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Thread: ***5/12 Show Discussion Thread - SPOILERS***

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    Snoozin' on the beach
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    Its obvious Jen is next. F2 is Katie and one of the guys. Probably Tom if he continues his immunity run. Ian really screwed himself in the long run in this episode.

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    Tonight show was so entertaining. Two main events: First Ian and Katie fighting. I was thinking 'sooo...how long have they been married again...?' Then Caryn "speaking up", that was just the biggest no-no moment And Coby sure seemed to have fun listening
    ps. This is just my opinion in the matter.

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    Speaking of the next show, isn't it a double? And on Sunday? Did they say? Did I miss it?

    Edit: Yes, all Survivor, Sunday, 7-10 pm (central time).

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    You know what would be jacked up? If Jenn won immunity on Sunday

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    Yes, Finale on Sunday, Lucy.

    ETA: Oops, guess you already had it, Lucy. Sloooow computer here.

    Off to the Apprentice!....

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    Jenn is sooooo UTR right now.....if I had to put money on one person to survive the next vote it would be her.

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    Quote Originally Posted by user name
    Jen voted for Caryn. Not sure why since Jen's got nobody. Perhaps she just felt Katie wasn't turning.
    I thought that Jen should have went to Ian and Tom to form a final three alliance to boot Caryn and Katie as soon as she found out that she was not in anyone's final plans. Neither of those two would see it coming, and Jen would be the only one to have a fighting chance against Ian and Tom in an immunity challenge.

    She did vote for Caryn tonight, so maybe she did and they aren't showing it. I doubt that though.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Shady64
    Ian really screwed himself in the long run in this episode.
    If you mean he should have voted Tom out, I disagree. I don't think either of the guys would want to be left alone with the 3 women. Then the pressure would be on to win every remaining immunity. If both guys are still there, they can use each other as a shield. "No, no - don't vote me off, vote him off. He's a bigger threat."

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    That was one of the best Tribal Councils ever. The only one keeping her mouth shut was Jenn. Smart girl.

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    Why is Ian's head so far up Katie's butt?
    I used to like Ian until tonight's show.
    Wow, you'd think he never got any in his life!

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