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Thread: ***5/12 Show Discussion Thread - SPOILERS***

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    Ian, you are such a drama queen and such a bad lier. Plus, Tom laid out what you needed to do if you won reward and you failed to listen. What did the big shiny object totally take up your attention? I like Ian but this episode he drove me nuts. I truly hope he was playing Katie because if that performance with her was real, the boy is an emotional mess.

    Katie, get over yourself. I hope you are gone next tribal council. Clearly you haven't been doing much as you still have body fat on you. I am amazed at how much that girl still weighs.

    Jen, blah. She does nothing for me. She was lounging eye candy before this, now she is just this shadow figure. But then on the other hand, she was smart enough not to say much at TC.

    Tom, ok I still love you. You aren't perfect but I still love you.

    Cayrn. What was that? What in God's name was that about? Unless you truly decided you just wanted out of the game and wanted to go down in a flaming fashion, what were you thinking????
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    Quote Originally Posted by fluff
    Always, ALWAYS take whoever comes in second.
    Ordinarily I'd agree with fluff's position, but on this particular challenge I'm unsure that it'd make any difference who the winner took, there'd be a stinkpot abrewin' while he and his annointed companion were away frolicking regardless who it happened to be. It was a bit of a surprise taking Tom considering that they'd shown both Ian and Tom specifically agreeing to do no such thing in the event one of them won.

    Ian should have kept his trap shut after saying Tom without elaborating, in the event he had another reason than awarding a "valiant second place effort". That really came across lame to my ears, Ian saying that Katie was in the grove to go excepting that little clause about him and Tom agreeing to a road trip in the event there was a car involved. Huh?

    I started trying to of other specific individual clauses that may have been in effect, like taking Caryn if there was a likely purging possibility involved, and had there been a major hootch element involved it seems like Tom would be your man, but the car man bonding thing threw me.

    Am I incorrect as to timing, or did Tom anticipate getting separated prior to the reward challenge and go over the likelihood with Caryn that the gals would predictably make a case for ganging up on the men, something Caryn swore to avoid until faced with it, when she did all but jump for joy?

    I'm thinking Ian taking Tom had little or nothing to do against the women or rewarding Tom. Ian would be another breed of fool to imagine that the women wouldn't plot, but they aren't his primary concern. Tom is. The women can be managed, or at least easier than if they have Tom aiding at length in devising the best way of eliminating his little buddy while Ian is away. Ian did the best thing I believe. Keep your friends close, and your enimies closer. Tom's alittle bit of both, with the scale starting to lean heavily toward (game based) enemy.
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    I wonder what made the difference (other than Caryn's last minute suicide) determining the chosen TC victim, Tom the Strong(arm)'s one-on-one enforcement heart to heart with Katie or Ian's less than stellar girlyman approach?

    That was an inexcusable lapse on Ian's part, coming out too far to be mistaken with Kati... before being able to reverse course when Caryn dashed/lept/oozed/whatever out to meet him and Tom and attempt to nail down his chosen path. First he overtly says Katie is in his final outcome (2 or 3) scenario, and then compounds the issue by saying he can't make the call then. That as much told Caryn point blank that she could only count on Ian's vote as being one to off her.

    I was totally underwhelmed by the Katie and Ian show. There must be more to the two of them than is shown, but I don't want to know what it is. He lost valor points aplently rolling around in the sand on his back like a propitiating pup all to eager to do whatever his mistress wanted. All this for someone that, as others have noted, he isn't even getting anything from, unless scorn and condemnation count.

    On the subject of Ian, I agree with Qboot's post regarding Ian's stammering being a drawback. He doesn't appear to have the best poker face when pressed, and the stammering delivery comes across sounding to me like "I'm guilty, guilty, guilty."
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    Quote Originally Posted by LiveFork
    Quite frankly all five of these people are hard as nails now. I wouldn't feel bad about any of these people winning.
    I concur, now that Caryn has departed. I'm not a UTR fan, but Jenn and Katie have their BS skills polished to the point where they needn't necessarily embarass themselves if they find their way into a final two "why I ought to win" speech.

    Quote Originally Posted by dberk
    When someone asks how to spell your name on Survivor, it is rarely a good thing.
    That is a grand laugh generator, imaging someone actually asking; and your observation ought to be in the Survivor survival tips handbook were there one.


    Caryn seemed to have fallen victim to Kelly from TAR's "just for the record" ailment at TC.

    Considering Ian's inescapable signals toward (or against) her, I initially thought nothing of her opening salvo; it seemed like she was just attempting to knock a couple of possible fence sitting gals back toward her way of thinking in the event they were wavering.

