid where no one has lived for 2000 years? There are nine of us that have done that. Nobody will ever do that again. For me, as an adventure, that's huge.
    Jenna: I was just excited to have shelter when it rains.
    Jim: The pyramids - we really couldn't live in the pyramids. We built a shelter because it is in a national park; you have to be careful of what you do. You can't move a lot of stuff. Living in that environment was the greatest thing for me.
    Dalton: My ideal camp would be as far away as possible from those screaming monkeys.
    Jenna: Howler monkeys are so loud; they will wake you up at all hours of the night.
    Jim: First thing in the morning and last thing at night and they are right overhead.
    Caller: Jim, the 11-mile hike was really condensed on that show. I'm wondering how the group pulled together; did somebody really take charge? And how did you feel walking that far?
    Jim: Everybody pulled together. You have people that lag when you have 9 people marching together. We'd have a count-off system where we knew we had everybody with us. But everybody did pull together. It was the most compelling thing to see those kids, 21 years old, which really impressed me being a 63 year-old of how well they did.
    Jenna: But your tribe didn't work so well on the immunity challenge.
    (clip of immunity challenge)
    Jenna: It looked like Rafe was almost saying, "In your face."
    Jim: He was. He had the immunity idol up like this when we were swimming back to camp. And apparently someone said something to him and he put it back down. It wasn't Rafe, it was Jamie.
    Jenna: That's not a good way to start the game. I knew he looked like a little braggy-braggy.
    Dalton: What about that Medusa head on the front of the canoes?
    Jenna: I heard that they had these things on the sides of the boats so that they don't tip over because of the crocodiles in the water. They didn't want them to tip over.
    Jim: These babies have to go 1800, 2000 pounds. These are not sissy canoes.
    Dalton: If they have safe water, they make them flimsy.
    Jim: They told us time and again not to go in and watch this knucklehead go in.
    Jenna: Judd jumps in for what reason? I can see the crack of his butt. And then he sassed Jeff Probst. That's gonna be a show-down.
    Dalton: There was a little disagreement at the beginning about how to get that torch.
    Jim: I didn't want to go straight out. Why are we trying to thread that needle? Let's go on the outside. The way Bobby Jon wanted to do, which is what we did, bow to the majority, went through -
    Dalton: Bobby Jon, not a good track record at winning immunity challenges on Survivor.
    Jim: But that's why he came on this show, to give us advice.
    Jenna: Do you want advice from two losers?
    Caller: Jim, if you hadn't been injured, who do you think would have been the first one voted off? Do you think it still would have been you?
    Jim: I don't think it would have been me. I performed pretty well - I'm not going to blow my own horn - I performed pretty well through that entire trek. Some of the kids didn't perform well. You're seeing guys lying flat on their backs, puking. Who are you gonna vote off?
    Jenna: So you think it probably would have been Blake or Bobby Jon?
    Jim: That's what I think.
    Jenna: Blake doesn't seem to be getting any better. Bobby Jon, I think he can recover.
    Jim: He got the anointment, though.
    Jenna: He got the blessing from Sister Mary Margaret.
    Caller: I'm wonder what the adjustment has been getting back to being a fireman; were you hazed for being the first one voted off the show?
    Jim: I'm a retired guy but I do hang around those people. It ain’t pretty.
    Jenna: It's really just puzzling to me how the women did better.
    Jim: Physiologically maybe they retain water better.
    Jenna: Starting the game off with an 11-mile hike changes the game. People get sick when it might not have happened.
    Dalton: You had no idea who Gary Hogeboom was? That he was a former NFL quarterback?
    Jim: Danni, she's a sportscaster from Kansas City. And she said, “You know, there's an NFL player on there, he's Gary Hoge-“ I said, "Not Hogeboom". She said "That's it, Hogeboom. He's on the other tribe." We'd been around looking at each other, seeing each other. And he's, as far as I know, still lying to his tribe about who he is.
    Jenna: I don't know if it's smart or stupid because if he says he was an NFL quarterback, you don't need the money.
    Jim: I thought about the same thing about being a firefighter because of Tom last year. Did I have a huge target on my back because I've got this firefighter union t-shirt on?
    Dalton: If I were a magician's assistant I wouldn't tell anyone for pure embarrassment.
    Jenna: But she was wearing sweatpants on Survivor. They are going to take hours to dry.
    Jim: You're talking about Morgan.
    Jenna: She was wearing Juicy Couture sweats.
    Dalton: What profession were you going to tell people if not firefighter?
    Jim: I had a sideline as a hazardous materials guy or a paramedic. I can talk with anyone about those two fields. I decided I'm just gonna be myself because you will slip. Hogeboom is gonna slip.
    Caller: Jenna, do you feel a little slighted that Stephenie and Bobby Jon got invited back and you didn't? What about bringing back Johnny Fairplay or Sue, the truck driver?
    Jenna: You don't want Johnny Fairplay back. I don't think they should have brought anybody back unless it's an All Stars. It messes with the game. You shouldn't get a second chance, you lost fair and square. I don't think Stephenie is the strongest woman to ever play Survivor. There are people who are stronger.
    Dalton: What about somebody like Skupin if you're gonna bring somebody back?
    Jenna: Bring somebody back who really didn't have a chance, like Skupin, who fell into the fire. Maybe you will see Fairplay on an All Stars 2 if they have one. I don't think he can go that long without drugs or alcohol.
    Jim: How about bringing back someone indigenous who can help you out?
    Jenna: How about bringing back someone random that nobody really cared about, like Daniel Lue?

    Commercial Break

    Dalton: Every week we're going to have a mystery caller, starting next week. A former Survivor is going to call in, sharing their thoughts on the new season and giving us an update on what they're now doing. We're also going to have "Open Letter," which is the voted off castaway who might have some issues, maybe annoyed at someone for ousting them from the game. So Jim, you just sort of get some of these things off your chest.
    Jenna: It's like therapy.
    Dalton: Construct an open letter to the canoe. It was pulling that canoe that messed up your bicep. This is your time to vent. Tell the canoe how you felt.
    Jim: Canoe, you knew that I was 63 years old going into this deal. You thought that maybe you would have shucked your outriggers just for me. You had the added weight that I had to pick that up and tear my arm up, because of your dumbass. I ain’t gonna forget this, canoe.
    Caller: I have a question for Jim about the dynamics of his team. I got this girl-power vibe coming off from Margaret and Cindy and Brooke and Danni. It seems like those women are a little bit older, have careers, are a little less hesitant. Maybe they'll take the power in that tribe. I was wondering what are your thoughts on that?
    Jim: I wouldn't disagree with you in that respect, especially when you've got four guys laying flat on their backs puking. Margaret is pretty tough and she's got the nurse practitioner thing going. She definitely knows her stuff.
    Dalton: The guys are down on their backs and not always making the best decisions. Let's take a look.
    (clip showing Judd jumping out of the boat and crawling through the mud, as well as Brandon's “premature evacuation” confessional)
    Dalton: What's going on there? Is that like quicksand?
    Jim: It's just like quicksand. We couldn't get him out of it.
    Dalton: There may be a little bit of hostility from Judd and he may have a little bit of an attitude.
    Jenna: I think he's just a New Yorker and he's, like, defensive.
    Jim: He was leading some of that trek. I could give him a map of NY and he couldn't find Central Park. He needs to take his lumps. I was sick for long because of that water deal.
