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Thread: 9/15 Show Discussion **SPOILERS**

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    well i wasnt really very impressed with this episode, the people dont seem that interersting, at so far they dont

    i think brining bobby jon and stephenie back was pretty dumb--they'll be voted out and might not even make merge

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    Bobby-Spaz having his eyes roll back in his head kind of disturbed me, I've never seen that before, I found it hard to watch.

    I'm glad they brought back Steph and Bobby-Spaz, even though I don't like Steph(that's at least 2 hehe) she is fun to watch.

    I was disappointed the old man got hurt, the tribe basically had to vote him out at that point which sucks because there isn't enough age diversity as it is.

    I think the nurse is looking good at this point, I just wonder what's up with her getting a vote, maybe she is annoying some people in a way we haven't seen yet.

    *Edit* Oh yeah, I love this ep went by in a flash. Thank goodness we got Survivor back!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Covaleskie
    Hey elusive,

    Since you are a nurse and all, would you say that this looks like severe dehydration, or could they be sick with something (malaria comes to mind)?

    Once again, surely they were immunized...
    It's hard to say with out being able to assess him - but electrolyte imbalance definately can cause seizures (ie dehydration), but so can high temperature, though it is more common in children to have febrile seizures than it is adults.

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    Bobby Jon Rocks My World!!!!!!!!!!!!

    I liked Jim, so sad to see him go so soon!!!

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    Love that Survivor is back and Love the Stephine is back. However Bobby Jon is a nice piece of eye candy so I guess it's good that he is back too.

    It was an interesting show, I missed the first 7 minuties so was a little confused about who was who and what was happening. But, it was interesting and it kept moving.

    What is with all those guys down at one time? Were they not drinking anything period or trying to out do each other and pushed themselves too hard? Sorry about Jim and his arm but those young vomiting guys will bounce back faster then an older guy with a pulled muscle.
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    Last night's show

    Ok now, no one start throwing tomatoes, lol. But I have never ever watched a single episode of Survivor. But last night I did for the very first time. It was interesting. Then that guy got stuck with all those thorns and got really sick. Then others started getting sick. It was an interesting show !. Maybe I'll watch next week !.

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    On Steph getting booted because she already had a shot, it's entirely possible, but if these people are like the rest of America, they were rooting for her and were thrilled to see her as a result. She may go because she's seen as a threat (even though she's never actually won much of anything), but unless these people are idiots like the fat five, that won't be an issue for quite some time.

    I just realized there's no token black this year, although we've got an Asian and at least a couple of gays.

    I see they've got a blog up on the official site now. Way too much focus on bad players from last year, but Rob and Kathy are two of the strongest players in the game's history.

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    Don't worry, you'll soon get sucked in by all the Survivor happenings! You chose a good first episode to watch. I thought this was one of the better premiere episodes.

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    Yay!!! This premiere didn't stink like last season.

    I am actually glad that the two that came back are Bobby Jon & Stephenie. And congrats to Steph on winning her first ever immunity challenge. Now let's see if Bobby Jon can do the same! Poor, Booby Jon though, he can't handle Guatemala.

    So far, I have more respect for Stephenie's tribe. They seem to have high morale. Let's see if that holds up. As for Bobby Jon's tribe, they can be a force to be reconked with if the men can get back in tip-top shape. Tey were right to vote Jim off first -- the other men would serve useful in the long term.

    This looks like another good season ahead! I can't wait to see what happens next!
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    Sorry, if this was already said, but there were a lot of pages to go through.

    In regards to Stephanie and Bobby Jon. When Jeff said that they were getting another tool to help them, I knew from spoilers who it was, but I almost expected a twist where they couldn't get voted out because they were getting paid no matter what. And I only thought that because CBS LOVES Stephanie. I couldn't see them risking her not winning any money. However, because they are regular players I think that neither will win, because the new survivors won't want to see a second-timer win it all.

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