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Thread: ***5/12 Show Discussion Thread - SPOILERS***

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    Throughout this whole contest Jenn has been laying low and saving her strength for the late stages. She was tougher in tonight's two challenges than Katie and was also smart enough to stay quiet during the TC. She knows how to play the game and could be one of the F2 (along with Tom.)
    I agree. She also did very well at last week's IC. I think if she hadn't been cozying up to Gregg, we would have seen a different Jenn on Palau.

    About Katie and Ian, dh said it looks like Katie is in love with him. That would help explain why she was so upset over him not taking her on the reward challenge. However she is so hypocritical. Can't stand her.

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    Katie is supposed to have a boyfriend, Ian is supposed to be looking out for 'his' girl. Whose girl?? The boyfriend or (in Ian's mind) Ian's? I can't stand when men fall for the whiny pouts ... and he fell hard last nite. Embarrassing.

    Tom is getting all 'godfathery' ... hehehe. Loved the strong armed matter of fact way he DARED to approach Katie. She was hacked because how DARE he treat her that way ?!? Honey, it's a million reasons. Get over yourself.

    Caryn. Weird. Tells everyone everything. You just know she was always the hall monitor.

    Jenn. Kept her mouth shut and was rewarded for it.

    Wish they'd show more of the jury, I like seeing how they all clean up away from camp.
    "Being famous does not make you a hero." Zeus in Hercules

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    I thought about this after last week's show but, due to traveling, was unable to post. There was reference to it this week.

    When Tom and Ian were plotting to oust Gregg by forcing Katie to side with them or draw the colored rock, what if Katie had won the Immunity Challenge? A tie would force Ian, Jenn, and Tom to draw. They had more to lose if Katie won and they turned on Caryn. Presumably, Katie would have been sided with Gregg and Jenn.

    Ian waited until after the Immunity Challenge to approach Katie with the plan. Even though it was shown after the challenge, one can not be certain if it was only edited that way.

    The reference was Katie's voicing displeasure that she didn't have time to decide in this week's episode. Wouldn't she be pleased that she was included in their plans?

    Tom really seems to making the smart moves even if they aren't carried out, taking one of the women on the reward, pressing Caryn and then Katie on their commitments. It appeared his mental abilities won the Immunity Challenge as Jenn and Ian both appeared to be handling the course better.

    Jenn apppeared to maintain her composure after being devasted by Gregg's departure. This probably kept her in the game.

    I loved Caryn's speech at Tribal Council. If you know your number is up, why not tell all there is to tell. This redeemed herself this way much better than trying to claim she was the mastermind, etc. Caryn grew a lot in my eyes.

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    The quickest way to get voted off on survivor is to tell the truth...eh Caryn.....

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    Quote Originally Posted by Moekle
    what if Katie had won the Immunity Challenge?
    Good one.

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    I picked Tom pre-season as my favorite and he was until episode 3. Ian really surprised and impressed me so I was rooting for him instead. After this last episode, Iím going back to Tom. Jeez Ian, what is with you and Katie? I've lost all respect for this guy when he let Katie castrate him and was actually ready to give up a million dollars for her after having known each other 33 days! Just one of many boneheaded things he did this episode to ensure his departure before F2. After seeing that, he'll throw his vote Katieís way in the F2, which will be a vote thrown away IMO

    I wonder if Katie will give him back his family jewels at the reunion show or will she keep them as a souvenir?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Shady64
    I wonder if Katie will give him back his family jewels at the reunion show or will she keep them as a souvenir?
    She'll keep them in her purse.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Shady64
    After seeing that, he'll throw his vote Katieís way in the F2, which will be a vote thrown away IMO
    He might pull an Alicia and tell her "I said that I would never write your name down, and I meant it" and vote for the other person, lol!

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    Quote Originally Posted by sukee
    I guess you don't have to be intelligent to be a lawyer
    No, just amoral.

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    Quote Originally Posted by doctorpep
    BTW, after seeing tonight's episode, every manipulative single sow in America will be chasing Ian....
    And not givin' it up.

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