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Thread: Cindy

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    As someone who has no trouble voicing her opinion about anything, Hall admits her fuse is easily ignited
    I don't think anything more needs to be said.

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    Cindy! what to say about cindy! Well i think she will be good for the challenges but then her tribe will be annoyed by her and they will want to get rid of her as soon as possible! I say she is the 3 or fourth one voted out of her tribe.

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    Oh my gosh! A native Kentuckian! Well, I'll have to cheer for her just for that. Hopefully she doesn't turn into too much of a witch. With some of her favorites, she could be my twin, though.
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    Quote Originally Posted by karalott
    Let's just hope she isn't as wacky as Jan was when it came to bonding with animals and decide to hold funerals for baby bats (or whatever animal she may come across). But I think those who say she may be like Kimmi are probably going to be right. I may like her solely because she's such a big animal lover.
    I don't think she will be too overboard about the animal love, because she lists fishing as one of her favorite things. So, since she loves animals, like I do, but also likes to fish, also like me, I'll have to hope she turns out to be ok.
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    I have a feeling that I will hate her. She'll probably be the one that does really well and I'll hate her for it.
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    She looks manly. I honestly don't see her making it that far. 'As someone who has no trouble voicing her opinion about anything, Hall admits her fuse is easily ignited." - hm... in other words, she's a b*tch? Yep, thought so.

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    Cindy . . . and her twin is Mindy. Geesh!

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    One of my favorites after the first episode...She looked so bubbly and full of life in the first episode and not forgetting she didn't collapse after that 11 mile trek. I hope she makes it far in this game although I just don't see that happening with her.
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    I agree. It's one reason why I hate making pre-show predictions as to how someone may come across or how long they'll last. Cindy was nothing like I expected her to be. It's only one episode, but I like her already. Considering all the women on Nakum are healthy, I think she stands a good shot of sticking around. However, if one of the women were to go, I also think she'd have a good shot of being one with her head on the chopping block.

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    She seems to have a sensible head on her shoulders. Plus she is used to dealing with primates so the jungle won't be no thang to her. I can see her maybe working too hard around camp and getting bitchy with the lazy folks.
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