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Thread: 4/29 Show Discussion **Spoilers**

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    Pretty sure I don't want to hire Caryn as an Attorney....Tom basically told her...ummmmmmmm yes I want to keep you around for one more week...vote off Steph and I won't vote for you too soon....

    and she bought it....

    These morons deserve to have Tom beat them

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    Tom doesn't look like Richard Hatch or get naked for the challanges....but he sure acts like him.....gawddddddddd its hard not to see why they didnt vote him off...It was only a little shark....where is the backstabbing I miss the backstabbing

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    Thanks for getting the FORT back up and running John. Great Job.

    I have a request. You all have come through for me before so I am keeping my fingers crossed that you all will do it again for me.
    I didn't get the show taped last night due to the President being on.
    I have Dish Network and it taped what I had it set up to tape.
    I got home late last night, my daughter was in a school play.

    I am asking, begging if anyone out there taped the show last night and would be willing to send me a copy. You can send me a private message or you casn e-mail me at smalicoat@cityof.lawton.ok.us
    I just want to say thank you in advance.

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    Quote Originally Posted by museumguy
    Pretty sure I don't want to hire Caryn as an Attorney....Tom basically told her...ummmmmmmm yes I want to keep you around for one more week...vote off Steph and I won't vote for you too soon....

    and she bought it....

    These morons deserve to have Tom beat them
    She also can't count.

    Tom CLEARLY told her that he'd like to have her be with the strong group of '5'. That makes her #6. After that conversation, I thought we'd have a repeat of Marquesas, when Neleh realized she didn't want to settle for 6th place.

    Instead, Caryn heard that as Tom promising to look out for her and to have some sort of 2 person alliance. Wow.
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    I will say can someone get Nikomis' not as smart cousin off the show? Stick to the plan? What plan? Plans are made to be broken especially when there are 7 different plans! DER!

    Just give Tom the $1,000,000. They should have gotten rid of him this week. The heck they keeping him around for to boot someone that has only won only ONE challenge the entire show so far? And Karyn... you're an idiot!

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    What I don't get is they kept saying Steph was a threat, but she never won an IC. To me, the one winning the IC should have been the boot, but Tom did a great job in convincing the others to stick with Koror. I think they should have booted Gregg -- break up him and Jenn and then see what happens or take out Tom who is the bigger threat than the rest!

    It will get interesting now since they have had the luxury of not turning on each other before. It will get ugly and I bet some will wish they had kept Steph (like Caryn).

    Why Katie continues to stick around is beyond me........

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    Katie is there as the perfect F2 partner.

    I think Ian will stick to Tom until Gregg is voted off. Gregg has been playing the game Tom wanted to play - holding back on the challenges until individual immunity came into play.

    Tom was so smart to go to Caryn (lemming) - he and Ian and Katie need her, else Gregg and Jen could force a tie-breaker. He may even suspect the Ian/Katie thing. Tom needs an alternative F2 partner (he's not going to risk taking Ian). So, if Gregg goes next (fingers crossed) then,there is STILL the possiblity of the girls vs the guys (god help the future of Survivor if ANY of them win): this way Tom has Caryn's loyalty (and an alternate F2 partner).
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    So, Stephenie is finally gone. Although Steph was the best player in that tribe and she was a good sport about leaving (can't say that to the most of the women who get eliminated here or on the Apprentice), I just can't feel 100% sorry for her!!! She made one critical mistake in the game in which I already mentioned a few weeks ago in the Stephenie thread!!!

    She voted off Jolanda!!!!! In fact if you have an archive of this season, go back to the beginning of episode 2. Jeff says basically that Stephenie was mainly responsible for Jolanda's exit. After he said that, Stephenie instantly became one of my least favorites in the entire game since I was appalled that Jolanda was voted off in the first place!!! Yes, I despised all of Ulong for eliminating Jolanda, but Stephenie (and James) gets most of my wrath for that. I don't give a care that Angie & Stephenie were strong women -- Jolanda was too and she got the short end of the bargain! The only reason Stephenie made it this far is because she snuffed out Jolanda & Angie (as well as Bobby Jon)!!! Just imagine if the three of them had worked together -- they could of made it FAR in the game. Too bad. Stephenie's rise to power came too little, too late and she only has herself to blame for that!

    Anyways, why do you think I didn't have a sig line for Survivor the first 8 weeks? Jolanda left -- that's why!!! After Jolanda left, I was in limbo for the next 7 weeks and had no real favorite -- I was simply rooting for Koror to win every week to teach Ulong a lesson for voting off Jolanda!

    As for the orginal Korors, they won't escape me easily either. If Gregg is this so called gamer, he should of known that Stephenie was the perfect person to take with him to the finals. Steph would of been easy to beat in a Final 4 situation than Tom & Ian would! Gregg is a gamer -- but he's no Boston Rob Cesteranino. I am also disappointed in Tom that he broke his word to Steph back in the beginning. I still want him to win, but he lost major points with me for breaking his word. And I thought he was an honourable man. So much for that! So I guess at this point, I want Ian to win more than anyone else.

    And the girls were STUPID not to take Stephenie with them!!! All they had to do was vote off Tom and make the final 4 and beat Steph in IC and voila an all Koror woman final 3!!!! But nooooooo, they voted off their meal ticket! I like the Koror women even less than I do the Koror men. As a result of voting off Steph, I fully expect Caryn to be voted off next. Jenn & Katie though might get away -- Jenn is aligned with Gregg and Katie is their Final 2 ticket!!!

    As for last night's episode -- what a disappointment. The whole episode was borrrring!!!!! And the IC was pathetic. Anyone could of won that challenge -- even Katie!!! Poor Steph, she did so horribly, but like I said earlier -- she voted off Jolanda so she deserved to not win any ICs like any other Ulong.

    When Steph merged to Koror, I thought Tom & Steph had it in the bag. But at this point, it is anyone's game now that Steph is gone!!! I'm disappointed in Steph for voting off Jolanda and I'm disappointed in Koror for not using Steph. It was just a disappointing week for Survivor -- period. Almost as disappointing as the first episode!!! I will be watching next week for sure to see how the Koror game plays out.
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    Quote Originally Posted by E-Daddy
    If Gregg is this so called gamer, he should of known that Stephenie was the perfect person to take with him to the finals.
    I can't believe all of them didn't think about taking Steph to the final two. Koror is a strong team and I can't imagine 4 of them voting against a Koror in the final two. Maybe Janu and Coby would vote for an Ulong.

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    Nooooooo Steph

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