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Thread: Survivor: Mayan Meanderings (9/15) - Looks like we are going old-school

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    It looks like MB is going to ensure that this time game strategy will necessarily be immunity-team oriented, until the merge. The profile of a player that makes the merge seems to be one who is very valuable at challenges, secondarily useful at camp, and last pleasant. Meaning the Yolanda's of the world have a better chance of sticking around, and weak weenies like Fairplay less. Will this make for better TV? Not for me.

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    Quote Originally Posted by billyflynn
    It looks like MB is going to ensure that this time game strategy will necessarily be immunity-team oriented, until the merge.
    Well, it is only one episode into the season. Yes, that first episode was edited to be based on tribal strength, and who can handle the conditions of Guatemala in order to help the tribe survive as a whole. But one episode could mean nothing. We do not yet know how the rest of the season will be presented, so it's a bit early to jump to conclusions. I'm sure we'll be seeing scheming before the merge hits; it's inevitable with players like Brian.

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    Bill, love your take on week 1--looking forward to your week 2.
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    This episode was great Haven't checked out the recap yet but will do right now It will be hard to match up to the standards of this...

    I love everyone on Nakum....Now it really sucks because whoever goes I will be so upset Hopefully they can inflict another Koror-like immunity streak from now
    Well, I was thinking when he said, "king of the jungle," I was, like, "Well, during the first challenge you would still be lost in the jungle if Jim and I hadn't, like, led you out. - Brooke Struck on Judd

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    Thanks again Bill for this thread.

    We were given insight twice, most noticeably by Cindy in confessional, as to the reason for the Nakum men succumbing in the RC of episode one. They tried to do too much. Whether it was a macho thing or they just didn't understand how much they were overexerting themselves, they carried too much for too long without enough breaks and enough water. I see it all the time out here in the desert.

    On Nakum I think Margaret and Cindy are positioned well for the future. On Yaxha I think Jamie, with his eyes on the prize, is looking good.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Bill
    No, I donít have any deep cover operatives in Guatemala, nor do I have secret inside information, and I donít even admit to having voices in my head.

    Tom eating beans just made for an environment that didnít promote high energy or game play.

    to remind the applicants that the game is not just about frolicking in the surf with a bikini on (though I rarely complain when that happens) while some manly man kills a shark for your dinner and thousands of fan boys and girls make worship web sites like iluvuambur.com or some such thing.

    I outgrew my pope-mobile desires, which is ironic given that now everyone can own a pope-mobile. Have you seen a Honda Element? I am thinking pope-mobile every time I see one.

    That attitude disregards the fact that Survivor is not charity, and need has nothing to do with it, let alone the concept that need is a relative term, and as a career back-up QB, I am guessing Gary is comfortable, but hardly rich.

    Rafe, Morgan, Brianna, and others seem all too eager to drink whatever kool-aid Stephanie wants to serve. Weíll see if that continues in the coming weeks.
    I had no idea you were doing these this season, Bill. I was late to the game in giving my feedback.

    Fantastic job as always. Very humorous and insightful. I'm hoping you're wrong about Stephenie having a lot of influence, though I suspect you're not. I thought she was a fierce competitor last season until she jumped into the water for a slice of million dollar pizza I lost all respect for her from that point on. Now I dread seeing her go far again. I hope she's an early boot.
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