    Jenna: We're gonna have to ask him when he's here because that could have been a strategic move from him.
    Jim: If you get an affirmative answer from him, don't call me, just wait ‘til the finale.
    Jenna: I might have done that.
    Jim: You can't intentionally hurt someone on that show, that's one of the rules.
    Dalton: You're not going to sabotage someone when you have to take on the other tribe.
    Caller: Jim, what motivated you to apply for Survivor and do you have any advice to fans who are trying to get on the show?
    Jim: From the get-go I've watched all the episodes during the downtime at the firehouse. I always said, "This is something I can do." My philosophy in life has always been if you don't try it and then look back 20 years and say, "Why didn't I do that?" I don't want that in my life. I tried it and I was blown away that I got on the show. My advice to you: be yourself. Send in that tape and be as bizarre as you can. Talk about stuff that you've done, stuff that you're going to do that's very exciting; that makes you an individual.
    Dalton: You want to be exciting but you also want to be yourself. They'll snuff you out if you try to be someone that you're not.
    Jim: You can go online and look at other people's tapes.
    Caller: My question is for Jenna and Dalton. Who do you think are some of the weak players that we're gonna see on your show pretty soon?
    Jenna: Yeah, ‘cause you can't answer because you know too much.
    Jim: I can't.
    Dalton: You see the promos and you see Blake still sick so I'm saying he's not going out or they wouldn't show it on the promo.
    Jenna: It's so hard to tell right now because we saw no real strategizing. This last episode was just a lot of suffering. It's really hard to tell who the strong people are.
    Dalton: I think Margaret looks very strong.
    Jenna: I hope she doesn't try to be overbearing.
    Dalton: I think Hogeboom looks strong.
    Jenna: I think he's in trouble. I think Danni, if they ever get together; she's gonna sniff him out. You can't keep a lie that long; you're gonna slip.
    Jim: As far as I know he's still lying. How would it have played out if he had told the truth about who he was?
    Dalton: People, on Survivor, all you gotta do is give them an opening, a reason to vote you out. Why give them that reason? Deny, deny.
    Jenna: In the first few days, just be quiet. If you're mad or angry at someone just shut up because somebody else is probably gonna not be able to take it and they're going to say what you wanted to say anyway.
    Dalton: It was hard to judge from that first episode who is strong and who is weak because they didn't show any strategy. It was so much about the trek.
    (clip showing Episode 2 promo)
    Jenna: Do they think that eating a little ant is going to make them feel better?
    Jim: Don't believe it.
    Dalton: Would you eat the ants?
    Jenna: I wouldn't. I ate worms on my season because they're bigger.
    Dalton: Jim, thanks for being here, it was fun.

    Jim's vote for Margaret was determined by picking corn, and nothing more.
    Danni knows that Gary is an ex-NFL Quarterback.
    Jim's arm still hasn't completely healed.
    Judd gave Jim unpurified water (intentionally?).
    Jim thinks taking the bananas was a mistake, and may have contributed to the men of Nakum's sickness. The corn was also extra weight that the tribe didn't really need for the hike.

    Now it's time to start working on Morgan's interview...
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    Here's Part 1 of Morgan's Survivor Live transcript. By the way, this is taking me entirely too long to do. It won't even let me post the entire transcript in one post because it's too long!

    Quote Originally Posted by Survivor Live - 9/22
    Dalton: Abracadabra! We’re going to make a magician’s assistant appear right here on this stage. That’s right, Morgan is here to take your questions and your calls. Also, a former NFL quarterback gets sacked by a sports radio host. And that’s gonna be among many exciting things we have here. We have, also – perhaps maybe by the end of the broadcast – Jenna Morasca and me down in the mud tug-of-war. What do you think?
    Jenna: I’m on.
    Dalton: We can handle it?
    Jenna: We can do it.
    Dalton: We might be able to handle it. We’ve got lots of exciting stuff. It’s all coming up on Survivor Live, starting now.
    (Survivor Live Intro)
    Dalton: I still can’t get over those new graphics.
    Jenna: Yeah.
    Dalton: We’re swooshing all over the place.
    Jenna: We’re so high-tech here; it’s unbelievable.
    Dalton: Taking Guatemala by storm. How’s it going? I’m Dalton Ross of Entertainment Magazine. To my left, is, as always, Jenna Morasca. What’s up, Jenna?
    Jenna: Been feeling alright.
    Dalton: Well, you’re not feeling alright. You’re –
    Jenna: I’m –
    Dalton: Lying to people.
    Jenna: I am lying.
    Dalton: What are you, Hogeboom? You’re lying to everyone.
    Jenna: We’re getting into that. I’ve got a lot to say to him.
    Dalton: We’ll get to that.
    Jenna: I need to do an open letter to the Huggy (?) Bear.
    Dalton: Ok, well you can your open letter later, but today’s open letter is gonna come from Morgan, who’s with us. Morgan, welcome.
    Morgan: Thanks, guys.
    Dalton: You know, Morgan, we all saw the episode last night, and I think the question in everybody’s mind – in my mind, at least – is –
    Jenna: Can you levitate?
    Dalton: No. Is what’s up with the sawing the woman in half trick? Because I don’t really know how that works. Were you ever sawed in half?
    Morgan: I was never sawed in half.
    Jenna: You know, she can levitate, though.
    Morgan: Levitate on water.
    Dalton: She’s gonna do that on our set.
    Jenna: We can fit her small but in here.
    Morgan: You be the magician.
    Dalton: I want to be your magician. So you never got sawed in half? You never –
    Jenna: Watch the show where it tells us all the secrets. Because it drives me crazy when I watch magicians, crazy!
    Morgan: It’s better to not know, trust me.
    Jenna: It is?
    Morgan: It’s not as fun. It’s not as fun, yeah.
    Jenna: So, really, it’s magic?
    Morgan: It’s magic, yeah.
    Jenna: We’re bringing her along; I need to know all this stuff.
    Morgan: And the Easter Bunny, yeah.
    Jenna: The Easter Bunny was first, last year.
    Dalton: But let’s get into the show. On the last Survivor, blindsided, Morgan!
    Morgan: Blindsided. Devastated. It was bad. You could see my face. My heart went right into my stomach. It was horrible.
    Jenna: Yeah, ‘cause you said at tribal council, “I don’t want to see anyone go home tonight,” and I’m like, “Doh!” That’s usually what happens, every time someone –
    Morgan: Yeah, and I was also – at tribal council – I was the one to say, “Oh, we’re so honest, and that’s why our tribe is so unified.”
    Jenna: Yeah, well they started the show with, “Oh, we love each other. We’re such a happy tribe.” And I’m like, “Yeah, wait until you guys have a council.”
    Morgan: Exactly, exactly.
    Jenna: It’s horrible.
    Dalton: So, what were you told, and by whom?
    Morgan: I was told by the majority of the tribe that the vote was between Brianna and Lydia. I didn’t even know that I was being considered for the vote. And it turns out that it was just a last-minute thing, just kind of a desperate act to save Lydia. And Lydia’s great; I didn’t want to have to vote for her. She was a work horse, so I won’t deny her of that, but I don’t know if I was the smartest vote.
    Jenna: Well, the big discussion was Lydia, who worked hard at camp and not so good at challenges, or Morgan, who doesn’t work so hard at camp and good at challenges.
    Morgan: Right.
    Dalton: Well, let’s take a timeout right there, because is Lydia bad at challenges? That hasn’t really shown through.
