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Thread: Lydia

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    Born in Okinawa, Japan and living the life of a US Marine Corps brat, Lydia Morales spent her early years in Japan before she and her family moved to her fatherís birthplace, Puerto Rico, upon his retirement. After marrying a US Army soldier, she moved to Ludwigsburg, West Germany, where she lived for five years.

    Morales currently works in Washington state as an assistant manager at t seafood company where she has been employed for the past 18 years. She also earned a degree in early childhood educations from Clover Park College in Lakewood, Washington.

    Despite being a huge Survivor fan who has never missed an episode, this was her first time applying to be on the show. Morales works out regularly, including swimming three times per week. She describes herself as spontaneous, energetic and friendly, with a good sense of humor. She believes her personality and physicality gives her what it takes to be the Sole Survivor. If there is a potential obstacle in her path, it might be her fear of extreme heights, but she is willing to parachute out of a plane if it will earn her $1 million.

    Moralesí favorite past Survivor is Rupert because on the show he was hard-working, friendly, disliked conflict, and was eager to gather food and cook for all. Her hero is Oprah Winfrey, whom she considers a truly wonderful, giving person who cares about people. She enjoys cooking, traveling, reading collecting books and watching foreign movies.

    Morales currently resides in Lakewood, Washington. She is a happily divorced mother to one son, Nicholas. She has an older sister living in Puyallup, Washington, and an older brother currently living in Puerto Rico. She has a pet dwarf rabbit, named Ihop. Her birth date is January 19, 1963.


    Colors: Black, white red, pink
    Scents: Jasmine
    Flowers: Calla Lilies
    Board Games: Candy Land, Sorry, Monopoly
    Video Games: Pacman
    Sports to Play: Badminton, ping-pong, softball
    Sports Teams: Seattle Mariners
    Outdoor Activities: Dungeness crabbing and fishing (lake and ocean)
    TV Shows: Boston Public
    Movies: Shall We Dance? (Japanese version)
    Actors: James Spader, Tom Hanks, Denzel Washington
    Actresses: Angelina Jolie, Hilary Swank, Stockard Channing
    Music: Celine Dion, Puerto Rican salsa, top 40
    Magazines: Fitness Rx (for women), People, Gourmet, Bon Appetit
    Books/Authors: Danielle Steel, cookbooks of any kind
    Cereals: Grape-Nuts Flakes
    Fruits: Watermelon, papaya, banana, mango, guava
    Snack Foods: Beef jerky, Hostess snowballs
    Cookies: Snickerdoodles, iced oatmeal cookies
    Candy Bars: Almond Joy, Snickers, Planter peanute
    Alcoholic Drinks: Pina colada
    Non-Alcoholic: Cranberry grape juice
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    She has a pet dwarf rabbit, named Ihop.
    She has a sense of humor. She seems like she has a great personality and may be well liked. Hopefully that will help her.
    He who laughs last thinks slowest

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    Looks like she's the token not-quite-Caucasian contestant. It's refreshing to see a real Survivor fan who isn't just trying to break into Hollywood. But I bet she's too nice for her own good.

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    Based just on the bios and stuff, she's an early favorite of mine- not that I THINK she'll win, but that I think I'll enjoy watching someone like her on tv.
    And I sing sometimes like my life is at stake because you're only as loud as the noises you make.

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    She's my preshow favorite.
    Favorite Reality Tv Quote Ever:
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    I think a lot of us will end up loving her, but I also think she'll end up on the jury. Maybe she'll be the "difficult" boot of the season; nobody wants to get rid of her because she's so sweet.

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    If she can survive the first couple weeks she will go far imho
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    She seems sooooo funny. I think she'll make it pretty far like onto the Jury, but if she has an awkward accent, then she's my #1!!

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    YES! A contestant representing WA state! Another one of my preshow favs!

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    probst said that he doesn't think she will last long at all... that he doesn't think she will be able to hack it out in the wilderness

    kind of like she didn't know what she was getting into. she seems nice enough, but i think it will all depend upon if she will make it past the first few boots, gotta keep that target off of her.

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