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Thread: What questions would you have asked at the finale?

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    Quote Originally Posted by JonasGrumby
    Ian: Why did you not accept Tom's offer during the challenge? You know he is a man of his word. Then only to give up after 11 hours! Also, why tell Tom to take Katie to the F2 when you'r not going to vote for her anyway?
    That would have been my biggest question. From all I saw of Tom this season, I would trust his word in a heartbeat. But Ian obviously knows him much better than the viewers do. Did he not really believe Tom would take him? Or did he see some kind of dishonor in that particular deal?

    And yeah, if I were Katie, I would ask him your second question: why push me into F2 and then not vote for me?

    Quote Originally Posted by Scrappymom
    Ian and Katie - WHAT was going on between you?
    They did ask that this morning on the Early Show. Apparently it was strictly platonic. Ian said they had similar personalities and bonded from day 1.

    Similar personalities?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Maveno
    Caryn: Does your hair ever grow?!?!
    39 days later and still not a strand grew.

    Caryn: "Do you feel you could have won that last challenge if you wore regular cloths instead of 2 buffs?"

    Wanda, "when did someone tell you that you could sing?"

    Janu "Whats wrong with you"

    and Ian " Why do you care what people on this show think"

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    Quote Originally Posted by LiVvV
    Ian : Did you regret to quit after almost 12 hours on that pole?

    Tom : If you are a man of your word, why you take Katie instead of Ian?

    Katie : Why do you think everybody think that you are LAZY, pathetic, and rude?

    Ian: I gave my best and I have no regrets...oh sorry that was William Hung's reply... read on

    Ian: I've thought about it for the past 24 hours and during the challenge. I wanted to gain Tom's friendship back. It was worth the million for me. What I regretted is that I should have figured that out the moment Katie stepped down. Then I should have said, "Tom, I am willing to step down and not put ourselves into the rigors of this challenge to get back your friendship. I am sorry about my behavior. I was just merely looking at my options in winning the million and thought I had a better chance against Katie and Jenn. But in the end, our friendship was more important and was willing to duke it out with you in the F2. If you can accept my apology and forgive me, whether you take me with you or not, I shall step down for you. If you decide to take Katie with you, I'm also good with that because she's also my friend, I just want to make peace with both of you."

    Tom: I am a man of my word but Ian broke his own word with me so that made our deal fall apart. I did offer a deal to Ian during the last IC and he did not take it. I was under the impression that if Ian wins the challenge, he will take Katie with him that's why I made the deal, and it looked like that he can win that challenge. I'm a man of my word, and if Ian took that deal, I would have taken him to the F2 even though I believed I stood a better chance with Katie.

    Katie: Because I am. At least, i'm honest about it.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Zaaam
    Janu "Whats wrong with you"
    That's hilarious!

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    Coby: Do you realize you've become that person you hate the most?

    Karen: Did you get the tape worm removed? (that girl was eating in every frame she was in and still managed to look emaciated).

    Katie: We observe you went the distance at the ultimate "fat camp" and still managed to gain weight. What we need to know is where your stash was hidden?

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    Coby - What possessed you to name your daughter after a lackluster, loungeabout quitter?

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    Jeff to Ian: In the end you proved to be one really stupid dumbass! So I just have to ask this question ... as a dolphin trainer, were you involved in any way with that 'whalephin' (1/2 whale, 1/2 dolphin) that was born last month in Florida??

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    The jury = Having watched the show, would you change your vote?

    Stephanie = Have you considered finding a friend and applying to the Amazing Race?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Baby Duck
    Stephanie = Have you considered finding a friend and applying to the Amazing Race?
    I will definitely support her if she joins!

    I felt that Jeff should have talked more to Angie...for she was definitely a personality on the show.

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    Angie was coming across as TOTALLY angry still.

    I guess I'd ask that then.. Angie, why so angry?
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