    Jenna: Well, she sucked on the hike.
    Morgan: Well, actually, Lydia – the reason that there was a red flag up on Lydia was because she told us, “I’m going to need hip replacements soon.”
    Jenna: Oh.
    Dalton: Oh, why?
    Morgan: And she – I know, exactly – she asked to be sat out of any running challenges, which is just not realistic in this game.
    Jenna: Well, she was bad on the hike; she was lacking.
    Morgan: She was lacking on the hike, but so was Amy, so, I don’t know.
    Jenna: I’d say I’d take the person who’s better in the challenges, doesn’t work so hard at camp.
    Dalton: Ok, see that’s –
    Jenna: You’re not gonna die at camp.
    Dalton: Ok, but if it’s so much about the challenges, what is Rafe still doing on that team?
    Jenna: Yes.
    Dalton: Ok, we’ll get to that later, but what’s wrong with Rafe?
    Jenna: Poor Rafe. What happened to him?
    Dalton: Or, as I like to call him, Poindexter from “Revenge of the Nerds” franchise.
    Morgan: Oh, Rafe. I loved Rafe, I really did.
    Jenna: He’s very loveable, but very clumsy?
    Morgan: Yeah. Well, the thing about Rafe and his – I think we all just enjoyed Rafe so much that we just wrote that off as maybe a bad performance.
    Jenna: See, he, to me, seems like Rob Cesternino. Not so good at challenges, good at the Survivor game, fun to have around camp.
    Morgan: Yeah, but, you know what? The challenge that followed that – the tug-of-war – was just sheer body mass. It didn’t matter how well I was doing in challenges up that point; there was no way that, you know, 102 pounds can go up against 200+…
    Jenna: Well, there’s been, what? 3 challenges? You did the hike just fine. Then the other, with the boat –
    Dalton: They won.
    Jenna: You guys won. So, I don’t understand what you’re basing your information on. The tug-of-war?
    Dalton: Well, that’s just it.
    Morgan: Well, that was the last – that was the thing we were on, is the last thing left in everybody’s mind.
    Jenna: Right.
    Morgan: And it was, like, the guys were never even considered to be voted off because the challenges were so physical that we needed, just, muscle mass.
    Jenna: Well, you’re gonna get one of those puzzle challenges, and you’re gonna be sorry.
    Morgan: Or one of those balancing, flexible challenges.
    Jenna: Yeah, ‘cause you were whipping – she was the one who was whipping through the balance part of the rope thing. Were you?
    Morgan: Yeah.
    Jenna: She was running right over the bal – it wasn’t even a balance beam.
    Dalton: Well, I think they were giving Morgan – they were giving you your props for the challenges. That’s what they said, “We need her for the challenges.” But what they were saying is that she’s not pulling it around camp. Is that valid, or…?
    Morgan: No, I don’t think that that is valid. I mean, I’m a dancer, and we’re known for being very disciplined. I wouldn’t be as good as I am - I wouldn’t be able to perform - if I didn’t have that in my nature. And I’ve been the bad roommate before. And I was very self-conscious and very paranoid going in. But, you know what? There’s only so much that you can do around camp. There’s only so much firewood that you can gather, and there’s only so many times – you know, there’s only so many pots that can be filled up with water before every single one is full. And, you know, we all sat around a lot. There’s just not a lot to do. So, in comparison to Lydia, yes I might have looked lazy. Does that mean that I was lazy? No, not at all.
    Dalton: Well, Ms. Morasca here was not the hardest working member –
    Jenna: No. Not at all.
    Dalton: of her tribe either.
    Jenna: I’ll admit it. There wasn’t that much to do.
    Dalton: And isn’t there a balance between working and –

    (Abrupt Commercial Break)
    Lydia has admitted to her tribe that her hip replacements make her almost useless in challenges involving running.
    Rafe's poor performance in the reward challenge was pretty much ignored by the rest of his tribe and written off as a "bad day."

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    And here's part 2:

    Quote Originally Posted by Survivor Live - 9/22 - Part 2
    Dalton: And we’re back here with Morgan on Survivor Live. Admit it. You miss the old music a little bit, don’t you?
    Jenna: Kinda. It was a little spicy, a little “ska.”
    Dalton: It was like tribal techno.
    Jenna: Yeah.
    Dalton: Now we’re like straight-up tribal –
    Jenna: Reminds me of late nights her in New York City.
    Dalton: Alright, I don’t want to hear anything about your late nights in New York City at all. Morgan, so I’m checking out the little CBS “Insider clips” online, and you’re very upset; you’re shocked when you first got knocked out. Then I see your “Day After” and you’re still – you say you’re feeling a little better – but you still seem, just, blown away by it. Have you recovered from this yet? Because you even say, “I don’t think I’m gonna recover from it until I really have the chance to talk to everyone.”
    Morgan: Right. The day after, there was no answers for me. I still didn’t know what happened. As far as I was concerned, they had been plotting my demise the entire time. You know, I had no idea that it was a last-minute decision, and I had made alliances, and I was, like, “What happened to them?” I was really taken back by that. So, yeah, I’m a lot better now that I can see it and get some answers.
    Jenna: That kind of ties into my next question because you said you made alliances last night. Jim – usually the first person voted off just isn’t part of the alliances anyway, because they really don’t know. But there were people –
    Morgan: On our tribe it was a different story.
    Jenna: There were people split off at this point?
    Morgan: Well, the thing that was just funny about our tribe was that we made, like, this huge alliance on the hike. Gary approached Stephenie, Stephenie approached – actually, Amy approached Gary, Gary approached Stephenie, Stephenie approached me and Brianna, and then Rafe got involved.
    Jenna: So we know who the outsiders are.
    Morgan: So the first day - right, Lydia, Brian, and Jamie. So right away, there was this huge, 6-person alliance. So basically it was ok for the way we want to go to the merge. And I would have probably been, like, a swing vote, if I had made it to the merge. And that’s actually why Brianna’s name never even got brought up. Well, I think Brianna’s name did get brought up, but Gary immediately said, “No, she’s in my alliance.” Or – he didn’t say, “She’s in my alliance,” but, “No, I’m not considering her.” Yeah, so –
    Dalton: But you were in the alliance too, so he had no problem with that, huh?
    Morgan: Yeah, and so I was, like, “Wait a second.” But the alliance went out the window once we started doing challenges because we needed – we thought we needed the males.
    Jenna: Such crap.
    Morgan: Yeah.
    Jenna: Such a load of crap.
    Dalton: See, last week you got to diss the men because they were all blowing chunks everywhere.
    Jenna: It was really funny.
    Dalton: You loved it.
    Jenna: It was – it’s always funny. But, I mean, I understand that men are stronger than woman. I realized that on my season, obviously.
    Dalton: You guys jumped out to a big lead on your season.
    Jenna: Well, we did, but it’s not always about how big you are or how strong you are. Sometimes the biggest, strongest men, like Daniel Lue, are the goofiest at challenges and just can’t get their stuff together. So, it all depends.
    Dalton: I love the fact that you manage to keep Daniel Lue’s name alive, just on this show. Every time you say that, everybody’s like, “Daniel Lue? Is he the guy that got malaria or something?” I mean, nobody remembers Daniel Lue. Do you remember Daniel Lue? Yeah, no.
    Jenna: But he was also a big, strong guy and useless in challenges. So, it all depends.
