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Thread: Is Jeff Probst leaving after season 12?

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    Unless he has a gazillion dollars he should ride this horse still it stops bucking.

    He will get the "quitter" tag attached and if his life with Julie doesn't work out and he wants to go back to work down the road........it may be hard.

    I hope this is all a "raise in pay ploy".

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    Quote Originally Posted by ScarlettO
    He will get the "quitter" tag attached
    You mean Probst will join the ranks of Osten and Janu? Egads! I never thought of it that way.

    Stay with the show, Jeff! Your reputation is at stake!

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    I enjoy watching Jeff as much as the show. I would hate to see him get a reputation just because of a woman whom he has not even married yet.....assuming they do get married or make a life together.

    There are a lot of fathers who travel and are away from their wives and kids but still have great relationships with them.

    That is why I think he will not actually quit the show.

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    Who is to say that she would not travel with him? He may make the point of negotiating that with the new contract. She can stay back in the trailer or hotel (if that comes about) and they would spend the off time together.

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    I know...........what a life.........travel see the world.........exotic places.......get paid a fortune........have a great dimpled man with you.

    I say that's the life.......what are they complaining about?

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    Quote Originally Posted by razorbacker
    Hey Krom, to David Caruso & Shelly Long, you can add Harry Hamlin (SP) & Chris Noth who both left to early on the pretense of big things on the horizon only to find that horizon steadily moving further away all the time. I say Jeff stays around.
    In all fairness to Chris Noth, he did find some other opportunities that helped him acquire a whole new fan base. Can any woman alive not swoon over bad boy Mr. Big???!!??

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    The thing is, whoever they pick as host can't just be good looking and personable. The person has to know how to play the game.

    Jeff Probst had several years to observe the gameplay to where he has it pretty well figured out by now. This is good for two reasons - first, it gives him an authoratative presence. Second, he can conduct the jury proceedings in an entertaining way by asking questions that get to the heart of players' strategies in this very human game.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Jexter
    The person has to know how to play the game.
    Not really. Jeff has admitted many times that he would never make it in this game as a Survivor. Knowing survivor skills and strategy really doesn't have much bearing on the duties of the host.

    Supposedly Jeff didn't see footage to tell him what was going on behind the scene in the begining. No doubt now he looks at footage which helps to pin point who to put on the hot seat and with what question. He only spend the challenges with them. There is no way he could have known who to zero in on and with what question when it's things that happen out of his sight and really specific things that can't be anticipated. The host would have to relate well to all types though.

    Truth be told, there are tons of strategies to this game and they are ever changing with each episode, each season and each player. What works for some people like Ethan, would not work for Hatch and vice versa.
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    Jeff's job as host is a scripted job. Who couldn't do it? Who cares that he would talk about leaving? His job is about at the same level as working at McDonalds. Let 'im go. It hurts us none. And it certainly has no bearing on the future of Survivor. Jeff is NOT what has carried the show. Don't let him try to work that lame spell on you.

    P.S. But I do think it's cool that he's inspired to leave by love.

    Quote Originally Posted by |eogeO
    'Survivors' to go on minus Probst

    Nov. 2, 2005 12:00 AM

    ...Probst - whose signature tagline, "Survivors ready? Go!" resonates in the national consciousness almost as deeply as Edward R. Murrow's "Good night, and good luck" - ...
    It's tragic that somebody believed that enough to publish it in TV Guide!!! Is everybody that sick? Out of 20 million viewers, I don't think half of them would even notice if he left half-season, and probably zero of them would care.

    They should just get the Bachelor host to do it. Or wait, Jeff actually does both shows, doesn't he?

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    Personally i hope he stays you all.And if theres going to be a new host i hope its...Oh yeah.....COLBY!!!(Sigh)LOL!

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