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Thread: ***5/12 Show Discussion Thread - SPOILERS***

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    Quote Originally Posted by waitforbigbro
    ARGH!! Wow. I don't believe what I just watched.First, I'm sick of Tom and Ian winning every damn immunity challenge.It just gets old.
    No one is used to there still being studs left in the game at this point. By now, the UTR people have poisoned our screens.

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    Wow! What an episode!

    Ian was, indeed, a bonehead to take Tom along for the ride, and Tom seemed to know it right away. I've never seen anyone put up such a flimsy celebration for being taken along on a reward. If looks could have killed, Ian would never have had the chance to drive the 'vette.

    I wonder if Ian might have had another motive to take Tom along. Whoever said that Ian wanted to keep Tom close (to prevent plotting against him) may have been right. But it's also possible that Ian had convinced himself that he had Katie in his pocket and that she would forgive him no matter what. Given that he had won the last couple ICs, maybe he believed he could take the next. Taking Tom away from camp also allows the girls to plot to get rid of Tom. The beauty of such a plan would be that Tom would be gone and Ian would be blameless, thus guaranteeing that he'd keep Tom's jury vote.

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    I think that Ian was probably trying to avoid having to pick between the three females. By saying he had a pre-arranged agreement with Tom, I think he was attempting to remove himself from blame for the decision. I really like Ian and would, at this point, prefer to see him or Katie win.

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    Quote Originally Posted by jette66
    I have actually been wondering this same thing myself. I also wonder if Ian decided to take Tom over Katie on the reward, so the girls would think he's more alligned with Tom, when in all actuality his alliance is really with Katie.
    This was my thought exactly. Especially after the conversation between Katie and Ian on the beach. There were things that Ian said that made me believe he had more than just friendship feelings for Katie. That said, Ian may just be a loyal friend. In defense of the friendship argument, I often tell my friends I love them and I hug them.

    What does surprise me is how Tom didn't even attempt to pull Jenn to his side. With Gregg gone, it was at least worth a shot to see if he can get her to vote with him.

    I knew the female alliance wasn't going to work from the start. Once Katie spilled the beans about having the alliance with Tom and Ian, Jenn knew Katie was all about playing the game. Although, on a side note, Katie did say on the yacht that she was the one who they should be worried about. She made that clear to Jenn and Gregg.

    Thank God Caryn is gone, I was ready for her to go a long time ago.
    Cannot wait to watch the final episode. I won't be here, but I will be watching!!

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    Quote Originally Posted by nlmcp
    Katie, get over yourself. I hope you are gone next tribal council. Clearly you haven't been doing much as you still have body fat on you. I am amazed at how much that girl still weighs.
    All of us at work that watch Survivor have been saying this all along. Katie has to be the fattest Survivor ever.

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    Quote Originally Posted by deblyn
    What does surprise me is how Tom didn't even attempt to pull Jenn to his side. With Gregg gone, it was at least worth a shot to see if he can get her to vote with him.
    Too obvious of a move. It's kind of like when Stephenie came over...everybody flocking around her and trying to get her to ally with them.

    No, Tom is actually strategizing but trying to maintain his integrity along the way. This could ultimately be his demise or his salvation.

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    My thoughts from last night.

    Jenn: I think I would fall for Jenn. I would think she had fallen for me. I would have my heart broken when she left...she would have left because I wasn't rich and able to provide the life she desires. I'm not sure why I believe this...maybe the way she spoke to Ian when she was trying to convince him Tom should be the next to go. It's cool, calm, calculated, manipulative and kinda aggressive (passively so)...I think Jenn has a dark heart. But she certainly is beautiful. Well done for staying alive.

    Katie: Is this woman insecure or what? Why be so emotional that Ian didn't take her on a reward prize? Her drama ended up letting Caryn know her alliances...Jenn know her alliances...create more distrust with Tom and should have allienated Ian (but didn't??). She's flipped, flopped and turned so many times in the past few episodes that she doesn't even know where she is. "I want to be alligned with the group making the decisions"...why not be the group that's making the decisions? She's had that with Tom and Ian if she kept the course. She's lucky that Ian hasn't let Tom drop the axe.

    Caryn: I bet she's absolutely despised at work. The water cooler gossiper? The Martyr? The Whinger? I always worry about people that seem proud that they "are not afraid to speak their mind", it usually is the slogan of the office's pain in the ass. Going back and forth with gossip the way she did doesn't make anyone trust you. It makes you look desparate. It makes you look weak and untrustworthy. I think Tom used her like a policemen's informer...never quite sure if the informant is giving good info or just trying to feel important. Informers are probably despised by cops as much as by the people they snitch on. The melt down at TC was stupid. Good TV for my entertainment but stupid.

    Ian: Buddy...I'm rooting for you but what's with protecting Katie? I admit I'd like to be in the final two with her but man she's a package eh? Nice wheels! Now do not pull up and let Katie in the final two in your place...whatever she says. Stop stuttering when you lie...or...join me for poker night sometime.

    Tom: Dude...you are one lucky SOB...I think you were gone without Immunity. I think Katie couldn't write Ian's name down otherwise you would be out instead of Caryn. Ease up on the "don't ever go against the Family" talk or you could lose a ton of jury votes...people are starting to forget how your team vs team play helped them or the death of the great white

    Jury at Tribal Council: Oh man...Steph...is...gor..gee..o us. Sorry, loss of breath. Coby get off my tv screen. Stop the childish theatrics. Ya big baby! You get to vote but you're not really playing so stop deluding yourself.
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    Im not really surprised how last night played out. Katie ultimately decided to stick with her friendship to Ian rather then some female alliance which wouldn't have guaranteed her anything more and probably would have guaranteed her less since the deal with Ian is final two. Tom would have been gone last night if he didnt come through with the clutch immunity win. Go Tom! Jen's vote was not surprising either she went with the majority once she figured out that Katie wasn't turning on Ian.

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    Quote Originally Posted by dearkate
    I also have to add- my co-worker knows Ian from Penn State ...

    Ian was in the state PENitentiary? He's got the crazy eyes, but he probably slipped out between the bars.

    Oooohhhhh .... Penn State ...... never mind!
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    This is my first season, so I'm not totally familiar with all that happens with the purple rock, but wouldn't it be wise for Tom and Jen (especially for her) to form an alliance? If T/I/K now vote off J, he has to win the next immunity challenge or they will boot him for an I/K F2. But if they align now, they could force the purple rock. And wouldn't that strategy make the most sense for Tom if he wins immunity this week, or does the purple rock trump immunity and they all have to draw for the rock? Break up the sure I/K alliance, though risking that the Jen he saved would turn around and doublecross him by aligning with Katie, but his odds of winning immunity are higher with Ian gone than with Jen gone. And if Tom loses this immunity, how much does he trust Katie, when she and Ian could grab a Jen desperate to survive and seize what might be their only opportunity to off Tom(since he might win immunity the next week.)

    Thus it might be better for Tom to grab Jen before the IC, risk being sent home by a rock that is out of his control, but pretty much insure F2 if he survives the draw, and he still could win immunity this round. Though my guess is he'd prefer to stay with only what he can control, and risk losing one of the IC's.

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