    Dalton: Yeah, no, it does depend. And we saw that on Vanuatu as well.
    Jenna: Every year.
    Dalton: Where the women were beating up the men.
    Jenna: Where all the men are, like, “We need the men. Stay here.” And all the men end up choking.
    Dalton: Alright, well let’s talk about – I want to know the reactions of you guys when you first saw Stephenie and Bobby Jon come out.
    Jenna: You seemed pretty excited.
    Morgan: You know, I was just so excited to be there. I was just so thrilled. For the first time, like, “I’m (inaudible).”
    Dalton: First time out of the country, right?
    Morgan: Right, first time out of the country, yeah. And I’m the baby of the group. I’m the youngest one. And I was just so thrilled to be a part of Survivor. They could have brought anybody down, and I would have been, like, “Ok! Yes!”
    Dalton: Even her (pointing to Jenna). Or Daniel Lue.
    Jenna: Daniel Lue, yes.
    Morgan: “I don’t know who you are, but I’m so excited!”
    Jenna: How old are you? 21, right?
    Morgan: 21, yeah.
    Dalton: So you were excited, but did it ever cross your mind to think, “Ok, my chances of winning just went 1 in 16 to 1 in 18?”
    Morgan: You know, I knew that it was coming; I felt that it was coming. You know, just 16 people and I had a feeling that there were gonna be 2 more, I just didn’t know who.
    Dalton: Because they had been doing 18.
    Morgan: And I had watched Palau, and I had said, “She was one of my favorites.” I don’t know. I had watched her on T.V. and it was, like, “Now she’s standing right beside me and she’s a part of my tribe.” You know, I was a little star-struck, kind of.
    Jenna: Was everyone happy to have her, or was anyone…? Other than Jamie obviously.
    Morgan: But Jamie – he never said that to me.
    Jenna: Well, I don’t think he’s ever gonna say it to anyone but the cameras.
    Morgan: Yeah. He never voiced his dismay with Stephenie to me. And, sure, I had a bad feeling about Stephenie and Gary, right away. Just, something told me –
    Jenna: Gary, I’ve got a bad feeling about too. I just think he’s very, very sneaky.
    Dalton: He’s a Cowboy; I’m telling you this. He’s a Dallas Cowboy. Don’t trust him.
    Morgan: It was just a weird feeling in my stomach about them, and you don’t say anything, because you don’t want to be the only one.
    Jenna: Right.
    Morgan: And everybody is all about Stephenie, so you don’t want to be the only one to say, “Well, I don’t think this is such a good idea.”
    Jenna: And that’s why Jamie won’t say it out loud.
    Morgan: Exactly, exactly.
    Jenna: But I’m sure everyone’s thinking in the back of their mind, like, “We know that she’s really strong. Are we really excited she’s here, or not?”
    Dalton: Then we saw the discussion, “Should we get rid of Stephenie?”
    Jenna: She’s paranoid off the bat, like that. Soon as she hears her name, she’s, like, “What, what, what?”
    Dalton: She’s been on this carousel before. She knows.
    Morgan: She’s no stranger.
    Dalton: She knows you gotta start quick.
    Jenna: That’s why you should vote her out. Anybody who’s more familiar than you are –
    Dalton: Not yet, though. She’s too strong.
    Morgan: I think that everybody – Rafe and I had briefly discussed, like, using her for what she was worth until we got to a certain point, and then we would need to get rid of her. But, like I said, the challenges were just so incredibly physical, and she was just great at challenges.
    Jenna: When it comes to Survivor, when you look back, sometimes the weakest tribe wins, like in Thailand, and a couple times in other seasons. I don’t know if one extra person who is really strong is gonna make or break you. Because sometimes you see, like, these really weak teams kicking butt.
    Dalton: But –
    Morgan: Yaxha is weaker than Nakum.
    Dalton: Absolutely.
    Morgan: If you look at the people, we only won the first immunity challenge.
    Dalton: You can’t take a chance after Palau. Just look at Palau.
    Jenna: You’re right; you can’t.
    Dalton: Let’s go to Lori. Lori, you’re on Survivor Live.
    Caller: Morgan, we’re neighbors, by the way.
    Jenna: You better have something nice to say, or she’ll egg your house.
    Caller: My 5 year-old was heartbroken. But, anyway, how was your energy level in, you know, the challenges? I know you had corn, but how were you holding up in the challenges?
    Morgan: During the challenges, I was doing really, really well. I actually amazed myself physically. That’s what I was worried about. I knew that I was painstakingly perceptive, and I knew that I could play this mental game, but I was worried about myself physically because I tried to gain weight before I got on the show, and I just couldn’t. I don’t really work out a ton, so I thought it would be a problem, but it was the complete opposite. I did great physically, and didn’t do so well in the mind games, so –
    Jenna: At least you had a chance. I can imagine being blindsided and to feel pretty crappy, but, I mean, you feel comfortable, and then all of a sudden, the rug’s pulled out from underneath you.
    Dalton: And I feel we didn’t really get to see – as viewers – get to see a lot of you, you know what I mean? You weren’t really on the –
    Morgan: Yeah, I was really disappointed that there clips of me, like, sitting down, because we all were sitting down at some point.
    Jenna: They could show clips of anyone sitting down.
    Morgan: And we all were drinking water. Like, that was the smart thing to do to stay hydrated. So, I don’t know. I, actually, was one of the only people who knew how to use flint and help build the fire, and that wasn’t enough.
    Jenna: That’s the necessity of the young ones on Survivor.
    Dalton: So, again, Rafe, the wilderness guide: he need help making fire?
    Morgan: Rafe, actually –
    Jenna: Wilderness guide, or boy scout?
    Morgan: No, he was actually a wilderness guide, but he didn’t know how to use flint, so…
    Jenna: We’ll nag him about that. I can’t wait to have Rafe.
    Dalton: You know, I think we’re on a role here. I just can’t stop with Rafe this week. I don’t know what it is.
    Morgan: Oh, give him a break.
    Dalton: I’m not giving him a break. I’m going to a clip of Rafe in the Reward Challenge. Check this out; you’re gonna love it.
    Jenna: Oh, Rafe, I love you.
    (clip of Rafe in RC)
    Jenna: Oh, he’s like that kid that gets picked on that you feel really bad for.
    Dalton: Oh, I have never laughed harder.
    Morgan: I love him.
    Jenna: He lost a shoe, he’s going –
    Dalton: Is he drunk? He looks like he’s drunk. When he gets up the ladder, finally, he does one of those “one step forward, ten to the side” moves. It looks like he’s just wasted.
    Jenna: I think he’s got a lot of heart. I do. It’s really funny, though.
    Morgan: I just think that this was not his day. He’s good, physically.
    Jenna: We hope this was not his good day. Because then we don’t want to see his bad day.
    Dalton: You know what he needs, I think, to get better is ants. Ants is the answer.
    Jenna: More ants.
    Dalton: I think ants is obviously –
    Jenna: More ants on that tribe. More ants, less corn.
    Dalton: Ok, so you, obviously, were close with Rafe. You’ve been get his back. Why isn’t he giving you a tip-off? Why isn’t he getting your back like Brian had Lydia’s back?
    Morgan: I don’t know, honey, I don’t know. I wish that he would have. But you saw – he was upset at tribal council, he really was.
    Dalton: You looked shocked that he cast a vote for you.
    Morgan: I know, I really think that he just wanted to keep the tribe unified and just didn’t –
    Jenna: The tribe is never going to be unified. Never.
