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Thread: Brandon

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    FORT Fogey
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    Mar 2004
    I didn't like Brandon at the beginning, but now I do. I can't help feel for the guy. It seems as if the game is more difficult than he imagined.

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    Hi! I read an article, can't remember where, that Brandon's mom said he cut his hair and is working on the farm. He watches the show at home with the family having turned down requests for Survior parties.

    Regardless of how far he goes in the game, I think he will be happy to have had this experience. That is my way of adapting to him possibly going in the next few weeks. If he makes the jury at least I will still get to see him. I dare not got my hopes up for more.

    He is so sweet and honorable that I'm afraid the merge will unsettle him unless he comes to terms with what lies ahead.He will stick close to Bobby Jon but these two are threats to the others. Danni will honor her alliance with him but it may not save him.

    Can you tell that I am a Brandon fan? LOL

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    Go USA britty05's Avatar
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    Quote Originally Posted by CCL
    I hope this time you're right, BravoFan. Brandon & Danni are my favourites this time around.

    Is there any more space on the Brandon train for another person? I will admit he wasn't my favorites when the season began because of his whining about Blake and others. Slowly but surely I've grown to love him. I like the way he's played the game so far and I wouldn't be surprised if there was a secret alliance between him and Danni. I do think he's been going about this game rather quietly but strategically. He's managed not to ruffle any feathers, pulled his weight in challenges and around camp and shown that he keeps his word. I was impressed with him going into the last tribal council. I truly believed that he had an inner struggle but again he kept his word. His biggest downfall may be that others see him as too strong. I sure hope he has a strong alliance!

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    What kind of hat is he wearing!
    You gotta love that hat!

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    The more the season goes on, Brandon has moved to the front of my faves. I still like Lydia and Rafe (Amy got sent home), but I am rooting for Brandon to win (which probably means he won't, since last year was the only time my fave won Survivor).

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    I have been a Brandon fan from the beginning. I just think his whole philosophical bent on things have been interesting to watch. And I still get a chuckle out of his comment about Judd falling out of the canoe into the mud when he said "Judd had a premature evacuation". You gotta admit that was classic. Hang in Brandon I'm pulling for you.

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    Quote Originally Posted by razorbacker
    And I still get a chuckle out of his comment about Judd falling out of the canoe into the mud when he said "Judd had a premature evacuation". You gotta admit that was classic. Hang in Brandon I'm pulling for you.
    That line was gold, I laughed so hard.
    I didn't really like him at first but he has fast moved to my favorite, with Danni as a close second. I too would love to she Brandon, Danni and Steph (psych) Gary in the final three, that way I wouldn't be disappointed no matter who won.
    Go Brandon

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    I also am a fan of Brandon. In the beginning I was not sure....but the more the man shows me the more I like him. I like that he kept his word and voted like he said he would. I hope along with all of you that he goes far in the game.

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    I agree with you all, each week I've like him more and more, now he's a big favorite. Also the comment he made regarding Blake's girlfriend and "novelty size boobs", that cracked me up. And I love his delivery. He's just soooo cool.
    "...Mr. Bluebird on my shoulder..."

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    Brandon's had the best quotes this season...I still like the "buttcrack of dawn" comment.
    It was me. I let the dogs out.

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