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Thread: Jamie

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    Quote Originally Posted by sydneysummers
    I think I am the only person on the whole board that likes him! I think he is honest and I think he is a good player.
    I like him too. Of course, the fact that he wanted to get rid of Stephenie may have helped his cause there.

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    ThehappyCynic-Yeah that does help some doesn't it?
    *Maeby*"I drugged him not to go all the way with him"
    *George Michael*"I think even the antidrug people would be okay with that"

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    I like Jamie. You know, at least he is honest. It is a game and every person sharing this time with him is competition. But he gives credit where credit is due it seems and I think he is funny and really cute!

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    I don't see anything wrong with him at all. He makes some sexist comments, but after watching Howie from BB for 3 months, he's tame. Liking Harry Potter is creepy? Then call this married thirtysomething mom of 3 creepy. My eleven year old loves the books and I read them and loved them.

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    He will probably last for a long time too because right now he is physically the strongest person on the team! He would be stupid to get rid of Steph and I think he realizes they are outmatched by the other team and need her. But, he is playing the game and knows she is a threat. I don't see anything wrong with him, but he doesn't appeal to me either.

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    I like Jaime he is a good player and athletic and a cool guy he Steph, Judd, and Danni are my favorites

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    Jamie had a major stick up his butt last night, & it looks like it's still up there next week. His attitude is very poor, to say the least. I realize you're not there to "make friends" but you don't want to make enemies either!

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    Jamie & Judd seem to be twins separated at birth & both still carrying around a mountain of bad attitude. It was a birthday party, you idiot. If you didn't want to go, don't go, but to be such a stick in the mud that you spoiled the trip for everybody else on your team was unconscionable. Now that the merge has arrived & there is no longer a need to keep around your strong tribemates, but instead there is now a reason to get rid of them I hope Jamie & Judd go first & second in either order.

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    I didn't understand his attitude, or Cindy's, about the pool party. Steph and Judd were all for it, so for Jamie to ruin it for the rest of them was just childish. When he told the rest of his tribe that he wanted to leave, I wish they had all just told him to leave by himself.

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    Jamie's one redeeming quality is that he's the first Survivor in a while who has kept his eyes on the prize so well. Sure, he's definitely gotten more into the challenges in the past few episodes, but he's always thinking about winning a million dollars and has no remorse for voting somebody off. It's refreshing to see someone that can put aside their emotions and concentrate on winning.

    Hey, I think I finally realize why I like Jamie. He reminds me of Brian Heidik, who I respect as one of the best players of all time. I can almost imagine Brian's "it's a business trip" comments when I hear Jamie speak.

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