    Morgan: No.
    Jenna: Because you vote each other out.
    Dalton: Yeah, look at Koror. They, even, were going after each other.
    Morgan: I think that he was just really ambitious, and just really hoping for the best and hoping that the tribe would stay unified.
    Jenna: Yeah, everyone hopes that, and then they realize they have to vote each other out, and then they’re like, “Eh.”
    Dalton: Well, it’s not even about staying unified; it’s about not setting yourself apart. If others say, “We’re voting for Morgan,” he doesn’t want to be the only one.
    Morgan: That’s what I’m saying, exactly, because that puts him in a position to be voted off soon.
    Jenna: And, they had the numbers they needed, anyway, to vote you out, so he could have been, like, that one random person that always votes for someone else, and it doesn’t make a difference, and you’re like, “Uh-oh.”
    Dalton: It’s the final – Brian did do that, and he made the decision to can it, and now, seemingly, his ally is still in the game, and Rafe’s is not, so –
    Jenna: Right.
    Dalton: You seem so sad. I’m sorry.
    Jenna: Way to rub it in her face. Let’s hope that Rafe does a couple more challenges, though, ‘cause that’s really funny.
    Dalton: Yeah, that’s right. Alright, let’s go to Indiana and see what Diane has to say. Hey, Diane?
    Jenna: Lots of women today.
    Caller: Hello?
    Dalton: Hey, Diane, you’re on Survivor Live.
    Caller: Hey, Morgan, this is Aunt Diane and Uncle Tommy.
    Jenna: I have an Aunt Diane too.
    Morgan: Hi!
    Caller: We’re so proud of you.
    Morgan: Aw, thank you.
    Caller: My question for you is, do you think that your first challenge, with the 11-mile hike, that it set you back, physically? Especially since you didn’t have any food, you know, to prepare you for the next challenges? Do you think that had anything to do with the reason that it didn’t end up working out?
    Morgan: No, I mean – actually, I did so well on the hike that that kind of put me in a position. That kind of made me safe for a while. So I really don’t know. I don’t think that it had anything to do with the physical challenges. I think if I would have messed up in the challenges that I would have been off – it wouldn’t have been a decision to make. It would have been me right away, so –
    Caller: Well, we’re very proud of you.
    Morgan: Thank you.
    Caller: Just calling to tell you that and tell you how much I loved the show.
    Morgan: Thanks.
    Dalton: Alright, thanks, Diane. How about that? I can’t get my uncle to call me.
    Jenna: My dad called in last week.
    Dalton: Her dad’s calling in, you’re aunt’s calling in. At least Rafe’s aunt did call in to yell at us.
    Jenna: Yeah, well, the show isn’t over yet.
    Dalton: Yeah, there’s still time. Let’s go right here in New York to the Bronx. You’re on Survivor Live.
    Caller: Yeah, hi. I just wanted to know: who do you think some of the threats are on the other team?
    Dalton: On Nakum?
    Caller: Yeah.
    Dalton: Well, I think Margaret’s playing a great game. I mean, she’s obviously –
    Morgan: I think the women in general. The Nakum women are a force to be reckoned with.
    Dalton: I think so too, and we can’t really see what the heck’s going on with Blake. One second he’s taking a break, lying down, and the next second he’s –
    Jenna: And then he’s sprinting on a challenge.
    Dalton: He’s kicking butt.
    Morgan: Yeah, we were really confused. We were, like, “He’s doing ok.” But, you know, Blake was always a gentleman to us. Like, when we would lose, he would always – when we came to their camp after the 11-mile hike, he introduced himself, and –
    Jenna: He’s got a lot of heart.
    Morgan: Yeah, he was very courteous.
    Dalton: I actually heard that – a little insider information, here – that Bobby Jon was so confused by winning that he just went to tribal council anyway. Sort of like a homing pigeon, he just immediately goes there.
    Jenna: Bobby Jon saying that he thinks he’s paying rent at tribal council made me hurt.
    Dalton: Yeah, and, you know what? The rent is steep; the rent is steep at tribal council.
    Jenna: I say let’s bring him back for next season again.
    Dalton: Could you hear him yelling in that tug-of-war? Could you hear him doing his “manimal” scream, just going, “Ahhh!”
    Morgan: No, it’s the eyes that are scary. I was yelling too; we were all yelling, so –
    Dalton: Was he slapping himself in that one at all?
    Jenna: He punched himself last week.
    Dalton: Yeah, he punches himself.
    Jenna: He punched himself a little in the face when they lost.
    Morgan: It gets him fired up.
    Dalton: Well, you got to do that; that’s important. Absolutely. But I think you’re right. I think they seem to have, physically, the stronger tribe.
    Morgan: They do; they do. Their boys are huge. Bobby Jon is huge. Judd is huge.
    Jenna: Yeah, well, Judd, obviously, the stand-out performance player of last night.
    Morgan: Yeah, Judd said he was gonna be the hero, and he was.
    Jenna: I don’t know if he’s gonna be the hero. He’s from New York.
    Morgan: Well, he was in that challenge, at least.
    Jenna: He does have a little kind of an edge to him. You have to be nice.
    Dalton: So are you maybe holding out for a hero.
    Jenna: Maybe. I don’t want a hero.
    Dalton: They don’t even know what we’re talking about. Have you ever seen Footloose?
    Morgan: Oh, actually, I love Footloose. That’s something I’m doing in my show right now.
    Jenna: Yeah, we need to ask her what she’s doing right now.
    Dalton: But not yet; that’s at the end of show. So start thinking about it now.
    Jenna: We’ve got so many things to do. We’ve got open letter, we’ve got the call.
    Morgan: I’m excited about this open letter.
    Dalton: The open letter’s gonna be fun. First we’re gonna go to Pennsylvania. Jennifer, what’s up from the P.A.?
    Caller: Hi. My question is about Gary. It wasn’t discussed in the tribe or before tribal council about him lying to everybody. Was that even an issue?
    Dalton: Thanks for the question. Well, I don’t think you guys were convinced that he was lying.
    Morgan: Yeah, we didn’t know. As far as we were concerned, he was this very religious man, and he was Gary Hawkins. I didn’t recognize him, so I knew he wasn’t a famous football player, and –
    Jenna: He obviously sucks.
    Morgan: Yeah, and we had a very young tribe, and I don’t think it was in our time.
    Jenna: He played in, like, the 80’s.
    Morgan: Yeah, so I was still in kindergarten.
    Jenna: But, honestly, if you did know he was a football player –
    Dalton: Psh.
    Jenna: Gone, outta there. “We don’t need him. He doesn’t need the money.” But when you run that fine line, then –
    Dalton: Far be it from me to defend Gary Hogeboom, but I am gonna say this, that I am very happy. It’s always surprised me that people do not lie about their profession. Probst and Burnet tell them, “You can tell them whatever you want;” they give them free license to do that. We’re just starting to see it now. We saw it last season with some lawyers who didn’t tell people that they were lawyers and stuff, and it’s about time.
    Morgan: Sometimes I think it’s just silly, especially if you’re risking getting caught in a lie, because then you’re really in trouble.
    Jenna: I would be more afraid of getting caught and making it so far and the just getting voted out because you’re a liar.
    Morgan: Or accidentally slipping and saying something, “Yeah, that one time, or that one guy…”
    Jenna: Yeah, 20-some days? He’s gonna slip. I guarantee it.
