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Thread: Judd

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    He is such an egomaniac. His constant annoying looks & actions during the reunion show were tiring. I will not miss seeing him on my big screen.
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    It's ironic, because to me, he is Survivor's Scumbag

    If ever a person used a term to defame others, while rating it himself, this bully, wins.

    He is a scumbag.

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    He just isn't a bully and a scumbag.
    But horrible in real life.
    I hope and pray that he isn't like that to his family.
    Especially his wife and little girl.
    If you ask me, the tribemates were cakewalks.
    Compared to what his family has to face.

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    Well apparently, he isn't like that at home because his wife really, really looked like she was happy to be with him. And, he really took exception with Steph about lying to his wife. So, not that I'm trying to take up for the jerk, but being on Survivor........we saw..........being at home......we didn't see.
    So, how can we speculate about what we haven't seen.

    Remember Brian (car salesman)? You didn't have to have a college degree to notice that he didn't want his wife anywhere near the Survivor people. I didn't see that at all in Judd. He was happy to see his wife...as she was to see him.

    Just hate to hang someone for an offense before they have committed it.

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    I agree, Lonestar. Lots of people are totally different when they are at home with their families. I am, in particular, speaking of men since I've worked with so many of them and I've had a chance to observe both sides. It seems like the bigger and badder they come off at work........the softer they are at home.
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    Quote Originally Posted by prhoshay View Post
    I agree, Lonestar. Lots of people are totally different when they are at home with their families.
    I don't care how someone is at home. We are talking about reality shows, not sitcoms or movies. Judd is not an actor. His behavior on the show is a reflection on himself. Our personalities may take different forms in different situations, but ugly is ugly. The show didn't turn him into a scumbag. It just brought that side out of him.

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    Brian the "car salesman" didn't want his wife talking to his competition for $1 million because he knows her and knows that she could be a bit of a nit-wit who might give away information about their livestyle that would make people on the jury less likely to vote for him to win. Also, his wife was co-star of some of his er, "movies" and he didn't want to risk anyone recognizing him from his other career, if seeing them together might make that more likely. Brian was an excellent player on the game and deserved his win.

    as for Judd - bitter sore loser.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Shady64 View Post
    Sour grapes from Judd towards anyone that was sitting in F2 when he was not. The funniest thing about his comment to Danni about skating is he's not there because she's the one that got him out What a complete boob and blowhard he is. But it was entertaining watching him make a total ass of himself time and time again, right to the end.
    Well said.
    He sure showed his during the question and answer period.

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