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Thread: Is Jeff Probst leaving after season 12?

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    Quote Originally Posted by JR.
    I'm not sure he's too bright either, he gave away a million the first time around.
    {Note: This was in reference to Colby Donaldson as a possible host}

    Whether you agree with his decision or not, Colby did it because of honor, not stupidity. He was well aware that he could guarantee his win by choosing Keith to go to Final Two with him. He chose Tina because she deserved to be in that spot more than Keith (in his opinion). He knew what he was doing and risking. It would be just as accurate to say that anyone who gives money to a good cause is not quite bright because they could have spent it on themselves. That is to say, NOT accurate at all!

    ICK to Richard Hatch as a host. You think ROB would drive people away? Hatch would drive me away! Hey, what about Rob Cesternino? He could use his Magic 8 ball in tiebreakers!

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    I'd rather see Johnny "Fairplay" become host before Rob Mariano - which is to say, I'd like to see both of them to keep off my TV screen permanently.

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    Roger Lodge, host of Blind Date.

    Jeff's long lost little brother.

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    ^^ Haha, you're so right!

    I don't care as long as the person is good on camera and not a.. tool. (Rob M. or Chenbot, for instance). A lot of people said Rob C. on the comments from that article, and he's probably the only former contestant besides Hatch that I'd like to see do it.

    Bringing in a pseudo celebrity would suck more than an unknown personality: a radio host, etc. I still think Anderson Cooper was the best host ever, though.

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    Quote Originally Posted by manjalteng
    Hmm... interesting. Jeff Probst is to Survivor as Peanut Butter is to Jelly haha. They go hand in hand.
    Just wondering, which Julie are we talking about? I hope not Chenbot haha!

    Julie Berry from Survivor Vanuatu. They were dating for a while - I didn't know if and when they split.

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    Regis Philbin.

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    Quote Originally Posted by getreal
    Regis Philbin.
    Is that your final answer?

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    I like the idea of either Colby, Rob Cesternino, or Hatch. In that order, with Colby and Rob tied for first.

    But, I would hate to see Probst go. He is too integral to the show, IMO.
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    Jeff isn't going to leave unless this will be the last Season of Survivor. He owns a piece of the show and has a huge interest in it's continued success. Having a new host, any new host no matter who that may be, will kill the goose that layed the golden egg. He is irreplaceable as far as being able to maintain the fan base they've come to have. I thikn if MB says that's it for the series, it's run its course, then Jeff goes as well.

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    I saw Jeff & Julie being interviewed last night at the Emmy awards, and he was asked a question regarding his hosting duties. He mentioned that his contract would be up, and said that Julie was with him in Guatemala. He also made a comment how it's easier when you've got your girl with you (which was sweet.)

    If he were to leave, I'd like to see Colby as the host. Like others, I would much prefer that Jeff stay, he IS Survivor to me.
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