    Morgan: I think so too.
    Jenna: Gary Hawkins is too close of an alias. That is the worse alias ever.
    Dalton: What would you have gone with?
    Jenna: Like, something crazy. Like Roger Moore, or something that’s not gonna connect with Gary Hogeboom
    Dalton: Yeah, that’s gonna work, “Hey, I’m Roger Moore.” Roger Moore?
    Jenna: What? Who’s Roger Moore?
    Dalton: You’re serious?
    Jenna: Yes. Do you know?
    Dalton: 007? James Bond?
    Jenna: I thought that was Pierce Brosnan.
    Dalton: Ok, either I’m showing my age or Jenna Morasca’s showing hers.
    Jenna: No, really, I didn’t know who Roger Moore was.
    Dalton: Sean Connery. Do you know who he is?
    Jenna: Yes.
    Dalton: Timothy Dalton. Do you know who he is?
    Jenna: Your brother?
    Dalton: No, not my brother. George Lazanby? Going down the whole James Bond list.
    Jenna: No.
    Dalton: Alright, let’s just stop. Let’s just go to Boston. Hey, Mike, from Boston, do you know who Roger Moore is?
    Caller: I do know Roger Moore.
    Dalton: No excuse. What’s up Mike?
    Caller: Hey, my question is for Morgan. Last week, when her tribe won immunity, it looked like someone was taunting the other tribe –
    Jenna: It was Rafe.
    Caller: And then it seemed to stop, like, almost drastically, and I was wondering if she knows, like, why it stopped, or anything? Did she even notice it?
    Jenna: It was Rafe, actually.
    Morgan: Say it again, who was taunting who?
    Jenna: Well, when you guys won immunity, it looked like Rafe was saying, “Yeah, in your face, in your face.” And then Jim said last week that Rafe was maybe taunting the other team.
    Dalton: Someone on your team was taunting. A little taunting. A little celebration?
    Morgan: I don’t know. I can’t – I would have to speculate.
    Jenna: But she’s friends with Rafe.
    Morgan: It doesn’t sound like Rafe would so something like that. That sounds like something Brian would do.
    Jenna: It does?
    Morgan: It does. So, I don’t know. I’ll ask him at open letter.
    Dalton: Alright, we’re gonna take a break. But when we come back we’re gonna have our mystery caller and we’re also gonna have Morgan’s open letter. This is very exciting. We’ll be right back, after this.

    (Commercial Break)
    Morgan pretty much completely outlines the Yaxha alliances, by identifying Gary, Amy, Stephenie, Brianna, Rafe, and herself as the majority alliance right from the start. She has a special bond with Rafe, and Gary has some sort of bond with Brianna.
    The tribe is not afraid to get rid of Stephenie when the time comes, but that time is being kept secret for now.
    Morgan was the only member of her tribe who really knew how to start fire with flint.
    Morgan identifies the Nakum women as a strong force; does that mean the Nakum men are the ones that joined her in the Loser Lodge as the game progressed?

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    Finally, part 3:

    Quote Originally Posted by Survivor Live - 9/22 - Part 3
    Dalton: While we were at the break, and I swear I’m not making this up, I said, “You guys really don’t know Roger Moore?” I say to Morasca, “He was the bad guy in Spice World,” and she goes, “Oh! Of course. Now I know him.”
    Jenna: We both knew after that.
    Dalton: Spice World, ladies and gentlemen.
    Jenna: Great movie.
    Dalton: Let’s have a silence for a moment while we think about that. Alright, let’s do our open letter. Every week we have an open letter where our castoff gets to address – right directly to either the person, or thing, or cause, or chain of events, or anything that sorta led to their departure. Now, last week, Jim gave up an open letter to the canoe.
    Jenna: Very good, very good.
    Dalton: Because the canoe had hurt him; he was very upset that the canoe had hurt him. He looked right into the camera. You know what? Choice words for the canoe. He had some choice words for the canoe.
    Jenna: Yeah, yeah.
    Morgan: Oh, I can imagine.
    Dalton: Yeah, he did. Now, Morgan, watching the episode, it seemed like what was most responsible for your departure was Brian. All of a sudden, we see people talking, “Alright, it’s gonna be Lydia.” He jumps up and says, “No, it’s not.” He goes to Lydia and starts working is.
    Jenna: Let’s give it to him.
    Dalton: And, absolutely, you get voted off. So all I want you to do is look into that camera right there and give a first-person open letter – an open letter right to Brian. Tell him how you feel.
    Morgan: Ok, Brian. First of all, we need to know if you were the one taunting the other tribe because that was rude.
    Dalton: That’s right.
    Morgan: And I also would like to ask you if you really think that I’m lazy or you were just trying to save Lydia. And, either way, you’re a big jerk. Love, love, XOXO.
    Dalton: I love that, Morgan. “P.S.: You’re a big jerk.” I loved that. That was great.
    Jenna: “And Lydia’s fish aren’t that good.”
    Dalton: Take that.
    Jenna: Smackdown.
    Dalton: Smackdown. Do you feel much better now?
    Morgan: I do. I got it off my chest.
    Jenna: That’s better than the canoe. We’re getting better each week.
    Dalton: I love it.
    Morgan: I hope Brian’s watching right now.
    Dalton: I hope he’s watching too. I hope, maybe, one of his relatives are gonna call in.
    Morgan: I hope so.
    Jenna: We’re not taking their calls.
    Dalton: It’s a busy day here on Survivor Live.
    Morgan: We’re screening our calls here.
    Dalton: That’s right. And we do have a call – gotta keep certain people out. But one person who did make it through our call screening is our “caller of the week.” This is exciting. Every week we’re gonna have a mystery caller, a former Survivor, calling in. Let’s see who it is this week. Is our mystery caller on the line?
    Caller: Yes, I am.
    Dalton: Yes, he is. Hello mystery caller. How’re you living?
    Caller: I’m living well. How are you guys doing?
    Dalton: We’re doing great. Now, I’m gonna reveal our mystery caller in just a second. Any – he hasn’t said much, but any ideas on who we’re talking to here?
    Morgan: I have no idea who you are, Mystery Caller.
    Dalton: That’s why he’s the mystery caller.
    Morgan: I have no idea.
    Jenna: Mystery Caller, please reveal yourself.
    Dalton: Yeah, Jenna Morasca, the mystery caller is? Mystery caller, please reveal yourself.
    Caller: Andrew Savage.
    Jenna: Andy! All right!
    Dalton: Andrew Savage, from the Pearl Islands. Thanks for joining us. How’s it going Andrew?
    Savage: Uh, it’s going great. It’s my pleasure to join you guys.
    Dalton: There he is. Andrew, quick, tell us what you think of Guatemala right now.
    Savage: Outstanding. I love it. I absolutely love it. I think there’s a lot of drama. I think it’s a cool setting. I think the first two episodes were just over-the-top. I’m really enjoying it.
    Dalton: Do you have any competitors that you’re liking or disliking so far?
    Savage: Well, it’s really early in the game. I’m intrigued by Hogeboom; I think that – I think he may have made a terrible tactical error right in the beginning with not coming clean. I can’t wait to see how that plays out. And the whole dehydration thing, and Bobby Jon and Blake – I’m fascinated to see if they recover to full health and are able to go the distance.
    Dalton: Andrew, you bring up Hogeboom and making that decision. What would you have done with that? Would you have come clean, because it’s really a tough call? If you come clean, you could get voted out right off the bat. If you don’t come clean, it could come back to haunt you later.
