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Thread: Lydia

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    Quote Originally Posted by Grimjack View Post
    It's not like lydia had no extra food. She did sit out the immunity challenge where they had a choice of balancing pots or feasting. Also i think she was one of the people who originally "fed" Steph's ego by telling her that Steph was the reason Lydia even applied for survivor in the first place. Maybe Lydia is not as enchanted with Steph anymore now that they hae been on the island for so many days together. Also, if Steph was the reason Lydia came on the show, then why does she give up so easily? Steph always tried hard in the challenges at Palau.(except the pizza incident) I'm just not a Lydia fan and I hope she goes home soon.
    I think that was possibly just a suck-up comment to get her on her side in the beginning. Applications for S11 were due before Palau aired (I believe, if not, they were due during the first few episodes), so unless Lydia was recruited, which I highly doubt is the case, she applied for the show before even knowing who StephaME was. There's been lots of negative comments about Steph from the previous castaways this season, so it's quite possible that Lydia was one of the star-struck people who wanted her autograph as Gary mentioned when the game first began, but as the season progressed she turned to not liking her much. It's understandable, seeing how Steph said she was jealous of her (why?? Only reason I can see is that Steph's been stuffing her face and Lydia hasn't. Lydia's almost twice as old as her, also) and possible other moments that weren't edited into the show.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Cjay View Post
    To be fair, she did say 'thank you'.
    Woopsy's...then i must of not heard that! She still could of been nicer about it!

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    I'm not sure about the whole water thing. MB certainly can play many games with his editing. It could have been as simple as she was walking by with it and Stephanie asked her to bring it up.

    Steph can definately act like royalty, but I'm going to give her the benefit of the doubt on this one.

    Besides, like someone else said, Lydia is perfectly capable of saying no. Especially now that she's "out" of their group. She doesn't really have anything to lose.

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    Steph asked for the water just before Cindy and Rafe returned...like a matter of seconds. Lydia was probably afraid of what Steph might say if Lydia had said "get it yourself". She went from feeling like a slave to having to listen to Rafe and Cindy's menu. The little pancake dancer was hurt and depressed. I'm surprised she didn't start crying. But not so depressed that Gary's advise to switch it up was taken. Even with that, she probably was afraid the jury would hate her for switching up.
    Poor Lydia. She is quite the little trooper.
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    Steph asked for the water just before Cindy and Rafe returned...like a matter of seconds.
    I think that was just the edit. The scene starts with Gary, Danni, Steph and Judd sitting on the ruins together. Lydia brings them water, and we cut to Rafe and Cindy returning. When Steph sees them and calls out, Gary is gone and Judd is on his back. How much time past? It certainly could have been seconds, but it could also have been minutes, or an hour.

    She went from feeling like a slave to having to listen to Rafe and Cindy's menu.
    I'm not sure she felt like a slave. Again, the scene is cut soon after Steph's drama, but in reality to occurs sometime before Cindy returns from her reward. Lydia is alone with the water, so is it that unreasonable to ask her to bring it over to the group? Steph said 'thank you' and Lydia didn't seem particularly miserable doing it so... I don't know. I think that's a scene people can choose to take as they please.

    What's interesting rewatching the episode is how Lydia's arc unfolds in the editing. She questions her alliance in confessional, talks strategy with Gary, admits she'd take a better deal if offered, targets Steph (and then Judd) in the 'pecking order' challenge, and finally complains to Danni that her alliance abandonded her. If that's truly how it unfolded, she's a very lucky duck to still be in the game.

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    Lydia.. always the lil cheerful, joy-joy-joy girl. She was pretty cute.

    Her son looked A LOT like her.
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