    Her (Caryn's) problem developed when her tongue wagging ratcheded up to hyper drive and the gear shift broke, leaving her stuck in high gear when a prudent person (like her ) would have prefered to dial it back several notches after having planted the one and only seed necessary (or permissable) to make her point without coming across as a shrill harpy.

    After TC descended into letting it all hang out mode, I only wished it could have lasted longer. After an incredulous 'whoa, I can't believe where this is headed' feeling, I would have liked Jeffie to scrape at the wounds and make the fun last. It could have potentially been another Survivor first, the Jury ultimately getting involved in the free-for-all.

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    Quote Originally Posted by DevilTwin
    My daughter called last night just as they got to tribal council...just what was it Caryn said?
    DevilTwin.... what didnt she say?

    Caryn opened her big mouth and detailed every last person's plan for how everything was going down the last couple of days. She threw every single person under the bus... and just couldn't stop herself. Then she had the audacity to be shocked and offended when they voted her off.

    It was pathetic and amazing all at the same time.

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    Wow. I was really scared Ian was going home tonight. Count me in on being surprised Jenn voted for Caryn. I thought she was in the dark about the whole thing and was planning on voting with the girls for Ian.

    I was screaming at Ian for taking Tom to the reward and leaving the girls alone! I should have known though that the girl plan wasn't going to work.

    Caryn outed EVERYBODY. What the heck! The looks on the jury's faces (particularly Coby) were hilarious. Bye Caryn.

    And the soap opera drama scene between Katie and Ian had me cracking up. I'm not sure whether to not to think Ian was playing Katie, but I was impressed regardless.

    Is it just me, or is this the best season of Survivor? I haven't really had anyone to hate, and I think its making it a lot easier for me to enjoy. Also, it hasn't been overly predictable who is getting booted. At first it seems obvious, but then they end up surprising me in the end.

    I also have to add- my co-worker knows Ian from Penn State, so we are all rooting for him! That was so hot he won that 'vette.

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    Quote Originally Posted by vondl0
    It would have been sweet if Tom, Caryn and Jenn would have voted off Katie (since she seems to have more power than any one else somehow). Jenn should have at least tried to make that happen because now if she doesn't win immunity......she's toast! Not that I want her to win, just would've been a good strategic move.
    I thought this too, but I think Tom, while playing dumb in some regards, isn't all that dumb. If Jen or Caryn had come up with it and brought it to Tom, I think he may have considered it. Right now, Tom is seen as a physical threat, but he appears to have relied on Ian to be the one to target most people. If he makes it to the F2, then maybe his plea will be, "I've been a hard physical player, but Ian's the one who turned on all of you, I just tried to provide for all of you and carry this team on my back through the challenges"

    It would have been interesting to see a Jen, Caryn, Tom alliance, but again, the women probably wouldn't have stood a chance unless it was a purely mental challenge and even then, maybe not.

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    I am nowhere near smart enough to a try and guess who will win at this point. I have no idea who's really loyal to who, who likes who, or who's truly pissed off at who. That said, here's what I think of the remaining players:

    Tom: Really didn't like his strong-arm tactics this episode. I had no reason to dislike him before that, but now I might begrudge him the million.
    Ian: Maybe he qualifies for the Ultimate Pansy award now, but I still like the guy, maybe more than ever. He's genuine in a way that most survivors never even approach. It doesn't make him a very good player, mind you. His inability to lie makes me amazed that he's gotten this far. I wouldn't mind seeing him win.
    Katie: Blew the whole car ride/hotel thing WAY out of proportion. She acted like Ian totally betrayed her. No. Betrayal is voting someone off when you said you wouldn't. Ian didn't do that. (I don't know why he didn't take her, though. He knows his alliance with Tom is strong; why give the women an opportunity to plot against them both?)
    Jen: Smart gameplay this episode. Plant a couple of seeds, then sit back and let the alliances self-destruct.

    The tricky part now is whether Ian can or will betray someone, Tom or Katie. I don't think he will, but whether that guarantees him a spot in the final two or dooms him, I don't know.

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    I love this jury!! Normally all you get are a few eyeball "looks" these guys are great! I'd love to just watch them and listen to the TC. What fun.

    AND ... Ian, why why why did you not listen to Tom? I thought they had a plan break up the women. I could not believe it

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    Quote Originally Posted by Justwatching2
    Why is Ian's head so far up Katie's butt?
    I used to like Ian until tonight's show.
    Wow, you'd think he never got any in his life!
    I think it is hard to remember how young the guy is -- he is young enough to have never had his own car. I get the impression that he is not very 'schooled' in the opposite sex and is somewhat 'backward' when it comes to relationships. YMMV.

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