    Savage: Well, here’s my take. It’s easy to be an “armchair quarterback,” but –
    Dalton: No pun intended.
    Savage: Yeah, hindsight’s everything, but here’s what I would have done. I think that Gary may have had a misperception of, actually, the game. The game is a game about truth, about having certain skills and strengths and aligning with those people that get you further in the game. And it’s less about – at least, from my perspective – it’s less about the money. So if I were Gary Hogeboom, I would have went to the tribe and said, “You know what? I’m Gary Hogeboom. I was in the NFL 15 years ago, played for 11 seasons, loved it, had a blast, and I’ll tell you what. Back then, didn’t make a lot of money. In fact, I’ve got a bunch of kids and I’m in real estate now, so here’s how much money I made back then.”
    Morgan: I agree. I agree with Andrew. That’s what I thought. It could have worked easily.
    Jenna: Ethan was the one who said last night that he should at least tell a couple people, so that when everybody finds out he at least has the couple people that he told from the beginning and that can feel like they were in on the secrets, so that not everyone can turn on him.
    Morgan: Right.
    Jenna: So you, at least, have a couple allies. Like, “Look. I like you and I really like you. Let me tell you guys something.”
    Dalton: Yeah, but then one person turns on another and –
    Jenna: That’s true, and you run that risk.
    Morgan: But the challenges are so grueling and they’re so physical that to have someone that is a professional athlete – I don’t think that that can hurt you.
    Dalton: That’s true. Andrew, what if he went in there and said, “You know what? I was in the National Football League, made some money, but I blew it all on Lamborghinis.” How do you think that would have played?
    Jenna: And strippers.
    Dalton: That’s right, and strippers.
    Savage: Yeah, that would have played out really well.
    Morgan: For us.
    Dalton: Yeah, you know, Andrew, we talked about you on the show last season when Stephenie was on and we were saying how it’s an inspiration to have a great player on a bad tribe, and we brought your name up.
    Jenna: Good things happen to – or, bad things happen to –
    Dalton: Bad tribes happen to good people. You know, do you still sorta think about that? If you had just been placed on that other tribe, with Rupert and all those guys from the get-go, that things could have been a lot different?
    Savage: To be honest, I didn’t think about it, and that’s a real testament to the game. I love the game; I think that it’s the greatest game in the world. Those that have played the game – I think that Jenna can relate, and Morgan – it’s something that you take with you for the rest of your life.
    Jenna: Oh, yeah.
    Savage: And you relive it, occasionally. Not every day, not every minute of every day –
    Morgan: You have to let it go.
    Savage: But you do relive it, and I love the Morgans; I really do. We’re still very tight. In hindsight, would I have rather been in the Drake tribe? I don’t know because the Morgans took away something that very few tribes are able to, and that’s a true, legitimate friendship that we maintain today.
    Jenna: You do live it.
    Savage: And I don’t think that the Drakes had that. There was a lot of backstabbing, a lot of hard feelings, whereas the Morgans had, as you know, one of the worst losing streaks in the history of Survivor. We pulled it together and we pulled the train wreck around, and, because of it, we also established a life-long friendship.
    Dalton: And you also didn’t come away with the money, obviously, but you came off on that show, I think, very well, and, you know, there are people who go on that show, on your tribe, like Osten, that, not only were they on that tribe, but they, you know, they quit, you know? It was even worse. But you, at least, good perception; you came out of it pretty unscathed.
    Savage: Yeah, thank you, thank you. It was something. It was clearly the toughest thing I’d ever done. We were just getting our butts kicked. And then you have the Drake tribe, which was unbelievable powerful, and just getting our butts kicked every step of the way by them was a fascinating experience. And it’s fun because you really do an introspection kind of thing, and you really see – you dig down deep – and you really see what makes you tick and how tough you really are, and whether you can rise to the occasion. So, great experience.
    Dalton: What do you think of the decision to bring two Survivors back, and how much would you have liked to be one of those two?
    Savage: So, I thought, “Great twist.” Loved it, absolutely loved it. It injects an element into the game that I think is fascinating on many different levels. I would have given my left arm and maybe my left leg too to actually have been one of the two, but I think it’s a great –
    Jenna: We all would have.
    Dalton: I don’t think you would have done so well on that hike without your leg. I just gotta call you out on that one, man.
    Jenna: And your arm. Not good.
    Dalton: That would have been trouble right there. Well, look, I’m gonna let Jenna Morasca give you her pre-question of the week. You can ask your question of the week, that you love to ask to your guests, to Andrew Savage now.
    Jenna: Savage, what are you doing now?
    Dalton: What are you up to, my man?
    Savage: Yeah, so, we moved – my wife and two daughters moved to Pasadena about a year ago, and I’m an attorney with the office.
    Dalton: Wow.
    Jenna: Yahoo!
    Dalton: Please don’t ever do that again, Jenna. That was really embarrassing. In fact, I think you owe Andrew Savage a nickel every time you sing the “Yahoo.”
    Jenna: That might be true.
    Dalton: I think you owe him some money. So you said you’re keeping in touch with people from the show and your tribe and everything?
    Savage: Yeah, we call ourselves the “Five Morgans,” so it’s D, and T, and OT, and Ryno, and I; so we keep in constant communication with each other, and it has turned out fun.
    Dalton: You wanna pick a winner, Andrew, for Guatemala?
    Savage: I think it’s Margaret.
    Dalton: You think it’s Margaret?
    Jenna: Really?
    Savage: Yeah, she’s – and I love Margaret, because she brings serious value to the tribe because everything is so demanding in Guatemala. Plus, she seems to have solid athletic skills and a lot of diplomacy, so I think she’s well positioned to go far in the game.
    Dalton: So far, she looks good, my man. Hey, Andrew, thanks for calling in. We really appreciate it.
    Jenna: Fun.
    Savage: Thanks for inviting me.
    Jenna: No problem.
    Savage: Take care.
    Dalton: Thank you, Andrew. Our first-ever mystery caller; that was exciting stuff.
    Morgan: That was exciting. We should do it again.
    Dalton: Now, he talked a lot about the Gary Hogeboom thing. Let’s go ahead and watch it where it’s sorta revealed to your tribe that there’s something funny going on with the funny-looking QB.
    (clip of Brian asking Gary if he used to be a quarterback)
    Jenna: “Somebody needs to knock her out.”
    Dalton: Jenna Morasca is obsessed with that clip of him scratching his butt in the clip.
    Jenna: He’s like a monkey. I think the funniest thing is when they’re, like, “Did you used to play in the NFL?” And he’s, like, “Who? Me? Me?”
    Dalton: “You talkin’ to me?”
    Jenna: The worst liar.
    Dalton: Well, apparently he’s not the worst liar, because it seemed to work, right?
    Morgan: I think we were just really, really stupid.
    Jenna: It looked like they were eating pieces of wood, but they were, like she said, pots.
    Morgan: We broke a lot of pots, so we just used them as spoons.
    Dalton: Well, it seems like he’s convinced your tribe, so unless Danni can say something to them or it gets to the merge, I think he’s ok for a couple days.
    Jenna: I think Danni’s smart for putting a little bug in –
    Morgan: Yeah.
    Dalton: Yeah, absolutely. More power to her.
    Jenna: I like that.
    Dalton: I like that too.
