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Thread: Next Time on Survivor - 9/22

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    Quote Originally Posted by RBmumsie
    Something that strikes me is that having the 11 mile trek right off the bat, the teams have GOT to know that they'd better keep their stronger players. I don't think we'll see any of the "let's vote off the physical threats first" mentality that we've seen sometimes before.
    I sure hope not -- some of my least favorite seasons have started with that mentality.

    I'm wondering if either of these tribes will start a "rest during reward to save strength for immunity" startegy. It always amazes me that these people go all out for a reward, making it more difficult to win at immunity.

    I think the 11 mile hike reward may have illustrated this well -- the tribe that lost reward had its members in better physical condition for immunity.
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    I wonder if Blake was bit by a spider, or perhaps those thorns had a venom in them. Hopefully, it's a temporary condition, because he is so gorgeous. My gosh, he is beautiful. With BJ and him on the same tribe, I don't know where to look!
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