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Thread: Next Time On Survivor (9/29)

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    Next Time On Survivor (9/29)

    Smoldering heat forces some Survivors to cool off in the water, risking an encounter with crocodiles.

    As a tribe attempts to rebuild their shelter, one member takes matters into their own hands and irritates the others.

    Causing sleepless nights, an inconsiderate howler monkey drives one castaway crazy.

    A termite-infested log becomes a delicacy for some castaways desperate for a change in their diet.

    My speculations:

    1. This is the Nakum tribe.. we saw it in the promo after last night's episode.

    2. Hmm, this one's harder. If one of the tribes is having to rebuild their shelter, then that either means that it wasn't strong enough and bad weather made it collapse/get messed up, or something like a monkey could have wrecked it while they were at a challenge. From what it appears, Yaxha is very close, so I'm going to guess that this one will be Nakum too. Very possibly could be Judd who takes over.

    3. I bet this is one of the Yaxha women. Stephanie or Brianna? Could be Brooke from Nakum. I doubt it's Cindy since she loves animals so much. She's probably used to the hooting and ruffeling going on when she trying to sleep.

    4. It's Rafe again. I saw the longer promo earlier and he said something about how termites tasted better than the ants. ICK.
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