    Jenna: Hopefully that doesn’t come back to haunt her later.
    Dalton: Well, we’ll see. Let’s stay right here in Manhattan. Linda, you’re on the line. What’s up?
    Caller: Hi. Do you think Stephenie deserved to come back, and do you think she’s back to win it this time? Her attitude is just different.
    Dalton: Thanks, Linda. Morgan, I’d like to hear what you say, but just from a viewer’s perspective, I think she was in it to win it the first time. She was just on a bad tribe.
    Morgan: Yeah, I don’t think she has any say in whether she wins or not. Like you said, she was completely determined last time, she’s completely determined this time, and she doesn’t have any power. It’s what everybody else thinks.
    Jenna: Whether she deserved to come back over all the other Survivors? I don’t know. I don’t think so.
    Dalton: Well, you know, how’s it done? She’s obviously one of the most popular Survivor –
    Jenna: It’s the most recent season.
    Dalton: Probably one of the most popular Survivors ever.
    Jenna: Do I think anybody should come back on a regular season? No. Let us get to know these new people.
    Dalton: Because it wasn’t you.
    Jenna: I would want to – are you kidding me? If I was going back, I wouldn’t want to be there with all these, like, new people, because then you’re like Rob and Amber – you’re the targets.
    Morgan: Right.
    Jenna: Everybody’s like, “Eh, they already did it.”
    Dalton: Yeah, but Rob and Amber made it to the finals and, had the pilot not turned the plane around, maybe would have won the Amazing Race.
    Jenna: I just feel like, “Let’s get to know these new people.”
    Dalton: But it’s interesting because, like I said last week, in theory I don’t like it either because I’m, like, very purist about the game; I like it with a very even playing field. But then I find myself rooting for Bobby Jon and Stephenie, and I bet you anything you were doing the same.
    Jenna: Oh, I was rooting for Bobby Jon. After he said he feels like he’s paying rent at tribal council, I was, like, “Aw, poor guy. Let’s let him win for a week.” And then they did win.
    Dalton: Ok, you know what? I’m staying in New York again. I’m just gonna do it. Cara, you’re on Survivor Live.
    Caller: Hi. Looking back, how would you have prepared differently?
    Dalton: Good question, Cara. Thanks. You tried to put on some weight and couldn’t do it, right?
    Morgan: Yeah, I was working out twice a day and I was eating, like, everything that I could. I ate ice cream every single day.
    Jenna: Doughnuts. That was the key.
    Morgan: Yeah, I mean, steak and eggs. Like, I did whatever I could, but I just could not put on the weight. I did well physically, though. Physically, I did ok.
    Jenna: I don’t think you really did anything wrong.
    Morgan: Yeah, and the thing with the lazy thing? I have been the lazy roommate before and, like I said before, I was very, very self-conscious about that. I told myself, “I will not be the lazy one this time.” But then I found myself walking around camping, being, “I should do something,” when there’s clearly nothing at camp to be done. So, I don’t – I have no regrets. I don’t think there’s anything else that I could have done. I think that it was just the hand that I was dealt.
    Dalton: Well, you know, I didn’t want to say this, but you were kind of a lazy guest. No, I’m just kidding, come on.
    Morgan: I’m the only guest.
    Jenna: That’s true.
    Dalton: Not at all, not at all. I think that – it looked like it was going to be Lydia for a while, and then Brian made his play, and then it became you.
    Jenna: You really didn’t do anything. Just bad luck.
    Morgan: Just, yeah, just the way that –
    Jenna: Bad things happen to good players.
    Morgan: And I think that it was the order of the challenges as well. I think that if we had not done the mud challenge, if we had done some balancing challenge, that I would have stood out – or any other challenge, maybe another endurance challenge – that I would have done really well, and they would have been like, “Wow, we need Morgan because of her performance tonight. We won’t vote her off.”
    Jenna: Well, I hope they lose next week because they got rid of her.
    Dalton: Well, I think that you said something great earlier, how usually you can just bank on another person in your tribe either being crazy or just so inept at challenges that it’s an easy vote-off.
    Morgan: That’s another thing. We all liked each other, and it was so frustrating. Initially, we all really got along and there was no one that was just being ridiculous at camp, you know? There was nobody starting fights, nobody starting drama. Everyone was just having a good time.
    Jenna: Partying it up.
    Dalton: Well, let’s see if they’re partying it up next week. Let’s see if that’s gonna happen next week. We have a quick clip, we’re gonna show you. It’s a promo for next week’s episode of Survivor: Guatemala, The Mayan Empire.
    (clip of Episode 3 promo)
    Jenna: I’m so mad that there’s another injury. Because then you think, “Aw, man. Someone gets voted off because they’re injured.”
    Dalton: Well, you know, big difference between that and Jeff Wilson last season. Jeff Wilson –
    Jenna: “Rolled my ankle.”
    Dalton: Hurt his ankle, “Vote me off.” She says, “No way am I getting out of here.”
    Jenna: Good. I hope not.
    Morgan: Yeah, Amy’s a fighter. I’ll give her that.
    Jenna: Good.
    Dalton: Jenna Morasca, it’s that time.
    Jenna: So what are you gonna do now, Morgan?
    Dalton: Like a pro.
    Morgan: Well, right now I’m actually doing a show at Six Flags: Great America near Chicago. I’m singing and dancing. I’ve actually worked at Six Flags for a few seasons now; that’s where I did my magic show. I was hired as a dancer, and because of my height, weight, flexibility, all of those things, strength, I was made “magician’s assistant.” And I was trained, so – but right now I’m doing a Halloween show. It’s called “Love at First Fright.” And I’m starring as Zombina.
    Dalton: Love it, love it.
    Morgan: Yeah, and it’s really – they brought back the role for me. They haven’t had the role since 1994-95, so they found out I was coming back and interested in doing the show, because they cast the show while I was gone.
    Jenna: That’s nice.
    Morgan: So they brought back another character for me, and we do Monster Mash, Time Warp, The Hero, all these – it’s like Rocky Horror for kids because it’s a family park, but it’s really cute.
    Dalton: So, it’s Rocky Horror minus the transvestites from outer space.
    Morgan: Exactly.
    Jenna: Fun, fun, fun.
    Dalton: Great. That sounds good. I love the Zombina; that’s fantastic.
    Morgan: Yeah, and my costume’s fabulous.
    Dalton: Well, thanks for being here. Survivor will be on next week and we’ll be back with Survivor Live next Friday at 2:00 p.m. ET with our next guest. Morgan, thanks again. Great show.
    Morgan: Thanks so much, guys.
    Dalton: Love the new hair.
    Jenna: We’re gonna make her disappear.
    Dalton: Let’s have more fun. Morasca, dance.
    Jenna: Disappearing, disappearing.
    Dalton: She does this every week; it’s embarrassing.
    Jenna: I don’t want to upset my strep throat.
    Dalton: No, I don’t want you to get me sick, either. Keep going.
    Andrew Savage thinks Hogeboom screwed up, keeps in touch with his fellow Morgan tribemates, and thinks Margaret's going to win. Good to know, I guess.
    Morgan tried her best to put on some weight before heading into Guatemala, but couldn't pull it off.
    According to Morgan, everybody on her tribe gets along great; there are no fights or unecessary drama.

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    Awww, a Survivor Live thread was already created. I was gonna create one, titling it "Survivor Live: Do you watch it?"

    So do you guys watch it? I know I do.

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